Status Update on Too.

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to drop by and post a status update on Bloo Too. Things have been progressing very well for the first release of Bloo Too. We are not there yet but we are working towards our goal. As I mentioned in my first post, the original plan is to release a very basic version that provides only a few features and eventually open source Bloo Too. You will not have all the features that ย Bloo One offers, but I am hoping you guys can join in and create the best open source Facebook client there is. Of course, Bloo One will still be there for you until the transition is complete.

First, we are re-writting the notification system to become even better than the latest version of Bloo One. It won’t feel any different than the one you are used to but it will actually be much more battery friendly and generally much better processing your notifications. Unfortunately, push notifications is not currently possible from Facebook (unless you are Apple and have deep pockets!) so we are still using periodic polling. We’ve optimized it as much as we can to give you a great experience.

Second, the login and logout system is already in place and working really well. No more is the 6-digit code required. You login with your Facebook account, accept permissions on the spot and you are good to go! It’s nice to finally lend my phone for someone to login and check their Facebook through Bloo Too.

Third, a new home screen is in place. It follows the classic Facebook app home screen with a grid like view and big icons. However, we are hoping to extend it even further by adding long press capabilities to jump quickly into various different places of Facebook.

Finally, basic version of the new friend list is also in place. Remember we are re-writting some parts so it is a great opportunity for us to optimize and prepare the scaffolding for new features!

That’s it for now, no screenshots yet but I can already see that Bloo Too will be leaps and bounds better than One ๐Ÿ™‚



73 Responses to Status Update on Too.

  1. Timi Edeh says:

    Keep up the good work. Hope we get a release soon bloo is the best facebook app out there!!!

  2. Bob Garon says:

    This is AWESOME news! If I may make one request for notifications… can you please make them have the option to pop up individually in the drop shade as Babbler does it?

    Other than that, and the Inbox issue, it’s pretty close to perfect.

  3. Alfreda says:

    OMG sounds great..can’t wait..thanks for the update

  4. Jorge says:

    Awesome news!! Can’t wait to try it out. Bloo is the best app on my phone, hands down, love it.

  5. Mor says:

    Great News!

  6. tim says:


  7. David says:

    Sounds great, Cant wait for screen’s, If you need beta testers ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Jacob says:

    Will there be a shake to refresh for feeds feature?

  9. Mark says:

    I have issues with Bloo 1.5. Where can I address support requests too? I’ll post them here just in case, I guess.

    1) None of the groups I “like” show up in my news feed. These would include things like Netflix or Rock Band. They show up in my news feed on the PC and the native app, but not Bloo.

    2) How do I follow a link that someone has posted? Is this possible?

    3) I have many friends who I cannot view photos for (even though I have no problems on the PC or the native app). I just get a “no albums found for this user or his privacy settings restrict access” message. I can even view the photos in the Feed or on their wall in Bloo, but no albums.

    As much as I like Bloo, the above 3 issues keep me from using Bloo as my primary FB app. I still keep it though for chat, notifications (which work better than the native app) and photo management (the ability to create albums and tag them is most welcome), but the above issues are extremely annoying.

    • Josh says:

      I’m sure those issues will be addressed in bloo too

      • Mitch says:

        Bloo was a bit buggy with photos, which is a frustration but he’s concentrating on this now.

        Regarding 2) I had that but worked it out – you have to click the icon, not the link. if there is a link sent that doesn’t get an icon, then you’re stuck :-s

      • Mark says:

        Thanks Mitch. That solves (sortof) at least one of my issues with it. Most links or videos have an icon….key word is “most”

        Still sticking with the Native App for now since I can’t deal with missing things in my news feed. I could get by without the photo albums, but need to have the groups/people I “like” show up in my feed.

  10. Mitch says:

    Have you considered opening a bug tracker or feature tracker – that way people can add what they would like fixed/added and can vote up/down suggestions, thus you only spend time on the things that people actually want?

  11. Seth Levy says:

    Why did you leave those of us who paid for the original version of Bloo out in the cold without any notification?

  12. john says:

    I cannot wait to see bloo too. I still use bloo now. Better than android version. Please, i would love to be a beta tester if needed. Im a loyal fan of the app. BLOO POWER!!!!

  13. Matt says:

    Since Bloo Too is going to be a very basic version might I suggest that for features not implemented yet that the inferface portal should still be made to link interface items to the appropriate web links on Perhaps in the settings give the user the choice to default to the full, mobile and touch versions of This would mean more people using your app since even without all the features they can still use it as a portal to access them online.

    I have only had an android device for a short time, just got a Droid X, but I love the notifications of Bloo 1.4.4d. Can not wait for the rewrite!

  14. john says:

    one great feature i hope stays the same or better in bloo too is the ability to write long posts. Other apps cut u off very short and its annoying.

  15. Korbi says:

    In my opinion Push Notifications is THE essential thing a facebook cllient on android should have. But since it isnt possible at the moment i was thinking about the following workarround:
    If you enable email notifications in your facebook account, you get an email for everey new message, new notification…
    This email can be pushed to your android phone. If bloo too could scan incommming emails and use them as a trigger for a notification it would be like a push notification. The difficulty would be to figure out by small filters what exactly happend on facebook, so that you get the right notification in bloo.

    Please comment on this idea!
    I am missing push for facebook very much…

    • Mitch says:

      Hell god no please no!

      I don’t want my email account spammed with mail every time something happens on facebook thank you very much!

  16. Nikky F says:

    Please add a feature that let’s us add an image to our status update. Like a wall post with a picture! Thanks!

    • Taylor says:

      I don’t know if this is universal on all phones, but on my G1 you can go to the photo in your gallery, press share and click the Bloo icon and it will do this.

  17. Alex says:


    Yes, Facebook does not support push but can you guys find a way of using the fb email alerts to show up as notifications? That’s what the blackberry app does. It might be the most battery friendly option.

  18. Parker says:

    I just got an Incredible yesterday and I’m looking for a better Facebook app. The official one that came with it has a clunky interface and the widget is terrible. By contrast, the Twitter app is great and has a gorgeous full-screen widget. I’m really hoping to find something similar for Facebook. Bloo Too, if it doesn’t include that itself, will hopefully pave the way for it. What does your release schedule look like? How soon will we be able to get our hands on Too?

  19. Yuh says:

    Suggestion for push notification:

    I’m pretty sure this is how the Facebook app for BlackBerry does its push notification so well. It intercepts the emails from FB that are pushed to the BB and converts the emails into FB notifications instead.

    For example on Android: you have a Gmail account set up. Any email sent from FB is converted to a FB notification and the email is marked as read and archived. This way.. the phone will receive notifications without having to poll the FB server (it will just use the incoming emails which will save battery and data) and it will be pushed as quickly as emails are pushed.

  20. marie burr says:

    I can not get photos to work. says not photos no albums and i created a new album and upload a new photo ?

  21. Chris Banes says:

    One thing I want to see is the use of SyncAdapters to control the syncing. I use JuiceDefender which turns the APN on/off which interferes with Bloo’s timed notifications. Using a SyncAdapter would notify Bloo whenever the APN come on and work again. This is obviously the preferred way to handle syncing in Android too.


  22. aankun says:

    Cant wait to see the new Bloo ^_^

  23. Cythrawl says:

    I agree with Alex, you should implement it so that it looks at the Email inbox for notifications a ‘la the Blackberry Facebook app.. Would be a far more efficient way of getting the notifications promptly and negates the need for it to keep updating at regular intervals.

  24. Kostas says:

    Why don’t you release Bloo 1.5 in the market already? It’s working just fine and it will help with the bad ratings bloo has been receiving for quite some time now (ver 1.4.4d is seriously outdated and people are complaining, as they cba looking for the 1.5 link :P).

    Anyway, can’t wait for Bloo Too. Please keep us informed on the status. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Daf says:

    I am ecstatic that you have decided to continue with Bloo, this is going to make me get rid of my BlackBerry for good!

    The Facebook App for BlackBerry 1.7 as it is runs via email notifications. Push is only available on the 1.8 beta and from what I have heard works very very well.

    The option to turn off polling for email scanning would be better me thinks? And if possible suppress the email notification for Facebook?

  26. Ben says:

    Just wanted to say good work on this, it is really appreciated. Way better than anything else out there..

  27. Mitch says:

    So many recommendations for using the emails from facebook – do you really all abuse your inbox by letting facebook email you every time something happens?

    I’d rather not have a million emails a day and settle quite happily for 5 minute polling – I don’t mind waiting a little bit, at least until some sort of push notification is available.

    • Dave says:

      You’re not understanding how it works. The BB app monitors the inbox and when a FB notification email comes it, it is converted to a FB notification. When you open it the notification, it opens in the app.

      I honestly don’t know if this is possible on Android since Gmail is a seperate inbox.

    • Eric says:

      im with you. i def dont need a million emails every day. until push is ready im happy with waiting a few minutes to get notifications

    • damian says:

      You could always set an email address up just for the fb notifications. Just an idea, although like you I’m happy with the 5 or 10. Min polling option. Nothing is really that important that it can’t waita few mins.

    • James Ledbetter says:

      As of right now, the notifications work GREAT. I, would love for them to be handled more like the BB which is more efficient “phoning home” every 5 min. I need the pics and fan pages fixed. another nice feature would be to add a notification for new posts from friends socialscope did this for BB and I Loved it.

  28. David says:

    Can you give us a rough timeframe of when we can expect see “Bloo Too” became available to the public?

  29. Paul Wilson says:

    I love the app and i cant wait for the update but i cannot get it to view my picture folders and it does not allow me to upload photos. it says something about not having permission but i have checked all permissions 4 times. am i doing it wrong or is this something that is in the works to be fixed?

  30. Andrew says:

    Very excited to be able to download this app and give it a go. I still believe bloo one is better than the offocial facebbok app, the notifications work so much better. The UI isn’t the best but it works. Very excited for bloo too.

  31. Stefan says:

    I really like the Push-Idea!

    Just set your GMail account up properly and filter the FB-mails you don’t want to spoil your inbox.

    There are a few other Apps that use the push-technology right now:
    SwissCodeMonkeys FastwebInstaller
    and very new: Googles Chrome to Phone (wich works direktly without mail through your gmail account)

    Are those maybe useful approaches?

  32. […] really like the Push-Idea! Bloo Too has some kind of thoughts about it: Status Update on Too. Bloo – The Android Facebook App There are a few other Apps that use the push-technology right now: SwissCodeMonkeys […]

  33. Stefan says:

    I really like the Push-Idea!

    There are a few other Apps that use the push-technology right now:
    SwissCodeMonkeys FastwebInstaller Fast Web Installer – Android app on AppBrain
    and very new: Googles Chrome to Phone (wich works direktly without mail through your gmail account)
    Google Chrome to Phone – Android app on AppBrain

    This is actually now available in FroYo (Android 2.2)
    Google has called it Cloud To Device Messaging (C2DM)
    It all works pretty well, I must say

    Are those maybe useful approaches?

  34. Chrispy says:

    I’m a newcomer of sorts to Android, having only recently gotten a handset. I’m struggling to get my 6 digit code for Bloo, accessing the page via either the handset or my PC just gives a facebook page saying there was an error with Bloo for Android; has Bloo’s API key been revoked?

    And Dimitris, if you see this, check your emails.

  35. Matt says:

    Soooooo, any good news? Are things at least progressing toward a release of Bloo Too? Inquiring minds want to know.

  36. Zane says:

    Not even an update to tell us that its being worked on? Not a good way to keep people interested…

  37. Frost the jack says:

    Guy’s he has been very busy he is part of the team working on the google tv project at logitech.

  38. Duke says:

    Hey guys, I too can’t get a code, just getting:

    An error occurred with Bloo for Android. Please try again later.

  39. alyssa says:

    I am new to the whole android system but like everyone else I hate the android fb app and downloaded bloo. I like it a heck of a lot better except I don’t receive any notifications thru the bloo app. I used to but even then it was selective. Is this an app issue or user error?!

  40. Anyone else having problems with notifications at the moment? Just noticed in the last week that they haven’t been coming through properly.

    Odd one.

    Anyway, Bloo still rules, love it.

  41. Bob Garon says:

    When’s Bloo getting an update? I thought one was coming soon.

  42. Andrew says:

    Any updates yet?

  43. ken says:

    Not even an update to tell us that its being worked on? Not a good way to keep people interestedโ€ฆ

    ….nuf said

  44. elle light says:

    when i try to open notifications i get ” there are no posts in this feed or you are not friends with this person.” I like that i can get notification alerts and read them but that’s where it ends. please fix.

  45. Samuel Darwin says:

    I use LG GW 620 Zacpod 1.6 rom. Please make bloo too more stable and doesn’t dyr up the batery. I love this aplication than facebook for Android. And its better if you guys can make widget to homescreen. Thanks for your hardwork.

  46. Billiam says:

    Update please!!

  47. Ricardo says:

    Hey, would you mind emailing me a 6 digit code for bloo? I’ve tried everything to get one but it keeps giving me an error. I would like to use if possible, please pass along the love.

  48. Mitch says:

    Come on just let us know how far away it is at least! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m hangin out for this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. fahad says:

    Dear Developer,
    It will be very kind of you to at least say something about 6-digit-key for Bloo v1.5. Because most of people are unable to get it. I do understand that there may be some problems, then in that case you should take Bloo off the respective app stores, so that people don’t download this Bloo which won’t work due to unavailability of key.
    If people’s first experience with Bloo is so irritating (unavailability of key and worse yet, no word from developer), then how will they come for your upcoming products.

    Hope you will consider this.

  50. Mike Lerley says:

    Still can’t get a code. If you hit Okay after the FB error page, the next url is

    I’m not a FB app developer but this says to me that “next” is not owned by the application, and that’s the error. “next” in this case looks like part of the previous URL:


    I’m guessing this is due to a permissions structure change on FB’s part somewhere. Anyone?

    • fahad says:

      @Mike: No, the link you gave didn’t work. But at least it was good that someone took notice of this error message and said something. Now, please, speed up things regarding Bloo Too or at least give us a patch for Bloo One. At least I am ready to even pay for the aap, provided it works. Thanks

  51. Perry says:

    Dead? Yep.

  52. Andrew says:

    It’s been a few months since the announcement of Bloo Too and nothing that can be tested or previewed yet. Since this is going to be open source, is there any chance you could make the source code you have so far available now, even if it’s not quite to the point you wanted it to be at when it’s released?

  53. Guy says:

    3 months after this was posted and not even a whisper out of DC. It still takes the piss that you abandoned the paid app for the free one without any warning.

  54. Bert says:

    No words yet ? I have the 6 digits code problem too… but I have seen people using it …. any help so far ?

  55. Jenn says:

    I had the same issue with the code. This fixed it. Also if you use say Advanced TaskMgr you have to set it to ignore Bloo otherwise it’ll close Bloo and you’ll be entering a code each time you open it.

    hope this helps some. still cant see my albums either but everything else works

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