Bloo 1.5 Progress Update – Get ready for Chat. Facebook at fault for disappearing comments.

Update: Recent Facebook changes made comments disappear for some. Still Facebook has not replied why comments are now disappearing…Check my progress here. They have not responded for a few days now, this is not only frustrating to you but to me as well.

Update: I released v1.4.4d that includes a repetitive notification fix yet again.

Hey all!

I’ve been working a lot for implementing Chat on Bloo. Things are progressing really well but I am not there yet. The next version of Bloo will be 1.5 and it include the first version of Bloo Chat along with some other fixes. I am also working on a few more things, primarily to fix the annoying 6-digit key code issue with facebook redirection and also repeating notifications.

To enable Facebook chat you only have to do one thing! Just allow xmpp_login permission. Bloo of course will ask you if you do not have it but to gain sometime and go straight into chatting you can click the link below to enable this permission!

Enable Facebook chat permission for Bloo!

The moment you upgrade to Bloo 1.5, the Chat service will be start. Wait until it connects and you will be notified that you are online. The Chat service works exactly like Facebook chat. It sits there on the background and you do not require to have Bloo running. Just bring down the notifications bar and select it to view who is online. It works via push technology and so your list is always as up to date as fast as Facebook sends update. Keep in mind, people do not show up immediately online or offline. This is also the exact behavior with real Facebook chat on the browser (you can try it!). It’s just the way push works!

Bloo Chat supports multiple chats. You can slide through the names list on top to switch between chats or shut them off. I am still working out some bugs for it and this is why it is not out yet!

In the meantime, enjoy the screenies! I really like chatting from the phone anywhere!


76 Responses to Bloo 1.5 Progress Update – Get ready for Chat. Facebook at fault for disappearing comments.

  1. evolve says:


  2. Gary says:

    Looks nice, when can we expect this to hit the market? Also are there any plans to link Bloo with contacts similar to the other 2.1 ROMS? Keep up the good work

  3. jm says:

    I’m so excited! How is it on battery life, have you noticed?

  4. Ian says:

    Good stuff man. I don’t normally use the FB Chat to be honest, but this may actually sway me. Glad it’s a background process too.

  5. Kyle says:

    Would we be able to have the option to sift through which lists you want to be online to and also see which contacts are idle?

    And one thing with the notification, can we have it so when we get notifications that they don’t appear on facebook when we log in. That way you don’t have to go through all the ones you have already looked at?

    Another, when individuals post multiple pictures, you used to be able to hold down on the post and view the album, now you can’t, can we have that back?

  6. FleetCommand says:

    Good progress, I love this 🙂

    May I have a question not related to the chat?
    When I watch a YouTube video with the built-in app, there is a “Share via Bloo” menu item. When I select that, it automatically posts the link to the Wall, but with the default comment “Check this out”. It would be great if there were any way to enter a custom comment before posting the link.
    Another question about this: when I post a YouTube link to FaceBook via web, it shows the Video title and even a small preview of the video, etc. Is it something which can’t be done via the API?
    Thank you, this is a very good app. 🙂

  7. Arsh24 says:

    Hey, in any of the updates can u add a manual refresh button to the notifications?? i would really appreciate this, thanks. (i didnt know where to message you so i just commented on your most recent post). Super excited for the chat.

  8. jonitan17 says:

    Good job man, can’t wait . Go Android

  9. Leon says:

    This is awsome, great progress and we really do appreciate your work, i’ve been moving all my android friends onto bloo, i’m excited to see your bringing chat to android now as well!!

  10. evolve says:

    can’t wait……

  11. Mandie says:

    I’m still getting repeat notifications… Not sure if this is the place to be posting that but I thought it’d be more useful here than in the market comments.

  12. chosen.one1 says:

    Kyle nailed ..that’s what i noticed was different in bloo. No more scrolling through albums. At least in when some one post pictures. I know the pinch and zoom and flick feature was implemented few updates back. seems to have been taken out. *sad face* hopefully it returns.

    And oh yea chat looks sweet.

    Again this is the best facebook apk out

  13. Ron G says:

    Did we ever have, or will we have the ability to click on a post that contains a link to a story and then read said story?

  14. Bill says:

    I wish the update would come quickly! I’m ready to quit using Meebo for. FB chat, such a haslle.

  15. Jason says:

    Giving your latest version a try and will report and bugs I find, one minor detail, it would be great if there was a better icon to go with the published post when viewed on the fb website such as your bloo logo to catch the eye.

  16. evolve says:

    i know right…..

  17. rachel says:

    I just downloaded bloo. it keeps directing me to the regular facebook site, which I can do on my own with mobile. I was thinking this app was better than the android app from tmobile. I’m not finding this to be a better app so far. Can you let me know when it works right?
    THank you!

  18. yoletta says:

    I don’t see the 6 digit code on your blog. What is the code?

  19. Miguel says:

    Don’t hold your breath….

  20. David says:

    Oh god, from the screen shot it looks like the USER’ chats are on the left, and the OTHER PERSON’s chats are on the right. Wouldn’t it be more natural for it to be the other way around? I know this will bug me… PLEASE alternate the two so that the USER’S chats are on the RIGHT! 🙂

  21. RyanP says:

    Has facebook been mucking about with their api’s? Today I’ve noticed problems with being able to view comments in the feed. I’m aware that certain people will be hidden due to their privacy status, but in some instances I cannot see my own comments.

  22. andy says:

    yes, seems like some comments won’t appear on bloo…

  23. DebA says:

    I could see comments up until late yesterday afternoon…now nothing…what gives? This app will not be useful if I can’t see comments.

  24. Amy says:

    I’m having same comment issue as RyanP. The notifications still come in, but the comments don’t show in The Feed. But I’ll be patient now that I know you’re working on it.

    Good work on all fronts. This is my fave Android app AND you’re the most interactive (and proactive) of any of the devs I’ve looked up. Really pleased with Bloo and your work on it!

  25. Skye says:

    i’m not seeing comments appearing either 😦

  26. Il_Bulgaro89 says:

    But also the notification alert will work with the push tecnology?

  27. Bob Garon says:

    Bloo is getting sooooooooooooo much better! All we need is 3 things: Poke ability, Friend Adding & Accepting ability, and Inbox whenever it becomes available.

    Oh and another VERY important thing I’m running into, pretty much every day, is the ability to go to and comment on Fan Pages & Groups. Is there a way to do that?

    • Ron G says:

      Bloo is indeed getting better. I would also like for the info page to list all the info. I don’t think this has functioned since day 1. Good app though when most gripes are small ones.

  28. Shawn says:

    Do you know that the latest version isn’t working properly? Cant see comments, cant comment on pictures or view pictures you have comments on from home and someone responds to……..

  29. Yx says:

    I really don’t like the speech bubble-look in the chat. Having half of the messages left aligned and the other half right aligned is hard to read. If you made it an option to format the chat to look like the original Facebook chat that would be great.

  30. Hatifnat says:

    Hi, I have a problem, when i want to go to ‘feed’ it asks me for permission.
    When i click ‘enable permission’ it just redirect me to my home page on facebook…
    I tried to check all permisions in the application options in FB and it should be ok..

    Whats wrong?

  31. Brie says:

    I love this app 🙂
    But I have a problem. Although I can see all my comments, I can’t comment back. There’s no text box for me to input anything. Is this just not possible on Bloo? Thanks for any help!

  32. RyanP says:

    I’m still getting duplicate notifications – I click through the notification to the post, but then the notification comes back a few minutes later.

    Also, I am finding that if someone comments on certain items I have posted (say through a note), it will not actually show me what they are commenting on (says something along the lines of “sorry, no story associated with…”), but routes me to either my profile, or the posters profile.

  33. Wes says:

    So when is this update comming? I hope its not going to end up like the 2.1 droid update…

  34. bill says:

    Why is the app so slow and it really only seems to be a link to facebook touch. Also everypage i open asks for permission repeatedly, and why does something i posted days ago scroll across the top of my screen non stop? The whole app seems quirky and buggy. Will these issues be changed and fixed?

    Really need a goodfacebook app was hoping this would be it.

  35. elmichino says:

    1.4.4.b not workign for me, got the 6 Digit Code from the site here and then anytime I start bloo and want to view the feed ti asks for extended permissions… and redirects to the mobile page… checked the permissions on my Computer on FB and they are all set… so this app has no function for me 🙂

    Milestone 2.0.1

  36. Bill says:

    *tap tap* Hello? Is thing on? *crickets* Dmitri? Hello?
    I guess the lights are on but nobody’s home. Shame, I was looking forward to chat.

  37. lala says:

    U guys i need some help please- how do I get the 6 digit access code??

  38. We’re all looking forward to chat just give it time unless you have a better way to chat with FB friends on your Android device 😉

  39. Richard says:

    When I want to upload a phote I get a 104 Error from Facebook. What ist wrong? Bloo Version 1.4.4b Beta

  40. […] start chatting as soon as version 1.5 is out! (He's still working on fixing some bugs apparently.) Bloo 1.5 Progress Update – Get ready for Chat. Bloo – The Android Facebook App __________________ Adb guide for applying MM themes to framework-res.apk-> […]

  41. wes says:

    Let’s hope this whole thing doesn’t end up like 2.1 for the droid…

  42. Kayla says:

    Cant wait for the update!!! GOOD WORK MAN!!!

  43. Neil says:

    have you managed to fix the Comments problem? I’ve had to switch to babler and the Official App, as Bloo has stopped showing me comments in the Feed

    I’d rather a fix than the chat option :o)

  44. Matrix says:

    Good work buddy.. just wondering if u r planning to introduce a new version with a widget.

    the official facebook widget just sucks…

  45. Great job Dimitris! Thanks for the update and listing to us! I know there’s a lot of people complaining at the speed at which you are producing these updates and improving Bloo but I don’t see them making a better FB for Android then you. Bloo is top notch keep up all the good work!

  46. kith says:

    i have installed in my milestone already, i like the calendar sync function of ‘Event’ very much, but there are some question/ suggest for this apps, in the ‘Event’ page, i can’t see the full description, the wall post of the event, and i can’t select i am going to attend the event or not

  47. Ben Cochran says:

    Did this update break links in posts? I used to at least be able to click on the associated image to get the link, but now: nada. 😦

  48. rvturnage says:

    Dimitris, I’m a big fan of bloo! until the comments fiasco from FB, Bloo has been top notch. The only things i’d like to see (other than comments fixed, which I see you’re trying to work through with FB) is for Page posts to appear in the news feed. The “official” FB app allows it with no problem, and I thought older versions of Bloo did as well. Thanks for the hard work!

  49. RyanP says:

    Pity about FB not getting back to you about the comments…anywho, the only change I would request at the moment is the ability to be able to edit what I am sharing through Bloo e.g. when I want to share a website or link, I would like to be able to make a comment in the same way you can in FB, rather than having the “Check this out…” generic post.

  50. dpassen1 says:

    How about the ability to view Notifications without having the Notifications service running?

  51. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    I still keep getting the same notification 3-4 times!

  52. rob says:

    i gotta say i think it is something with bloo concerning the comments. i was very slow to update to the latest version and had not experienced this problem until after the update. do you have a copy of the last version? maybe you could send it to me? love the app btw, just wanted to let you know comments were ok in the last version.

  53. Justin says:

    Getting a lot of force closes on my since the new update. Prior to updating I didn’t have one single force close happen.

  54. Bonner says:


    Could you please give us an ETA on when the comments problem will be fixed?

    My wife and I feel like our lifeline has been cut without BLOO!


  55. Bill says:

    Comments not appearing. Seems like posts for a web page used to open the browser but don’t anymore. Still love Bloo and find it more useful than the stock fb app nonetheless

  56. Tim says:

    Are you still planning to do a widget? I hate the standard facebook one and it would be cool if you had a few size and colour options. Something like Twidget Lite would be ideal: A 1×4 widget showing the latest post from your news feed with contact picture, a small ‘update status’ button and a small bloo icon to open the full app. Perhaps it could cycle through recent feed items and we could have the option for how many recent items to cycle through.

  57. Drakcol says:

    Just an FYI comments are now showing up, at least they are for me. I am using the latest version of bloo and up till just a few hours ago the comments didn’t show up but just recently (within the last few hours) They have started working properly.

  58. Mattias says:

    Comments are working again! 😀
    (At least for me.)

  59. Bonner says:

    Comments are working again for me too!!! YEA!!!

  60. Jeckia says:

    I wish the comments started working again for me… 😦 Stupid Facebook… (I know it’s not Bloo’s fault) Does anyone know how the started showing back up again, like did you do something or did you just log on and happen to notice they were there?

  61. Vedran says:

    I can’t get Bloo Chat Working 😦

  62. Hazman says:

    – Chat working fine and excellently well
    – Sometimes comment reset to zero…didn’t appear any comment on the post although i’ve commented it before
    – some of the photo in the album failed to load…

  63. Hazman says:

    updated to froyo….chat still working fine….

    -Nexus One-

  64. Brooks Bayne says:

    when will we be able to reply to messages in our inbox?

  65. Saheel Sehgal says:

    I dont know alot about the update but is it working on samsung moment, bc i can’t update to version 1.5!

  66. Saheel Sehgal says:

    Srry for a stupid question before! Got it working now!
    I love this app really much already! can’t wait to see it working perfecly fine after its release! When i was going through i just thought of couple bugs which u might already have fixed or i haven’t came across it.
    1) current conversation tab, which shows conversation we are currently having
    2)The online friends are not alphabetically organized
    3)In Inbox the conversation is showing all the conversation with a person instead of just few comments at a time!(I mean like when we open a conversatio with x person, we see all the comments in the thread instead of just few recent ones so we don’t have to scroll down becuse i have like 100s and 1000s of comments in just one thread)
    4) a refresh button to refresh the online friends(this is not bug just an option)
    I am loving this app! chat, comments everything is working fine! GREAT WORK Dimitris! 🙂

  67. Josh says:

    how do i get 1.5

  68. Carly says:

    I have a problem viewing photos in 1.5. I’ve allowed all permissions, but it says that I don’t have any photo albums, and it also won’t let me view any of my friends’ photo albums.

    Any help?

  69. fahad says:

    I downloaded it today but now ‘m stuck with the 6-digit-key. Every time I try to get it, error message shows up. Any other way to get it. Want to start using Bloo asap. Please help!

  70. d says:

    says I have no albums. I do! What gives?

  71. Shawntey says:

    please fix !!! dont notify me anymore when someone likes my status..used to be the best facebook app 😦

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