Bloo relaunches as 1.4.2b Beta. Finally available. New installation required.

Update 1.4.2b is out!

New in 1.4.2b:

  • Fixes a problem with users having not being able to view photos
  • Adds the ability to set Vibrate only for notifications.
  • Fixes a crash with friends list. Special thanks to Marcel Bennett for the log hint!)
  • Fixes a crash with photo swiping.
  • Events now do not linkify items and hence you can click on them.
  • When you post a link it now says “Bloo for Android”.

Known issues, things to know:

  • Help make Bloo better! Does it crash on you when you do a specific action? Send me the log at dnkoutso at gmail dot com. This is how I fix bugs quickly and release updates daily.
  • Loading of feed photos starts ONLY if you scroll. This is to make feed loading as fast as possible on the first run!
  • Photo uploading is done by long pressing on an Album
  • Notifications are not marked as read on Facebook. This is intentional as sometimes it causes you to retrieve multiple notifications again and again.
  • I mentioned this a few times. Facebook API does not allow posting back inbox messages. Bloo is not exactly lacking this feature.

ο»ΏUpdate 1.4.1 Beta changelog:

  • Post photo comments!
  • Fixed a status update issue
  • Fixed when a new album is created an error would occur when you long press
  • Some optimizations here and there πŸ™‚

Bloo 1.4.2 is the latest release.

It is done and it is now free. After being Number 1 Top Paid Social Networking app, I present you the free version of Bloo


  • Live folder for Bloo friends. Instantly access your friends streams from your Home screen.
  • Photo comments, yes they are here.
  • Photo swiping, no longer back and forth when viewing images.
  • Brand new media section. Faster, better looking and easier to use. Fixes errors people had to deal with (mostly recently registered Facebook users).
  • Yet again an update on the Stream engine. The feed optimizer is removed completely. Every feed now loads the necessary data and any media (profile pictures, photo attachments and video previews) will load as you scroll. This means the feed will always load faster because it will only load text. If I was to put it in numbers I would say at least 40% faster loading, of course this varies on your connection.
  • Some links contain links to events or pictures, now these will successfully load through Bloo. If there are web browser links they will open in your browser.
  • Ability to setup notification refresh time for people who pay for data or for people who want to conserve battery.
  • Events now are ordered with the most recent event on top.


  • This is a beta version of Bloo. There were a few bugs found in tagging and posting photo comments and hence those were removed. Fixes coming in 1.4.1 which should be out before Thanksgiving.

150 Responses to Bloo relaunches as 1.4.2b Beta. Finally available. New installation required.

  1. Maff says:

    Needs auto refresh on the stream or it’s useless to me!!

  2. Dimitris says:

    Post bugs and any feedback here.

    This might be a bumpy start.

  3. Maff says:

    cannot find it on the market!

  4. CaptainShanks says:

    Can’t seem to find this on the Market yet… In the USA by the way.

  5. Chris says:

    Same, can’t find it on the Market. Uninstalled 1.3.8 and restarted too.

  6. smithey253 says:

    Found the app on the market, slightly different name but still comes up when you search for Bloo. I’m in the UK btw.

    A shake to refresh feature would be neat if possible, I’d love to see some of android’s quirky features used like that.

    These new features are great. Definately the best facebook app still. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

  7. Maff says:

    I have my phone in a cradle all day at work and could do with it auto refreshing every minute like I can set Babbler to. Until it has this feature I’ll have to stay with babbler

  8. Maff says:

    any chance of someone sending me the APK?
    it’s not showing up in the market for me, if it’s still a protected app then that’s why, I’ve altered my phone so it works with Google Navigation (sat nav), it’s a G1 on latest Cyanogen ROM with altered details so it thinks it’s a Verizon Droid

  9. Chris says:

    Had a quick play and indeed the media section is much much better!

    Here’s some things which could make it even better:

    * When you start Bloo you have to sit there for a couple of seconds while it logs in. Why can’t this be done in the background once the app has loaded up?

    * CACHING! As far as I can see there is no caching of images done. The stream engine is very nice but caching of profile pictures would help no end. The Facebook app does it and every Twitter client I’ve used does it.

  10. Louis says:

    Cannot be found in Android Market. Using Magic with official HTC Sense ROM

  11. Jose says:

    Way to go Dimitris. This app is even better than previous versions. 5 stars. πŸ™‚

  12. Stuart says:

    Looking good! One thing I want to request though is the ability to have silent notifications.

    I want to see the notification in the Android notification bar but I don’t want a ringtone sounding every time.

    The ability to change the colour of the notification LED would be cool too πŸ˜‰

  13. Elchupacabra says:

    Now that the app is free, I think you need to put a donate button somewhere on this blog, and also add appropriate info about donation in the market app description

  14. RyanP says:

    Excellent work and well worth the wait!

  15. chosen_one1 says:

    Found a bug … go to view friends list and try to scroll through and you get a force close … happens all the time like clock work …..
    If anyone can duplicate post here so i can know if its just me

  16. fabien says:


    The new version seems pretty nice ! So well done.
    Now that this app is only a hobby for you and it seems that you maybe won’t have that much time to work on it, how about open sourcing it? anyway this is already free and this way we could help you make it evolve more quickly than now where you are working alone on it.

  17. Coard says:

    I guess I’m going to have to keep checking. It’s not showing up in Marketplace when I search for “bloo”. Droid Eris.

  18. buzzchilly says:

    Don’t see the little bloo icon on posts

  19. Slick Vic says:

    Found a bug for you, DC…

    Today is my friend’s birthday. On the main Bloo screen it does show me that 1 friend does have a birthday, but when going to my friends list it doesn’t show me which friend has the birthday.

    Obviously, I know which friend it is, but Bloo doesn’t display the little “birthday box” next to their name as before.

  20. fre says:

    When I go to photos and click on an album it gives me an error. Also I see how to create album but don’t know how to upload photos via bloo. Can someone help me out. Thanks!!

  21. guitruong says:

    notifications are not synchronized in 2 ways anymore?

  22. Scott Ricketts says:

    Is there a reason this doesn’t show up on the Sprint Hero?? I’m going nuts trying to figure out how to download this app!

  23. Yankeeboy says:

    Hello Dimitris,

    I have a VZW Droid Eris, and Bloo is not showing up in the market. Any chance of posting the .apk file somewhere? This device seems to have an issue with finding apps in the market from what I have read.

    It is stock, HTC Firmware 1.5, Software version 1.12.605.1

    Thank you….

  24. beach says:

    not in slideme yet…

  25. joe says:

    BTW, on HTC Hero.

  26. RMany says:

    I have the Sprint hero and I can’t find the app in the market. How do I find it?

  27. raul says:

    works much faster and I love the new layout (its the small things that make this GREAT)

    I’m not complaining, but I thought you might want to hear feedback…since you have this blog. πŸ™‚

    The blue loading screen should be removed and the maybe just load with the last feed info showing. (Like the official app does) This gives the perception that the app is faster.

    Thanks for the update! Best facebook app now!

    One more thing…any way to see WHO “liked” something?

  28. raul says:

    oh yeah…forgot to type this on my post above:

    the little “mobile” icon doesn’t show anymore like before. And I know I’m repeating myself…but I think making it say “posted via Bloo for Android” would be the cherry on top of this already tasty cake!

  29. Dimitris says:

    Raul I will fix that in 1.4.1

  30. Franluis says:

    Nice start DC seeing as how its still a beta app I assume we will see more updates in the future correct? If that is the case it would be nice to see the status of not just our friends but also any groups or pages that we may be fans of. Babbler does this already and would be good if Bloo could as well. Also someone mentioned a silent tone option for notifications which would also be a good idea.

    I am having problems with the stream after it loads the feed and i scroll down I am guessing its trying to show more since the loading symbol appears but then after a bit if cant load it gives me an error message and force closes and takes me back to the main screen. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Dimitris says:

      Doesn’t happen here, I’ve been using 1.4 feed for a month! Can you provide me a log please?

      • Franluis says:

        How can I do that? Also I just got the message again after I scrolled to the bottom bloo kept trying to load more data give or take about 2-3 minutes of trying this message appears “Sorry! The application Bloo(process dc.bloo_free) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” After I hit the forceclose button it takes me back to bloos home screen.

  31. Laura says:

    I can’t seem to update my status with the Bloo FB app. What am I doing wrong?? I also can’t comment on status in the news feed or like a person’s status. I like the app, but without these features, it seems pointless. I like the notifications ALOT though.

    • Dimitris says:

      Laura, I know it might be hard but you think you can get me a log for status updating issue?

    • Laura says:

      How do I do that Dimitris?

      • Laura says:

        I saw at the top where it says to e-mail you the log of the issue, but I don’t see where to e-mail you at. Is there a way to comment on someone’s status or like their status?

      • Dimitris says:


        My email is dnkoutso at gmail dot com. Email me there.

        To comment or like, long press on a feed story! You should get an option πŸ™‚

      • Laura says:

        I figured out how to comment on a status and how to like it. Thanks! Now just need your help so I can update my status. Thanks so much for this app.

    • Dimitris says:

      Are you a new user on Facebook? When does the crash happen, rigth after you click “Update” on the screen?

      If I could see the log I can have it fixed for you in 1.4.1 which should come out tonight!

      It does not happen to me that’s why I need the log πŸ™‚

  32. Slick Vic says:

    Well, DC, I did the filtering by typing “birthday” as you said and it still came up empty NOT showing me whose birthday it was. You really might want to at least look into it.

  33. Dan says:

    Nice looking app Dimitris. I am having the same issue as Laura. When I try to update my status, it gives me an error box saying “An error occurred while processing your request.” I’d happily send you a log if you can tell me how.

    I’m on a Droid, and have done it from WiFi networks and 3G, so I don’t think the problem arises from any of those. Let me know how I can help you fix it. Thanks.

    • Dimitris says:


      Thanks for the comments!

      I asked Laura to email me the log, you think you can do it? Try Log collector if you dont have USB access to logcat.

      Email is dnkoutso at gmail dot com


  34. fre says:

    Dc, I sent an email and posted here but still no response to my issue. When I go to albums of friends I can view..when I go to my album and press one it says there’s an error. A bug you know about or. Just an issue with me…

  35. B says:

    Nice job DC! I must say that all this was definitely worth waiting for. It looks like you’re on the top of updating and the fixing of the bugs.

    You’re an outstanding developer and I expect nothing but the best from you.


  36. Marcus says:

    If you cant update your status just go to someone’s status in the feed and long press to reply then it will re direct you and allow access or whatever and then you’ll be able to update

  37. Dimitris says:

    Facebook went down. They are having issues. Perfect timing!!

  38. Luis says:

    did you take bloo out of the market? I was having some issues with it before I saw your post and decided to uninstall and then reinstall it but now I cant find it in the market..I can only find the older version

  39. B says:

    I sent you a log because earlier Bloo wasn’t letting me do anything. But, now I see the reason for it.

  40. Bob Garon says:

    I like the speed a lot, but have one question…

    Before u put the notification timing intervals what was the timing set at by default? I don’t want to choose 1 minute and then have my battery drained. Babbler is set for auto and it notifies me as people post.

    For Bloo to do this what setting should I set it at? I just want to be notified immediately when people post or comment, but not have my battery drain in 10 minutes. Know what I mean?


  41. Marcus says:

    When’s it gonna be back up Dimitris?

  42. Ben C says:

    Still no joy seeing it in the market on an unrooted Moto Droid

  43. Scott Ricketts says:

    Dimitris this is an amazing app, you’re going to get some cash from us at payday. Thanks so much!

  44. Jamm says:

    NOW IT IS FREE!!!!! Oh after I bought it and it barely worked for months!!

  45. Kevlar says:


    So when you put the app back up, it will work on the HTC Eris? After reading about this, I really want it since the FB stock app sucks so bad.

  46. Marcus says:

    Perfecly done dimitris. One thing tho, why can’t i look at friends photos?

    • Dimitris says:

      What’s the problem? Are you long pressing on a post to see them or go through their profile?

      • Marcus says:

        Going through the post. Turns out there’s just one friend it’s doing it for (just happens to be my girlfriend =<) when i try to go into the pics it says there is no album present for this user or privacy settings may be restricting

  47. Kevlar says:

    Just downloaded it. This is a kick-ass replacement for the “official” facebook app. Not knocking your work but I wish fb would put out an app like the iphone one soon. Thanks again for your hard work and where can we donate?

  48. evolve says:

    Timings messed up. Something posted 12 seconds ago says 12 hours ago. =x

  49. chosen_one1 says:

    just updated … everything looks good .. tried to scroll through my friend list and of course it crashed on me ..

    the swipe feature is so awesome on this .. i lubs it

    everything seems good ..

    confident issues will be addressed in future updates

    ill be patient and see hot this progresses

    • Dimitris says:

      Chosen_one if you can send me a log I will fix that issue tomorrow.

      Some few people deal with this as well. Not sure why, a log showing the problem will be great!

  50. Maff says:

    People’s photos never load in the stream, if I’m on 3G or on wifi, back to Babbler yet again

    • chris says:

      Maff you always bitch in here. Go and use babbler then its not like we care.

      It is a BETA you know..bitch.

      • Marcus says:

        Yeah Maff is always bitchin and complaining. Why do you keep saying you’re going back to babbler? Go already and stop complaining on here. He obviously doesn’t care, have you noticed he hasn’t replied to ANYTHING you’ve said???

    • Slick Vic says:

      Maff, go get your pacifier and stay with Babbler. All you do is whine about Bloo – period! Afterall, this IS in beta.

  51. connor says:

    Hi, new to the app. Love it. Just one question on uploading photos. I made a new album and uploaded the photos but they werent showing up and I went on my laptop and went on facebook there to see “pending photos” in my requests box. Is that always going to happen when I upload photos. Any ways around it?


    • guitruong says:

      perhaps you should check the FB authorizations for Bloo
      you must allow Bloo to publish on your wall / feed / albums

      • connor says:

        how do i do that as I cant find bloo in my list of applications that I use and when i search for it I get nothing. thanks for any help.

  52. Umar says:

    Hi Dimitris

    Have been following your updates since yesterday and was one of the very first to download Bloo. However, since this is the first time I am using your app, was wondering if there is a user guide to get to know how to operate (i used the browser before this). Some issues I don’t know the solution to:
    1. Where are the new friends requests appearing?
    2. I have set it to update every 30 minutes, however there was a new friend request that it was not showing in the update…?
    3. the update does not always show up after every 30 minutes
    4. When i open bloo, it takes a while for the app to start displaying the contact pictures in the feed…is this normal?

    Other than the bugs and queries I may have, I really like the app and the whole concept behind it. Its clean, and has a lot of potential. great job dude! πŸ™‚

  53. Jones says:

    hey, does this support the htc tattoo?

  54. Matt says:

    Hi Dimitris,

    Sent you an email(log) with regards to the issue with the events screen and not being able to view details on the event.

    Hope this helps.

  55. Jon Britton says:

    When I post a link to bloo from the browser, I don’t get the option to change the comment that goes with it. Any chance of implementing this feature? I post a lot of links!

    Absolutely FANTASTIC app thought. I used to use Babbler but this has jumped light years ahead.

  56. Jon Britton says:

    Sorry for the double post. I was just wondering if it is possible to view all photos of a person like you can on the website and on other apps like Babbler?
    PS – I noticed someone suggest open sourcing this. Would this be a possibility? I’d love to get involved.

  57. Yankeeboy says:

    Dimitris –

    As an update, I am now able to download from Droid Eris 1.5. Thank you!!! I looks great…

    A few Q’s….

    *Is it possible to reply to a message in the inbox? I press menu while in there, but nothing comes up.

    *I chose to have the feed list loaded when I log in. Since that, the pictures seem to take a long time to load – is that correct?

    *Finally, just how detrimental would it be to battery power to have it poll for updates every 1/2 minutes? I was just used to the “Push” from the BlackBerry app before this…

    Thanks again, really love it

    • Yankeeboy says:

      One other thing…any chance of a widget?

      • RyanP says:

        I’m aware from previous postings that you will not be able to reply to messages in your inbox as the Facebook API will not allow it.

        I get the same issue with the feed, and mine is set not to go to the feed (I think it has been mentioned further up the comments).

        Not sure about the last point. I think someone else has asked what the default was before we were given options. Personally, most of the apps I use that have updating (e.g. Bloo and Swift) I have set to 30 mins. My phone then lasts most of the day.

    • Dimitris says:

      Images won’t load unless you start scrolling!

  58. Jose says:

    What happened to the photo tagging feature? 😦

    • Jonathan says:

      Same issue, and that is why I just found Bloo… I have the Droid and the builtin FB app doesn’t allow tagging either and I heard bloo did, so I installed… LOVE IT so far other than lack of tagging photo’s

  59. buzzchilly says:

    Dimitris, can you make bloo indicate which friend is currently online?

  60. Jason says:

    A few wishlist items:

    * profile pics in comments
    * when clicking a photo post in the feed, enter the users album at that point, to be able to swipe left/right thru photos and zoom.
    * able to comment on photo from photo view, not having to view comments first.
    * show who likes a post when comments expanded.
    * details of notification in status bar.
    * agree to other comments regarding the bloo splash screen. Just put the last known feed items up while it’s refreshed.

    • guitruong says:

      agreed! πŸ™‚

    • Jason says:

      I would also love to be able to create an album from the “share” action i.e. sharing a photo from the camera app. Currently you can select an existing album but not create one. One of the only reasons I keep Babbler for now…

  61. Andy says:

    I’m not able to view a few of my friends photos. I can view the albums.. but, if I click on an album I get an error.

  62. Petseinue says:

    Fantastic, I didn’t know about that up to the present. Thanx.

  63. marcus says:

    I’m having the same problem as andy

  64. Wallace says:

    v1.42beta: Live folder does not work, how to make it work ?

  65. Chris says:

    This is by far the best Facebook app on the market!!!!

  66. Logan says:

    I found a problem not sure if it’s happen to anyone else or not but on the G1 when I slide the phone to change the orientation while viewing feeds, Bloo will refresh itself which I guess it was set it up to do so but the main issue is that when it does refresh that way I get older feeds instead of the recent ones and it keeps trying to refresh but then force closes…has this happened to anyone else?

  67. Laura says:

    I have notifications set for every 2 mins and I am not getting any notifications from Bloo. I get updates in my e-mail only. I have notifications turned on…

  68. Larson says:

    Love this app. Only problem I am having is tagging people in pictures. Saw on your youtube video how to do it but it’s not working for me.Oh, and watching videos posted on FB. Is that a possibility.

  69. jermaine says:

    Just a suggestion…instead of using a alert dialog to view photo captions….use a toast instead just make it longer or constant

  70. connor says:

    I am not getting notifications when people comment on my statuses or other statuses ive commented on. I get likes and other things like that but not comments. Also when someone writes and my wall and i click on it it says something like “story not affiliated with friend or person is not your friend”. If this is fixed it will be one of… no the best facebook app on the market.

  71. Umar says:

    Need some help. I am trying to look at friends lists of my friends but don’t know how. Also can’t find the ‘search’ function that lets you look people up. Pls assist.

    • jermaine says:

      When u launch bloo it says “Friends” on the home screen…and u search for frenz just start typing and it will start filtering or press the “menu” button and type ur query

  72. VJ says:

    This is an awesome app mate…keep up the good work! After trying it, I’ll happily donate a few quid (UK here) if you provide a link!

    Just one thing, can I see the full photos of albums posted on the feed stream? i.e. see photos thatmy friends have been tagged in? For example – when I go onto a friends profile, I can see their info, their albums, but not the photos they have been tagged in…

    Or is this not possible?

    Rgds and thanks again…

  73. Fernando says:

    “Help make Bloo better! Does it crash on you when you do a specific action? Send me the log at dnkoutso at gmail dot com. This is how I fix bugs quickly and release updates daily.”

    -Where do I find this log so that I can e-mail it to you?

  74. Laura says:

    How do I get rid of the pink gift box by Friends?

    I’m also getting all sorts of notifications and not the ones I want.

  75. Brady says:

    Just downloaded this app the other day, and I’m loving it!

    However, just this morning I started running into a problem: whenever I try to view my feed, I get the “permission required” message, even though I’ve already set the permissions on Facebook. If I choose “enable permission”, it takes me back to the Facebook page where I would give permission, but it just tells me that I’ve already granted Bloo permission. If I go back to load my feed, I just get the message again. The app has been working fine up until I tried to use it when I woke up this morning. Any ideas?

    I’m using a Canadian HTC Hero.

  76. Tre says:

    How do you tag in a photo?
    I cant seem to pull up the menu to add a tag even by long pressing on a photo in my album.

  77. nedj10 says:

    Can’t find this download on the market on my us dev phone g1 on the tmobile network. Where is the apk?

  78. Emil says:

    !!!BUG REPORT!!!


    When uploading a new photo and using swedish characters (Γ₯,Γ€,ΓΆ) in the caption you get “Error: 104”.


  79. Elmo Glick says:

    Looks interesting, but ran into a problem.

    BUG REPORT: Does not retrieve embedded links that don’t display a pic to click on.


  80. Elmo Glick says:

    Weird bug report: No comments are viewable any more on one of my FB friends’ posts. Every post says 0 comments in Bloo, but are available via the web interface.

    He is the only one also using Bloo. Yikes.

  81. dana says:

    Could someone please help me figure out how to send a message via Bloo? Thanks!

  82. Caffeine Dependent says:

    Hey Dimitris,

    Great app. I’m a Graphic / UI Designer – would you like any assistance like that for your app?

    (I won’t charge you, I really need a usable facebook app on Android so I’d kinda be helping myself)

  83. Tony C says:

    I agree with this statement:
    Maff Says:
    November 23, 2009 at 4:16 am | Reply

    Needs auto refresh on the stream or it’s useless to me!!

    Well, not useless but I need the auto-refresh function on the feed too!

    Also, if I swipe down once, it’ll load more (older) posts on the feed but if I swipe down a second time I get this:

    Sorry! The application Bloo (process dc.bloo_free) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    Happens EVERY single time on the 2nd swipe down to load more posts! Very aggravating! Please fix asap!

  84. French says:

    App is unable to give the initial login code needed. Facebook error. I’ve tried for weeks. I give up.

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