NDA free on Friday, Bloo goes down for a few days, comes back as FREE with 1.4.

Update: Should be out by midnight PST. Fixing some final bugs I just found out on the photo section (sneaky ones…). No earthquakes so release is good to go.


I can’t find a better way to start this blog post. I will be finally free to continue development on Bloo! Since this has been a huge fiasco for the release of 1.4 from now and on Bloo will be free.

There is also a few other features I am very proud to introduce in 1.4 which you’ve been waiting for. Comes Friday, I will focus on releasing 1.4 by Sunday this weekend. You will have it, unless an earthquake occurs.

I hope this is good enough for those who still care about the app. It will become my side hobby as my full time job takes a lot of time.

Should I say I apologize again? Maybe not, it has lost its value after so many times. Right?


87 Responses to NDA free on Friday, Bloo goes down for a few days, comes back as FREE with 1.4.

  1. Bob Garon says:

    Awesome way to BEAT THE SYSTEM Dimitris and offer the best Facebook App on Android to stay on top.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us AND if you’d like a quick tester, since I’ve been wait sooooooooooooooooooo patiently, I’d love to be your man. 🙂

    Thanks my friend!


  2. Ryan says:

    Whats the NDA all about?

  3. Jordan says:

    I wish you’d convert the paid version into a Donate version. I don’t need more features, I’m just happy to pay for such good work!

  4. Guillaume says:

    Well done Dimitris
    I can’t wait to test the 1.4

  5. Ron G. says:

    Glad to hear Bloo is not dead. 🙂 I can appreciate life getting in the way of things like this. Looking forward for 1.4 for sure. For those wanting to donate, I think DC listed in a previous blog a way to donate if you wished. He got jumped on for posting that last time so not sure he would mention it again. So I did. lol

  6. Stuart says:

    Very glad to hear this! Looking forward to seeing 1.4 available soon 🙂

  7. ruel says:

    Heh, I knew it! I just had a feeling that you were still under that NDA. I’m glad to finally hear something from you, though.

  8. Brian says:

    I can’t WAIT!!! Thanks for respecting your promise!

  9. Matt says:

    So pleased the update is coming!!!

  10. Chris says:

    Thank you!!!!!!!! Best FB app on the market! I knew you were still with us!

  11. Lukins says:

    hope this comes out at midnight!

  12. fre says:

    Woo hoo!! Finally!

  13. Wayne says:

    FREE???…Awesome! I was wondering how to get that cheap mother-in-law of mine to buy it. That should make it easy.
    Glad to see that Bloo isn’t dead & I can’t wait to get the update.

  14. smithey253 says:

    Great to hear that you are free from your nda. Making the app free is probably the best thing you could do, as it will get all those people nagging you for an update because they paid for it off of your back.

    I cant wait for this update and hope that bloo remains the number one Facebook app for Android for a long time.

  15. Slick Vic says:

    Since downloading Droid’s Facebook version on my G1 I have no use for this app. Bloo was good for me while it lasted.

  16. raul says:

    small request….can you make it say “posted via Bloo for Android”

    basically…just add the “for Android” part. It makes it more obvious to people who don’t know what Bloo is. More people are starting to know what Android is now. Thats all! 🙂

  17. Mark says:

    So….. Being Sunday and all when can we expect this?

  18. Yong Hwee says:

    Awesome! When will the new version be up?

  19. chosen_one1 says:

    IT Lives It Lives >>> Bloo is still alive … Glad to hear about update getting released …
    Don’t view it as nagging because people been bitching about the update ..
    View it as you made a great app and the following for the app is strong .. regardless if you make it free or not i wouldn’t mind donating ..

    I also have the droid facebook app and while it is good it still just sends you to the site for just about all the things ….so i still think bloo is better ( my opinion)

    Curious what the Nda was about …. would love to hear that story …..

    Keep up the good work bro .. lots of luck on the new Facebook positio oooo i mean new job you got lolololololololololol j/k

  20. Tristan says:

    I hope it has a 2×4 widget like the official one does that functions in pretty much exactly the same way…love this app…

  21. Coard says:

    So it’ll be releasing today? How will we get it, Marketplace?

    I’m excited!

  22. bxgladiator says:

    I guess that earthquake came cuz its 5:12pm and still no update

  23. Matthew Smith says:

    Not many hours of Sunday left here in the UK haha

  24. Jones says:

    I was so hoping I’d have it by now. It’s Monday here in the UK. Oh well, maybe it’ll be there when I wake up! 😀

  25. Brandinn says:

    Is it just me or did bloo totally be removed from the market?

  26. Lukins says:

    i don’t see it on the market either, im guessing that earth quake happened

  27. Ron G. says:

    I guess you need to give a disclaimer that the time given is Pacific Time. lol

  28. beach says:


  29. fred says:

    Stop distracting him…he’s working on it!! 🙂

  30. Yankeeboy says:

    Really looking forward to this….have been talking up your app all day on the forums for people complaining about the crappy FB app

  31. Snipe175 says:

    Luckily im on PST time too! lol 😀

  32. JerryM says:

    Man I can’t wait for this to come out! I’ve tried EVERY SINGLE FB app so far, and this one is by far my favorite. Central time here. Any rough estimate ETA in hours, for us eager Bloo users, Dimitris?

  33. chosen_one1 says:

    Dimitris thanks for all the hard work man … East coast time i shall look forward to the greatness tomorrow when i wake up ..
    Question though .. will this be the final update or do you still plan on tweaking this as ideas come along >?

  34. Dean says:

    Can’t be far off now, surely.

  35. aja says:

    I’m really excited about this app! I feel bad about how people were giving you so much unnecessary crap. Geez why don’t they try making an awesome facebook app. But anyhoo, thanks for all the time and effort you put into it, and I’m sure its gonna be great.

  36. CaptainShanks says:

    Can’t wait to try this out 😀 been looking for a good Facebook app.

  37. Shawn says:

    Still a few more hours?

  38. Matt says:

    Yeah thanks a ton for all the effort you have and continue to put in to this project 😀

  39. Shawn says:

    Definitely don’t mind waiting!! I know it will be a the best app! better waiting the extra time to have a good working app

  40. Lumpy says:

    Could I change my profile picture by blood???

  41. evolve says:

    too bad facebook API doesnt have POKE either or msg reply O_O

  42. snoozy says:


  43. DR says:

    Been checking the market all day. Lol Finally decided to check the blog. Anxiously awaiting this great app.

  44. Shawn says:

    ONE question that I have been wondering since 1.4 was mentioned..Is it going to have chat????

  45. Gormandy says:

    First… thanks a lot!
    Can’t wait for an android fb app that “just works”.

    Yeah, them bugs are a bummer! Hope you’re able to bust em soon enough 😉

  46. evolve says:

    Nope. No chat facebook API doesn’t support it.

  47. evolve says:

    Only reason I am awake is for the release of Bloo ^_^ how much longer? D:

  48. Shawn says:

    I would honestly pay $15 for a full functioning facebook app similar to iphone’s.

  49. chosen_one1 says:

    Funny thing about the iphone facebook apk …. read a report that the developer stopped working on it because he was upset of the millitary controp apple uses on the market ….. reports were that the apk was down for like two days ….. facebook issued a statement saying they gonna develop a development team to pick up the apk. Lol picture that a whole development section doing the same thing one person did by himself. So see how that goes … i can confirm the apk was down because people i know was complaining about it .

  50. Patrick says:

    Already past Sunday in parts of the US, and Bloo is no longer even displaying in Market. A search through Market websites (i.e. androlib.com) shows the current version of Bloo at 1.3.8.

    Maybe the earthquake that happened at roughly 21:30PST 8 miles east of Hemet, CA, USA is the earthquake that is the excuse for Bloo’s demise. It was a month ago when users were told that 1.4 was basically ready. Surely Android has not changed so much within the past month that Bloo cannot run on current devices. 2.0 devices should have no problems running code written for 1.5 (SDK version 3) …

    • Stuba says:

      Patrick… Please… Get lost. If you’re so fed up with no updates then maybe you should just stop waiting for them and start using some other app.. Whatever you do, just stop complaining already..

  51. evolve says:

    Patrick instead of being ignorant how about reading previous posts? It’s releasing soon there were just some bugs found and are being ironed out.. I mean.. would u want a new upgraded app with bugs..? or one released with LESS bugs ;] come on dont get ur THONG in a bunch ;]

  52. chosen_one1 says:

    Hey patrick …. remember the time difference … its only 8:30pm california time which is where he is located …… so if your on the east coast or midwest etc then take the difference into consideration ….. Seriously understanding you paid for the app and all and you feel entitled however your statements come off as brash … thoughtless … and downright obnoxious … while this might not be the reaction or it might be you wanted ..i think you might learn to have patience … your no different than anyone else who is also waiting … except others have a little more understanding …patience man patience

    • Patrick says:

      Actually, when I made my post, it was 10:30PM in California (where I am located, as is Dimitris). Also, I did give Dimitris his way out by indicating there was indeed an earthquake in California today at 9:30PM PST. If anyone bothered to read that, they may have understood that I posted one hour after the earthquake.


      However, can anyone tell me how it takes over a month for “sneaky photo section bugs” to crop up, when 1.4 was basically complete except for a few lines of code?

      You may think my comments “brash” or “thoughtless”, but every statement I’ve made or posted has been supported; there is indeed no lack of “thought” put into them. The developer’s claims of the release 1.6 causing development problems were unfounded, when the 1.6 SDK had been released for nearly a month when the statement was made. So far it is seeming that nearly every single *self-dictated* deadline has been missed.

      Not only that, but I was “thoughtful” enough to find the earthquake (in the same timezone no less) that would be used to explain the once-again missed date.

      But maybe I am alone in thinking that developers who foster tight communities and relationships (of some sort) with their user-base ought to maintain *some* semblance of integrity. Forgive me if asking someone who has made promises about a product that I purchased with the understanding of continued support and improvement to keep their word is offending you.

      Maybe I should just take the developer’s stance: in his own words, “Should I say I apologize again? Maybe not, it has lost its value after so many times. Right?” Does his word or promise mean anything anymore? Is it wrong to expect integrity from people?

  53. Gormandy says:

    Actually its 10:49 PM in California 😛

    But patience is key. We should be thanking him for even bothering.

  54. Scott says:

    Yeah, we should be thanking him. I realize many of you paid for the app previously, but now he’s making it better. For free. And obviously a lot has changed in 2.0. It’s a pretty big update. Oh and, I don’t know, half the fucking apps in the app store don’t even work on it yet. He’s got a lot on his hands. Give the man a break, he’s doing everyone a favor. Don’t like that the new version isn’t out yet? Fine! Use something else, the rest of us can enjoy his app whenever he’s done.

  55. Prayudho says:

    Ummm.. I just wonder.. When it comes for free, can i get the .apk (if it already released) . I come from indonesia, and when i search for bloo at the android market, it shows nothing. I really curious about the application (since the other android facebook application was soo lame). Thx b4

  56. gormandy says:

    Patrick, you obviously have no knowledge of the android sdk.

    Dimitris, gogogo cant wait 😀

    • Patrick says:

      And how do you come by that?

      Because I have not released any of the applications I’ve written using the Android SDK to Google’s Market? I’ve been following Android since the first SDK release, and have been writing code for it before 1.5 (Cupcake) was released.

      You do realize that the Android SDKs are usually released earlier than the actual ROMs that the carriers release (or even those that you might illegally obtain through other channels), right? The SDK for 1.6 was released before 1.3.5 of Bloo was released. Just because you didn’t have Donut on your device at the time does not mean that Android developers were not writing software to run on your device when it would be ready.

      Next time you want to criticize someone, maybe you ought to have your own facts straight.

  57. evolve says:

    im still awake ^_^

  58. Dimitris says:

    Almost there guys a few final touches to one of the surprises.

    I am going on a 8 hour marathon today to finish this.

  59. evolve says:

    :d :d :d CHEA CHEA CHEA =p

  60. evolve says:

    startin to fall asleep ;_;

  61. beach says:

    alright, still looking forward

  62. evolve says:

    lol >_< latest i stayed up lol.

  63. Lumpy says:

    Being patient is hard for me. But I think I ll get what I deserve
    Its just 6:12pm in Japan 🙂

  64. evolve says:

    Layin down tired on my G1 still waiting lol..

  65. Jones says:

    This is excellent work mate. Only 2 things I need to point out though, I’m getting errors on viewing picture comments and I was sooooo hoping for a widget! Other than that, you stolen me away from crappy Babbler! 😀 5 stars!

  66. David says:

    I like the functionality and speed of this Beta release, however, I am one of many Paid Bloo users who are upset that the paid version is lacking more features than the Free Bloo.

    Also, I can’t seem to see any friends in the Bloo Live Folder once it’s placed on my homescreen. Am I missing something? Is this a known issue?

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