What the hell is going on?

Hey everyone,

So before you lynch me or try to hack my PC to get the current build of 1.4 please read the following.

There has been a combination of things that occured that have incredibly delayed the release of 1.4. To start of I have started to work on a new project (a full time job) information which I cannot disclose as I am on a NDA agreement. At first, I was not allowed to publish further updates or work on Bloo and thus I was unable to continue working on it. I think this is about to change though as I have initiated the process to work on Bloo. I am literally working 15 hours a day without any time to put at Bloo.

Second, the recent Facebook status update has caused some minor or major problems to the feed, something that I want to take care before I can release 1.4. This shouldn’t be a huge problem though.

Third, the dev phone is dead. I am waiting for a new one and working on the emulator is NOT good enough for testing. I need to always test the app on the road to “simulate” real world scenarios.

Version 1.4 is almost complete without a lot of coding needed to be done. There are some bureaucratic issues as well as some new bugs that came up.

You have waited long enough for this version. I understand the frustration and I would be furious as well but its hard to overcome some obstacles.



90 Responses to What the hell is going on?

  1. Raul says:

    No apologies needed, but do you have an approximate time frame? days? a week? a month?

  2. izzy says:

    I give up…I don’t care anymore.

  3. Patrick says:

    After the first mention of 1.4 on 17 August (https://fbandroid.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/1-3-2-status-update-release-imminent/), 3 September’s promise that the next release would be 1.4 with new features (https://fbandroid.wordpress.com/2009/09/03/finally-a-status-update-back-in-the-usa/), and now the deluge empty promises for the next release, I’ve given up on Bloo.

    The only valid excuse for a delay that has been offered has been the developer’s personal situation (job and living situation), but both of those situations occurred long after 1.4 was promised.

    From the bug-fix releases (which probably should not have been necessary), to the claim of waiting for 1.6 (which was released weeks before he claimed he needed time to account for it), to the current update giving no information (except a status update that could be from the early September blog posting), there has to be an end.

    Goodbye Bloo.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I figured this had something to do with the changes to Facebook. But, is your job preventing or restricting your work on the side? That would suck. Congrats on the job though, focus on that, make some real money first. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Stuart says:

    Thanks for the update but I hope we don’t have to wait too much longer. I’m getting pissed off with Babbler and I want to use Bloo again lol!

    • Stuart says:

      Right, totally given up on Babbler now. All of their recent updates have been total crap.

      Even if we’ve had to wait a while for the Bloo updates they’ve always improved the app.

      Really looking forward to seeing 1.4 on the marketplace soon ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Bob Garon says:

        I couldn’t agree more!!!

        A working, fun, functional, and user-friendly FACEBOOK APPLICATION is
        what Android REALLY NEEDS. Babbler has gone down the tubes, Bloo isn’t
        up to par(notifications just don’t alert me as they should unless Bloo
        is open & running) and it seems almost like these developers abandon us and our input,
        and Fbook & the others just don’t do us any justice.

        Dimitris I KNOW YOU ARE OUR MAN!!! I know it! So what can we expect?

  6. Gary says:

    No need to apologise…can’t wait for the update! Well done on the new job!

  7. Ron G. says:

    No stress. Thanks for the update.

    P.S. Izzy, if you don’t care anymore, why are you posting here then? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Miguel says:

    Why don’t you release a Beta version of 1.4 and a log keeping program to some of us and have us test it throughly for a few days and e-mail you any comments and the log results?

    BTW.. I don’t like the new Facebook Feed. It makes no sense.

  9. David O says:

    You TOOK a job that forbade work on your own projects?

    Dude I’d work fast food first… ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. jermy says:

    You should prolly know this by now…but android 2.0 sdk is available…so i figure an OTA update is right around the corner…GO ANDROID!!!!!

  11. Kyle says:

    If everyone would look at it this way:

    If you never had a blog about this, people wouldn’t know when the updates are and wouldn’t hastle you as much. It would just be a nice pleasent suprise when the update would come out just like most of the apps in the market, but since you have a blog about it, people expect more and more out of you. Take your time, don’t worry about it. Your app is great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. ruel says:

    Under NDA, eh? He got hired by Facebook. I’m calling it right now. Lol jk.

  13. Chosen_one1 says:

    LMFAOOO @ he got hired by facebook … .

    the new job prohibits you to work on bloo or because you spend so much time working you have no spare time. If its the job then yea … he works for facebook lol

    Well i volunteer to be a beta tester if you need one …

  14. Jose says:

    Well looks like you gonna have to once again work on it Dimitris cause Android 2.0 is on it’s way already and we still haven’t received any updates ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  15. Daffi says:

    I honestly cannot wait for 1.4, hope you get the NDA sorted I know how you can get a conflict of interest between the company you work for and your own development work.

    All the best on getting it sorted asap dude.

  16. fabio says:

    Can’t find bloo in the market anymore. I hope it’s not a bad sign.

  17. Kyle says:

    Babbler 1.4 came out… It looks WAY good. You have some major competition again…

  18. Brandinn says:

    Anyone know when I’m suppose to get the update of fireware 2.0?

  19. Patrick says:

    Nearly one month since users were told “Bloo 1.4 available next week, supports 1.6 and a bunch of features.”

    Three weeks since the first posted delay in a blog entry titled “Not ready yet…”

    One week since the developer states “Version 1.4 is almost complete without a lot of coding needed to be done.”

  20. David says:

    Yeah Patrick, this guy has really jerked us around..ridiculous..very unprofessional.

  21. Raul says:

    i just hope its as fast as the official app when it comes out next year. It would be great to have all the features of bloo with the speed of the official app.

  22. Kyle says:

    Well if you look online in android 2.0 the official facebook app improves tremendously

  23. chosen_one1 says:

    for a second i thought the new one was posted ..then i checked and nothing … back to waiting

  24. beach says:

    nothing much here

  25. Dave says:

    Your app is great — far more feature-rich than the one FB supplies.

    Would it be possible to incorporate a “group” feed selector? I have ~ 2000 friends in total, but only ~ 30 on my “watch” list to see updates from. All mobile apps so far show updates from everyone, not a specific friend list. That would be awesome!

  26. Bob Garon says:

    Babbler SUCKS!!!! We NEED Bloooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. sean c.h.f. says:

    uh oh. official app in 2.0 with complete integration. Bloo may be on it’s way out. i hope not. been great for me, but integration and ease of use is what i want from my phone.

    • Bob Garon says:

      Where do you see that? Link…

    • Ron G. says:

      Well for Bloo to die, it would require a LOT more than the official app delivers. It is basically a shell that points everything to the mobile site.

    • sean c.h.f. says:

      go watch the Droid review on CNET. they talk about the app a little, but especially talk about its integration, namely Facebook quicklinks being part of the new pop-up function for contacts, showing a contact’s status if you click on their name in your contacts, and also signing into a Facebook account just like you sign into your email accounts in Android. it’s all tied into the update very deeply, and all appears to run very smoothly when in motion. the Facebook in Android 2.0 looks nothing like the “official” app that is out now, which is pretty terrible. as i said before, i want my phone to be simple, intuitive, and everything to be interlinked. the Facebook in 2.0 looks to do that, so Bloo may be done.

      • Bob Garon says:

        But that’s EXACTLY how the Hero’s version is now. It’s probably not what you are expecting or think unless you know from experience of flashing the Hero roms.

        I’m really looking forward to it and hope & wonder when we’re gonna get a 2.0 rom to flash. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sean c.h.f. says:

      and for the link, all you need is real-life screen shots of the new integration:


      • Tristan says:

        I read a recent review of the phone and unfortunately they said that android 2.0’s facebook app is a lot like the horrible market one…messaging and photos still brings u to the mobile site…etc…I mean I’m sure its an improvement but it doesnt look like we’d be dropping bloo anyday now…nor do I wish to.

  28. Juan Fernandez says:

    Good for your new project ! If you need help testing, shoot me an email. I would be more than happy to help.

  29. Tad says:

    I cannot find Bloo on the Android Market with my Motorola CLIQ. I had purchased it when I was using a myTouch 3G.

    Is bloo still available? What’s going on?

  30. B says:

    I’m currently using Babbler now. DC isn’t coming back for a while, thus I categorize Bloo as abandoned. If he does come back, the NDA will truly keep him from improving the app. I’m excited for A2.0.

  31. Clement Chan says:

    Hello, I wonder is it possible for user to switch those links in the application to http://touch.facebook.com ?? at lease a option to point to touch.facebook.com instead of m.facebook.com

  32. chosen_one1 says:

    Dam from the looks of things .. i this update doesn’t look like its gonna come out .. seems to be on a permanent back burner .. i hope im wrong but i would really like for the update to come out …. just knowing that there is greatness around the corner and just cant put your fingers on it is frustrating

    • Ron G. says:

      I hope you are wrong! D.C. can we get another update? If it is done, it would be good to know so I can quit checking back here daily lol. If it is still planned to be released, it would be good to know as well.

  33. Lukins says:

    i dont get why people think this update wont come out. we have pictures showing 1.4 so what he has to make a few tweaks and changes if you have to check your face book so bad do it the old fashion way and boot up your damn computer

  34. Brother B says:

    Why don’t you just sell the app to someone else who can finish it and post the damn update!

  35. ruel says:

    I think he might still be under the NDA. That’s what I keep thinking, anyway.

  36. Patrick says:

    Over two weeks now since this post, and nearly six weeks since 1.4’s features were extolled. What’s going on? Don’t your customers have a right to know since you’ve gone back on your promises?!

    For those claiming NDA issues, Bloo’s updates were promised long before the developer’s new job and the so-called NDA, therefore our being kept in the dark is not covered by the NDA. Any decent individual would have given an update on the status by now. If the NDA covers Bloo, then a statement saying no further information would be given because of an NDA should be issued.

    I personally may not be an avid Facebook user, but those promising software for their users should be held accountable for the promises made …

    • Ron G. says:

      Patrick, I have never really disagreed with your comments. You just go a bit extreme and hardcore is all. He has made promises that have not quickly been fulfilled. You say he must be held accountable. What does that entail in this instance?

      We paid for a product and got the product. Sure the customer service of late has not been up to par. What’s to be done? You can’t demand a refund as you have gotten the product you paid for. You can’t throw the guy in jail for having life interfere with his plans for this app.

      Not sure what you expect to happen and why it is such a big deal to you is my main thing I guess.

      • fre says:

        I’m with Ron. You said exactly what I was thinking.. I was with Patrick for awhile…but he’s too much. Think he may be a little crazy..

  37. BK says:


  38. dakota says:

    leaked new version of the facebook app is floating around out there if you look. some improvements

  39. Ryan says:

    I’m pretty sure this app is dead. There has been no updates in like what, two and a half months?? Also, there has been no communication whatsoever for the last 3 weeks.

    This project has been abandoned. I can’t wait for the new Facebook app to come out with Android 2.0 so I can delete this thing off my hard drive.

    In retrospect, this thing was a waste of money.

  40. fabio says:

    facebook 1.1.0 (yes, the one from droid!)


    • Kyle says:

      It’s basically the exact same as the one in the marketplace, just a home screen and some other tiny things, but nothing big at all.

      • fabio says:

        it’s not exactly the same. you can browse all your friends, their profiles and their pictures (without redericting to the browser). unfortunately they didn’t implement the picture viewer in the feed, still redericting to facebook mobile site.

    • sean c.h.f. says:

      really leaps and bounds better than the old Official, and does things Bloo does not. the Feed loads fast, you can view picture comments, and a couple other things. as of right now, Bloo is getting removed. i will watch for the update and see how it does, but the coming Official app fills the need that i have.

      • Kyle says:

        Yea, it’s good for reasons like that. But you still go to browser for clicking on pictures posted, can’t view new pictures posted – goes to browser, no inbox or requests or anything like that, can’t view groups, events, or pages like you can on Babbler. Can’t view and can’t place tags on photos.

        The Plus side of it: you CAN view comments on pictures, when you go to their album and look up that picture, once again you can’t click the picture on a post cuz it will go to the browser. You can share, set as, delete, & edit your pictures, and can comment on pictures. And it’s fast. You can search for friends & anybody on facebook

        That’s just my views on it. I do like it though… But I still have Bloo, Babbler & new Facebook on just because I use them all for different reasons

    • fre says:

      Fabio thank you for posting this. Like it much better than the official on my touch!

  41. johnsamuel2 says:

    My facebook use has declined dramatically after their latest feed debacle. What a mess.

  42. Neil says:

    The guy that mentioned the customers already have what they paid for, is spot on. Surely everyone that paid for Bloo didn’t even have a promise of updates? They bought it based on what it already was?

    Don’t get me wrong I’m looking forward to an update, but mainly so that Patrick stops moaning. Although I’m certain he’ll still moan about the new update anyway…

    • dakota says:

      Youโ€™re right. Program works as advertised.

      But the dude needs to do himself a favor and stop telling people an update with great new features is coming in a few days. When nothing happens for weeks people get frustrated.

      Best to close the blog and just have a change log on updates saying whatโ€™s new.

      He’s been breaking promises since day one. Just donโ€™t make them and just release updates whenever. Itโ€™s that easy.

      Save him a world of grief buy just stopping making commitments he obviously canโ€™t keep.

  43. Tom says:

    That Facebook apk file wouldn’t install on my G1… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Kyle says:

      You have to uninstall the original one from the market if it’s on there. If it still doesn’t work then just restart your phone. Worked fine for me.

  44. redsonya says:

    All I want is to be able to open links from the feed.

  45. fre says:

    Hey everybody I have a couple of old purchased apps that I know I’m never gonna use..is there a way to get them off..completely delete..I would greatful..if u could tell me..

    • Kyle says:

      …. Manage Applications and uninstall… You can’t take it off the Market where it says Purchased, that’s always gonna be there, but you can uninstall just fine

      • fre says:

        Ok thanks, yeah I uninstalled. I was hoping to delete it completely..figured that couldn’t be done. Just wanted to be sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. chosen_one1 says:

    Is it safe to say that this app is now dead in the water .. Been a few months now and looks like bloo won’t be getting updated again …. i hope i am wrong but i just about given up hope of seeing a update notification on my phone for this

  47. beach says:

    its been so long, and there’s no update or whatsoever. where are the promises?

  48. Jose says:

    Seems to me this app is dead. Oh well. Time to move on and wait for the official app to develop something that is worth it.

  49. evolve says:

    For those who seem to lost hope, and who’s stopped following this. DON’T! Dimitris is working on BIG things. And there’s reasons for the big delay. TRUST me guys it WILL be worth it!

  50. Ron G. says:

    On FB DC says there is a Bloo 1.4 announcement today. Hopefully it is good news and not a death of Bloo announcement.

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