Not ready yet…

Update 10/19/09 : Birthday today and first day at work. I am trying to finish 1.4. A few more stuff on the media section.

Update 10/17/09 : Anyone who is experiencing problems updating their status, please email me a log from your phone. I would like to include a fix for 1.4.

Hey guys, here’s a relatively sad update…

As I am typing this I am working on Bloo 1.4, and the changes have been tremendous for the app. As I mentioned there is a brand new feed and a new media section. In order for those to work correctly a lot must be changed. However, they are not yet complete and when I say complete i mean to a good satisfactory level for you to enjoy the app. Trust me, you will see a huge difference in Bloo 1.4, at least for the feed and media section and hopefully you will like it!

I really apologize for not sticking up to my words. I have finally found a job, I am trying to move to a new place and things have been really busy here in San Francisco.

Please be patient, it will be out. I won’t promise the day again but it won’t be far. I am almost done with it and I need to test it. Perhaps I can redeem myself with a few screenshots!


Update: Anyone who is experiencing problems updating their status, please email me a log from your phone. I would like to include a fix for 1.4.

48 Responses to Not ready yet…

  1. jacob says:

    wow!! The changes look amazing I cannot wait for 1.4! I don’t care if you have to take longer as long as its good.

    Thanks again for a fantastic product!

  2. isaac says:

    Looks brilliant. thanks!

  3. Raul Hurtado says:

    The changes look great! Honestly, I only use the official app because I like the layout more and speed…but your app will look almost as official as the “official app” itself (WITH WAYYYY MORE OPTIONS) I dont know if your new update will have these, but here is what I’d like to see:

    1. when viewing replies to posts that friends start…the profile pic for the repliers doesn’t show up. Even if it was a tiny pic…it would help make it look more solid.

    2. show who “liked” your friend’s posts (and your own posts)

    3. speed, speed, speed! I know it will be faster, but it needs to be as fast as the competition (to completely blow them out of the water)

    also, another small suggestion: start the post headline right after the poster’s name (not below) This way you can se more posts on the screen without scrolling down. It will look more official.

    Bloo is one of the best apps period. Thanks for continuing the app, babbler sucks and the official one is still very, very, very basic.

    • Dimitris says:

      Raul and the above,

      Thanks a lot for the comments! Yes I might be making it one line for the poster and status update message as the official app has.

      I am getting there…

  4. Chris Lord says:

    Great to see that work has continued on this, even after the official app release.

    The only feature I’m really missing is the ability to see photos *of* a person – like the link on someone’s profile where it says ‘View photos of Joe Bloggs’.

    Well, that and inbox support, but I know that isn’t your fault ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ian says:

    Dmitris, why when i post photos using bloo do they not show up on my profile when i view it using say Facebook Lite?

    I thought this had been fixed?

  6. Tristan says:

    You should change the bloo homepage to look more like the x.Facebook homescreen. Full of info yet simple. Just a thought for later updates.

  7. Stuart says:

    Disappointed that 1.4 is not available yet but understand the reasons why (and agree with them).

    The screen shots look impressive and I’m eager to see the new changes for myself.

    I hope it won’t take too long before you’re happy to release 1.4!

  8. Slick Vic says:

    Bloo is great with it’s notifications! So far, I’ve gathered it’ll notify you of comments left on your status update. What are the other notifications Bloo will notify you of?

  9. Amir Ajani says:

    I cant wait for this update. Hopefully this 1 will have a widget so i can uninstall the crappy official facebook app

  10. Amir Ajani says:

    Great Job Dimitris take your time

  11. Alex Danvy says:

    Hi Dimitris,
    I bought Bloo, but mainly use official Facebook app. Just as Raul Hurtado said, the layout is very important on small devices. I’m happy to see that your new layout looks more efficient.
    Thank you for your app.

  12. Chris Banes says:

    Looks like a great update! Looks like this will finally fix my main problem with Bloo – its speed. There are a couple of things that I would like to see though:

    * Being able to see Wall-to-wall posts with a friend
    * list all past notifications rather than just new ones


  13. izzy says:

    I think u should still give us a time frame..days? Weeks? As you can see everyone is understanding of’re working hard and we appreciate it..that’s why you have the best app.

  14. Slick Vic says:

    Take your time with this, DC. If it’s not ready don’t rush it out. It seems to be worth the wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. guitruong says:

    I can’t wait to test the 1.4 ๐Ÿ™‚
    keep it up!

  16. Jonas Johansson says:

    Congrats on the job man!
    And as everyone I’m really look forward to see the 1.4 in action, on my phone. So keep up the good work and good luck whit the new job and the new place.

    Jonas Johansson Sweden!

  17. Ric says:

    Is there a way to shut off the vibrate on notifications? I thought that it wasn’t doing this before and now it is. Or has it always been this way?

    If it has always been this way please add a feature in the next release to disable that. Thanks!

  18. Jordan says:

    First off, amazing app. My favorite for facebook i use it all day. Some things id like to see on update would be commenting on peoples photos, and when i get a notification that soemone comented on my pic it says story cant be viewed or something.

    All in all great job tho. Cant wait for update

  19. Patrick says:

    Many users who check this blog with certainly be annoyed or put out by my comment, but it’s nearly a week since 1.4 was promised. The developer’s comments about the delay due to the release of Donut holds no water since it’s been available to developers for a month now.

    Also, other user comments have indicated that feed loading speed is not as promised in the current release, nor do notifications perform as expected.

    I am hoping that 1.4 will address these issues (along with other promised improvements). Is there any indication as to when users can expect the promised upgrade.

    (And for those who may be quick to reply, my comment have *never* reflected a complaint regarding price for the application. They only stand to indicate that the developer has failed to deliver the features that were promised with his upgrades, and that those upgrades were never delivered on time. I have also stated that perhaps Bloo should be offered for more that $0.99, which is this current asking price, and instead should reflect what the developer feels he should be paid for his applicationโ€”I feel that a full-featured Facebook could easily get twice that amount, were the developer to deliver upon all of his promises.)

    • Monkey says:

      Let’s not forget the “The Developer” is actually a single person doing this as a hobby and not a full time job! I don’t know what share of the selling price developers get from the android market but I bet it isn’t much.

      It doesn’t really bother me if Dimitris gets a bit excited and says “next version will be out soon” and then has to delay it. To be honest I like the enthusiasm. They guy is looking for a job and moving house after all, this isn’t his number 1 priority!

    • Doc Gab says:

      Patrick is not wrong in his posts. Dimitris has several times talked of features to come and days it would be out and then neither were delivered. I totally understand though Dimitris being one guy doing the work and he made a big move recently and is job hunting etc.

      I have no problems with updates coming a bit later than when he says they will or the updates being a bit smaller without all said new features. This is still an app that is updated more frequently than most of the other apps I am running. I know the promised features will be coming and Bloo is extremely functional as is.

      Perhaps, Dimitris, you would be better served in the future to just list features that are being worked on and don’t give a very specific time frame (as you did in this post :-).)

      Looking forward to the release of 1.4!

  20. Miguel says:

    I also share Raul’s concern about people’s profile pics not showing up when they comment on my status. The profile pics used to display, but they they stopped in the last update.

    Not seeing people’s profile pic seems to take alot away from the FB experience.

    My suggestion for features would be:

    1. Swiping through galleries. Check the game RoboDefense to see how sensitive the screen can really be using Android. That game makes the screen iPhone-like in sensitivity, almost as if it had multi-touch.

    2. An Auto-Rotate option just for Bloo. I turn off screen rotating in the main Androis system settings, because it affects performance of the phone too much. However, I would like this feature to be enabled only in Bloo, so if a photo is landscape, I can simply turn the phone and have the pic fill the screen.

    3. Allow commenting on photos, or at least provide a link to View/Add Comments to the Facebook Mobile site if the API doesn’t support commenting via 3rd party apps. The idea is to make it easy for Bloo uses to access the allowable way to post a comment.

    4. Keep the ZOOM (double-tap) feature in the gallery. Bloo is the only FB app that has this cool feature.

    5. Allow Tags in photos to be displayed by default if desired.

  21. izzy says:

    Patrick, I read all your other posts and I agreed with you BUT what annoyed me is that you kept repeating yourself and would not shut up already and here you are bringing that donation thing up again. We got it..the developer also got ur point. Stick to the issue at hand, which is also my issue…SLIGHT DELAY?! Come on. 2 days may be a slight delay..but this is ridiculous!! And Patrick I’m sure u will respond because you love to argue but don’t bother checking for a response. I made my point and know when to stop.

  22. beach says:

    hmmmmmmmm 1.4~

  23. Jonno says:

    Any chance of a progress update atleast :)?

  24. megan says:

    Its been one week now..can we at least hear something from.
    We deserve that.

  25. fabio says:

    dito, a sign of life would be great.

  26. sean c.h.f. says:

    status updates not being sent from my wife’s MyTouch, and some notifications keep coming back over and over again. Thanks.

  27. Amir Ajani says:

    happy bday cant wait for 1.4

  28. izzy says:

    Just started new job….we’re screwed..don’t hold your breath.

  29. Matthew Smith says:

    Happy Birthday!

    patiently waiting for 1.4, the new features look amazing!

  30. Ron G says:

    Thanks for the updates D.C. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Salvatore says:

    Can i help you translating Bloo 1.4 in Italian Language?

  32. lukins says:

    Shake to update would be nice

  33. Amir Ajani says:

    widget (chant) Dimitris u rock (chant)

  34. Amir Ajani says:

    i cant wait man i check here every morning noe its the evening but its sooo hard to wait

  35. mark says:

    sinse the facebook feed changed bloo no longer displays updates correctly. there are some from 23hours ago that are above ones from 2hours ago etc etc. the feed is all over the place!

  36. Penny says:

    I just hope this new update doesn’t mess up your progress!! I noticed since the facebook change that “The Page” is way out of order. Looking forward to the new release! ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. beach says:

    still no sign…… i’ve been checking here almost everyday! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • izzy says:

      Yes,me really sucks that this slight delay is 2 wks in and we still don’t know anything.. 1 week 1 month? Just wanna have some idea..its the not knowing that sucks!!!!

  38. Chosen_one1 says:

    I can think of one big reason why the delay is taking so long .. If anyone been on the Facebook lately they changed how the feed is viewed … Before feed updated automatically .. now they switched it gave you two types of feeds ..
    1. Live feeds ( not really live since you gotta click home to refresh and see the most recent post)

    2. News feed ( dont really see the point of this .. i guess it shows just feeds minus all apk post from people doing surveys etc)

    so with those two options i know that it now affects bloo feed post and im pretty sure he has to break the app down to figure out how to incorporate that in it.

    Personally i think Facebook neeeds to bring back the automatic update feed … Dont fix something if it aint broken

  39. Brandinn says:

    Man, it’s been a while since we’ve all heard of DC giving an update of how 1.4 is doing. I think it might be a while with Facebook putting up the new feed options.

  40. amir ajani says:


  41. Jonno says:


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