Bloo 1.4 available next week, supports 1.6 and a bunch of features.

Update: Donate for Bloo now! I am shooting for a weekend release. 1.4 is a HUGE release.

Click here to donate for Bloo!

Hey everyone!

The release of 1.6 has delayed my plans for 1.4 as I now have to update the version to support it for the new versions. If you are having a few bugs and problems with 1.6 please let me know. I have identified and fixed a few issues already.

1.4 will be a major update for Bloo and you will immediately notice the differences (in a good way!) There are a few features I won’t disclose yet but there are so much cool stuff to come. Here’s a short list:

  • Brand new media section. Faster, better looking and easier to use. Fixes errors people had to deal with (mostly recently registered Facebook users). I will post an update with screenshots and a few “tutorials” on this next week.
  • Yet again an update on the Stream engine. The feed optimizer is removed completely. Every feed now loads the neccessary data and any media (profile pictures, photo attachments and video previews) will load as you scroll. This means the feed will always load faster because it will only load text. If I was to put it in numbers I would say at least 40% faster loading, of course this varies on your connection.
  • Some links contain links to events or pictures, now these will successfully load through Bloo. If there are web browser links they will open in your browser.
  • Ability to setup notification refresh time for people who pay for data or for people who want to conserve battery.
  • Events now are ordered with the most recent event on top.

There are a couple more features including one nice surprise! Stay tuned!


54 Responses to Bloo 1.4 available next week, supports 1.6 and a bunch of features.

  1. Kyle says:

    Sounds like it’s going to be an awesome update! Could you include the amount and who “likes” the post? Instead of just having a star next to it if you like it, have the amount number and a different color star next to the number or something…

  2. tittiebaby says:

    i was using a cooked rom of 1.6, and it worked great

  3. Wayne says:

    One nice suprise….either facebook fixed the inbox to send messages also, or facebook chat. Those are my guesses.

    • Dimitris says:


      I hate to disappoint you but I’d rather do it now instead of letting you finding out. None of these are part of the surprise. Unfortunately, the Facebook API still does not allow composing inbox messages or chat.

  4. Wayne says:

    lol..fine. Maybe a new icon? Facebook realized their app sucks and now yours is the official android facebook app? Man, I hate waiting for suprises. It’s like christmas, except there’s no closet for me to snoop in. 😉

  5. Amir Ajani says:

    MAn ur app is the best i hope the surprise is a widget

  6. Amir Ajani says:

    MAn ur app is the best i hope the surprise is a widget cant wait buddy (second comment since i 4got to check the box about the emails

  7. gary says:

    Sounds like you are working hard on the update. Look forward to the release. Will there be way to erase old events and notifications?

  8. beach says:

    will you be including the ability to slide pictures when the picture is on full screen?

  9. JackDusty says:

    Bit of an unusual question but I want to launch Bloo at startup. I have autostart from the market which executes a shell script on boot so I was wondering if you can tell me what the command would be to launch bloo if the below launches settings:

    am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n

    I think I need to know the intent for starting the app or something

    • Dimitris says:

      Perhaps something like:

      am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n

      or android.bloo/.Main

      hope it works out for ya!

      • JackDusty says:

        Cool, the second suggestion works perfectly:

        am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n android.bloo/.Main

        Thanks. I really hope a widget is coming soon as Bloo really will then be the only facebook app I need

  10. Ian says:

    Bloo about to possibly put the final nail in the coffin for the official Facebook app. Hoping the surprise is a widget, I need to get rid of the official app and get back that wasted 1.7MB of space.

  11. Kyle says:

    The wall is looking pretty dang nice! Keep it up! Any word on when the exact release will be?

  12. John says:

    Dimitris, thanks for revamping the look of the feed. This was on the top of my very short wish list. However, can you possibly consider moving the “Comments” and “Likes” bubbles to same line as the “(xx days ago)” text? It would further resemble the web version AND make the feed even more compact. Looking forward to this release either way!

  13. Devyn says:

    Hello, can’t wait for the update! It looks really nice from the screenshot.

    I am currently having a problem that hopefully the new version will fix. I only get notifications on picture comments, and that is all. I have to refer to my email to know if someone posted on my wall, or posted a comment.

    Thanks, I hope this isn’t just me.

  14. Vittorio says:

    i m a bloo user and i m really satisfied of it, BUT it seemed strange to me that there where no chance to send messages within the app. now i got to know that facebook API’s are not supporting this function, i was looking the API myself. why is it like this?? anyway my best compliments for your great work and good luck!!!!

  15. poinck says:

    @Dimitri: The screenshots are very impressing. (o: Can you make sure, that Bloo won’t be rejected by FB, because they have their own Adnroid app?

  16. Myk says:

    Will we be able to see all of the photos with the update? Like photos that people tag you in. Not just albums

  17. fabio says:

    I can’t wait for 1.6. I wanna know how it looks, please show us the screenshots again, Dimitris! 😦 It doesn’t matter if the actual app’s appearance differs from it.

  18. Antwaan Harrison says:

    As a developer I understand what you mean. Take your time this app is awesome. I hope to see a new android icon.

  19. Patrick says:

    “Update: Donate for Bloo now! I am shooting for a weekend release. 1.4 is a HUGE release.”

    I’m sorry, but did I read this correctly? Soliciting for donations for an application that users have to purchase?

    • Dimitris says:


      Completely up to you! Quite a few people have emailed me asking if they can donate more than they actually paid for the app! By all means do not donate if you don’t feel like it!

      I spend a lot of time on this project and I am about to start a full time job, but I will still continue to support you guys.

      Trust me, with 1.4 you will see how much effort I put into it!

      • Patrick says:

        Honestly, I have been waiting for Bloo to “wow” me since its release. It started well, but promised updates were always late, supposed speed increases never delivered a speed-up, and notifications still aren’t reliable and send the user to an intermediary “notification page” in Bloo, and only then notifying the user what the notification was for.

        If you believe that the time you are investing in Bloo is worth more than $1.49 per instance, then you should change the cost accordingly. As I stated previously, part of the problem with Bloo is that it has been over-hyped, over-promised, and under-delivered. It was good to start with, but competing applications have succeeded with speed and notifications where Bloo is still lagging.

        Add to that that when a feature timeline is given, it is almost always retracted or reduced, and has rarely (if ever) been delivered on the specified date. I understand that there are issues that arise in the development process, but constant disappoint is not a way to develop a faithful userbase. If a release is promised on date R with features X, Y, and Z, and then told on date R that it will only include X and Z, and will not be shipped until date S, you can perhaps understand a user’s problem.

        Please do not promise features to be delivered on specific dates if you cannot meet those commitments, especially to paying customers. (Also, doubly so if those users were hit with the Market bug that happened with 1.3 update that caused some users to be double-billed.) Specific dated timelines ought not be given if you cannot honor them.

        Forgive me if I sound arrogant, but I feel that as a (twice-)paying customer, I am not out of line in asking for a developer to deliver upon his promises. Also, I feel there is something wrong when the developer starts soliciting donations for an application to users who have already paid for the application. It comes across as saying “I think my application is worth more than you bought it for, so please give me extra money.” If you feel you should receive more money for your time investment (in spite of the under-delivered promises), then please raise the price of the application. But do not insult your users in this manner.

      • Dimitris says:

        I think you have misunderstood the option of donating. This is meant for you – the customer – who believes Bloo deserves more than its actual market price or simply to show your gratitude (if you feel like it). This is not because of me trying to squeeze more out of you. If I wanted to do that I would increase the price.

        First of all, Bloo has dropped its price to 99cents since the 1.49$ initial release. I do not work for a company or any strict deadline. I do this as my hobby and I do understand people pay for it, this is why you see new versions and this is why you see me here responding to your comments.

        If you feel the app has under-delivered and overpromised you should not have bought it twice, maybe not even once and waited for the reviews.

        Certainly you can understand magic does not happen over night. Bloo has a had tremendous change throughout its sort life cycle. As for cutting features. Given the fluidity of the Android market and how easy it is for me to upload updates sometimes it is better to release a few updates quicker than wait for a major release. But sometimes the opposite is better, this is why 1.4 is not released yet. I do agree that sometimes I say I will include a feature and it does not make it in. However, as a customer you still have my promise that this feature WILL make it in.

        I encourage you to give a chance for Bloo 1.4 as it is a sign of me supporting and further improving the application. Please do understand, developing this takes a lot of time, but it’s also something I love doing. It is easy to ask for picture flinging but it certainly requires days of work to accomplish.

        If you are completely unsatisfied with the experience please do give me your transaction number so I can issue a refund to you.

      • Patrick says:


        Thank you for your prompt response and comments. The double purchase was because there was an error in the system, and you had made a comment on this blog that users who entered their info twice would not be billed twice—which ended up not being true.

        Also, I have been occasionally using Bloo off and on since its release, but as I’ve said, none of the improvements have really improved much. I will wait and see what 1.4 offers when it is released tomorrow. (That is still the plan, right? One week after 3 Oct, which is when the announcement was made that it would be “next week”, is 10 Oct, tomorrow. Also, will this include all of the added media options that were originally promised in 1.3, but then removed from the release?)

        Pardon the sarcasm, but as you can see from the examples, the track record for punctuality and promised features is not the greatest. As I said, I will give it one more chance, but a developer’s/vendor’s integrity has as much to do with my use of a product as the product itself.

      • Dimitris says:

        I am shooting for a weekend release, this could mean Sunday as well.

        I do agree with you that I commit fairly easily, maybe because of my excitement and prediction of my schedule. However, things don’t work out as I plan or have in my mind and I end up slightly delaying.

        I will definitely be more careful about my commitments so I do not miss them.

        As far as 1.4, you will see a COMPLETELY remade media section, a BRAND new feed that loads faster and has tremendous layout changes, bug fixes and much more.

        By the way, you are not supposed to get charged twice, this is definitely Googles fault for doing that as I have no interaction with the transaction system. Send me any transaction number and I will issue a refund or send them both if you like.

    • Patrick says:

      My original comment has obviously generated a lot of responses from many users, many indicating that I am either whining or being churlish, and that if I don’t like the application then stop using it and let the other users be.

      However, as I originally stated, my purpose was to comment on the developer’s claims and undelivered features. One specific feature that was supposed to be in the current release of Bloo was increased speed in loading the feed. As indicated, Bloo’s speed in loading and rendering the feed lags far behind two competing applications—if speed is a touted feature, then why is this not the case. Also, I originally posted on my annoyance that Bloo’s current implementation of notifications is mediocre at best, presenting a notification that there are notifications, and then directing the user to a screen that lists the individual notifications.

      My second comment to the post was about my surprise for the developer soliciting donations from his paying users. I feel that this is a slap in the face to users. If a developer feels that he ought to receive more money from users, then charge more for the application. If the application is indeed worth the asking price, then users will have no qualms purchasing it.

      But when the developer promises features with certain releases, then fails to deliver them and pushes their implementation to later releases, the user begins to question the developer. If a feature is going to be promised to be included with a particular release, then it ought to be included with that release. If this is regularly happening (as it is) I cannot see why the developer continues this practice. While it is good to let users know what the developer is hoping to include in future releases, it is not necessary to promise them with a particular version when there is no guarantee that it will make it in to that version.

      Also, the developer has failed on many occasions to make his own posted release schedule. I would have no problem if a new release was merely stated to be “coming soon”, but as soon as a specific date or timeline is given, then it ought to be adhered to. This has happened with nearly every promised release date for an update: it has not been met.

      As far as the claim that 1.4 was pushed back because of the release of Android 1.6, I don’t believe it. The SDK for 1.6 was released on 15 Sept, shortly after 1.3.3 and nearly a week before 1.3.5. HTC’s system images for the ADP1 were initially released 29 Sept, with an update (including support for Sapphire/Magic/Ion) released 1 Oct. Therefore the SDK was available for nearly 3 weeks before this blog post about 1.4 was made.

      If 1.4 indeed delivers on all of its promises I may have to eat my words. But until that time, I still stand by my views. For those who wish to call me out on any of my claims, can any of them be disputed? Are any of my statements incorrect or wrong?

      • medissimo says:

        Are you by any chance a dev working on Babbler or that craptacular official Android app?

        I actually hope its a yes, if not, man you are so booooooooring. Do you by any chance consider a pipe, slippers and a hardback copy of the encyclopedia an accomplished Friday night?

  20. medissimo says:

    Can someone please get Patrick a dummy or better yet a girlfriend. I mean MY GOD, how anyone can be this sad is beyond. Is life that pointless that you have to pick on every little detail. Tbh, Dimitris has developed a very good application that should have been made by Facebook, instead we got a sorry excuse for an app from Google. I am sure many others will agree with me when I say that without 1.4 this application is still great and that we don’t care if its released Saturday, Sunday or Monday. With regards to updates, Bloo updates have been quite regular and have vastly improved the app each time, rather that than an update every couple of days that changes very little. Keep up the awesome work Dimitris, my donation is coming.

  21. John says:

    @Patrick. Seriously, $1.49 (sorry $2.98) and you’re going crackers? Not sure who is worse, you for writing all that nonsense or me for wasting 5 minutes of my life reading it.

    Give the fella a break and I’ll send you the $3 myself. There were user videos on the site for you to preview before the purchase, you had time to try it out and then get a refund.

    My best suggestion though is never to visit this site and then you’ll never be disappointed.

    Good work Dimitris, and thanks for making the best Facebook app on Android.

  22. Ian says:

    Anyone who complains about Bloo ‘lacking updates’ must have very few apps installed on their phones. If you ask me, there has been loads of updates that have improved this app throughout. I mean, look at the official facebook app… it’s only had ONE update since release.

    Keep up the good work Dimitris, looking forward to the greatness of 1.4.

    • Patrick says:

      I have no issues whatsoever with the number of updates that this application has received. The only issues I mentioned relating to updates were not delivering promised features, and that updates were not delivered on the developer’s given timetable.

      • Ian says:

        Well, I personally think that the fact he took time to respond to you more than once, with reasonable explanations too, shows that he is committed to the app. Dimitris has already explained why certain features he planned to implement have been left out for the time being. There’s the one time where it was mentioned that the media section would be improved in an earlier version, this never happened, but he explained why it never happened. Due to the launch of the Notifications and Inbox API’s, he decided to focus on improving a more important part of the app. What’s wrong with that? And seriously, would you rather have an app which has all the features you want, but ends up being unstable to the point where it will force close all the time? Development of an app takes time.

        I’ve pointed this out many times too, we all need to remember, the developer is a one man team, who took time out to make this app for everyone. Sure, the feed can be slow as hell to load up, but at least he’s making the effort to try and sort things out.

  23. chosen_one1 says:

    Lol …. i have been critical of bloo but my criticism ( i think i spelled that wrong idk) is more just pointers to next updates .. patrick’s on the other hand takes it to a whole new level…

    I think the updates so far has greatly improved this app and if he promised something and it was left out there normally is a explanation.

    Dont critique someone work just because they not working fast enough for you ..critique it based on the quality of the work.

    developing is no walk in the park im learning and trust me it gets frustrating when you try to implement something and it doesnt go according to plan ..that delays updates etc

    So cant wait for 1.4 … i hope it has interstellar communicator as promised from the last update or i want a refund ( lmfaooo )

  24. Dimitris says:

    If anyone has problems updating their status can you provide me a log? This seems to be a new issue and I feel like it is Facebooks fault but I want to investigate more.

  25. Ric says:

    That guy is funny. He obviously has never owned a WM phone before in which their crap of a FB that they just put out is even WORSE the the android version. I just installed this today and i’m blown away by the almost complete FB experience i’m getting on my new HTC Hero. And if not for FB’s beef with google i’m sure we’d have an even better app if they would just open up the API’s like they should. Better yet just pay Dimitris to make if for them if they are too F’n lazy to do it themselves.

    This guy is seriously bitchin’ over 3 dollars? Seriously. If you don’t like the f’n app OR the developer as it seems then don’t by it AGAIN and have a coke and a smile and STFU.

    • Patrick says:

      I have owned WM phones before (HTC Wizard/AT&T 8125/T-Mobile MDA), but that was a while ago, and left WM behind because of the UE. I also own an iPhone, G1/Dream, and numerous Symbian devices.

      My problem is not with the $3, but rather with the over-promising and under-delivering. To top it off, I find it questionable when a developer solicits donations from paying customers. If there is a belief that more money should be received from users, then charge the appropriate price for the application.

      • petr says:

        Yes Patrick, you do have a point. But now do everybody a favour and shut up.

      • Jonno says:

        Whuuuu? Are you completely off your head? Do you realise the difference between a cost and a donation?

        Giving a people an opportunity to donate if they feel it’s worthy, is not the same as forcing people to pay more regardless. Anyone with a little common sense should be able to see that.

        The fact of the matter is you’ve paid $3, an amount you’d probably spend on a pack of sweets and not even think twice, and believe you now effectively own the rights to how this program is developed. Unlike a lot of programs, this IS being maintained and developed, and even if the time scales are out, it’s not a reason to believe you have any right to complain. You have an iPhone you say, how often are Apple updating that iPhone for you? And how often do you complain about it? Because I’m sure that costs a hell of a lot more than this app.

        If you’re that bothered he’s already offered you two refunds… Accept it, or live with it. This is a guy working on something as a hobby, not a huge industry powered application.

      • gary says:

        Patrick chill out. Although there isn’t a perfect software, Bloo compared to the official app is light years ahead. Give the guy a break,he is doing his best to support Bloo and juggle life with it

  26. John says:


  27. Neil says:

    Patrick, Surely it’s exactly the same as getting in a cab and paying the fare, but then also tipping the cab driver on top of the charge? That’s an example, but there’s many instances in life I can think of, that when you’re happy with a service you have the OPTION of donating or tipping.

    Dimitri is not demanding extra money, but obviously spends a lot of his time making this app. for us all and charges a very fair price for it.

    80% of the people that buy the app. probably never even visit this website or know there is an option to donate.

    The fact you’re moaning about features and promised update times is ultimately ridiculous. If it’s really causing so much concern for you, either stop visiting the blog, or maybe even start your own facebook application project. You seem to think it’s easy enough, to deliver updates with everyone’s requests on time.

    I just can’t get my head around the fact, you think it would be fairer to charge more for the application, than to charge less and then ask for optional donations. Think about it for a second!

    on another note, I really like Bloo, and look forward to the future updates. Dimitri you are doing a stellar job and please be aware that Patrick is in the minority with his opinions.

  28. Tom says:

    The app is 1 dollar, how can you guys complain about 1 dollar, I don’t understand it. I’m currently out of a job right now and I had no problem paying for the app and have no complaints. Bloo has even more features than the official Facebook app.

  29. Jonno says:

    The anticipation of 1.4 is too much lol… please release soon! 🙂

  30. mcab says:

    Are we still getting a weekend release? Sunday release? I can’t wait any longer!!! =]

  31. Slick Vic says:

    The app is great with notifications! So far, I’ve gathered it’ll notify you for comments to your status. What else does it notify you of?

  32. toots says:

    Need Bloo developer to work with website social network platform.
    any developers and coders out there? We have many revenue streams and interested investors!

  33. Vukelich says:

    The latest reviews on the HTC powered by Android Smart Phone Tech Freak

  34. Kollin says:

    hi there – trying to install & test your app – but when i click get authorization code, i go to the site home page and then nothing happens. googled for info from others who had had the same problem. no luck, hence messaging you.

    thanks in advance!

  35. Kollin says:

    Hey there, never mind I figured out how to get the code by going through the web !

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