Bloo 1.3.8b available!

Update: Various minimum and critical bug fixes in 1.3.8b!

Well well well, what do we have here? A new version of Bloo!

Before we go into details, please forgive me, I know I said next version will update the media section of Bloo however I wanted to polish some things up, especially with the stream. Media update will have to wait for one more version…

This release instead polishes Bloo a lot! Let’s get into details:

  • Heavily updated Notifications engine to figure out feed stories and better error handling code. (Your old notifications will be cleared). If a story is not available it will default to the senders profile. Finally, viewing posts will automatically be expanded for you.
  • All application posts now show up on the feed, you can only view them or comment on them but not interact with the applications themselves. They are indicated by a generic facebook icon.
  • If you have hidden posts on Facebook, they won’t show at Bloo.
  • Link posts now have a ‘link button’ which you press and it takes you to the actual url. You can also finally expand them and comment on them.
  • Ability to instantly share links via the browser and YouTube app without opening Bloo.
  • Faster stream rendering engine.
  • Twitter, Palm status updates now show up on the feed.
  • Icons are back for posts.

That’s it enjoy!


49 Responses to Bloo 1.3.8b available!

  1. Louis says:

    Thank you so much for the update.
    Checking SlideME for download…

  2. gary says:

    The app is working fine, keep up the good work. Any word on or if we will be able to reply to people from the Inbox messages? Look forward to the download

  3. Codethought says:

    Awesome… this is working great! Thanks Dmitris!!

  4. Dimitris says:

    You guys let me know of any trouble!

  5. gary says:

    dimitris thanks for the update. I just downloaded and installed the update. I think it looks good so far, have a question for you. Is there a way to delete old events and also is there a way to delete notifications? I only saw an option for refresh

    Just curious but I am using Bloo more than the offical app

    • Dimitris says:

      Well, Bloo shows you old events with the mindset that one day you will be able to go back and see who attended and add them as a friend. However, adding friends is not allowed in the API yet. Maybe I should include an option for that.

      I should also add the ability to clear notifications.

      Thanks for the comments!

      • gary says:

        I hope I don’t sound like I was picky or critical of the work. I work in and around software during the day and always am looking for way to use what is there and then suggest a way to maybe do it better.

        I think adding that option for clearing notifications would be a nice add to the program. Also in regards to events, in the case of old ones, possibly have a way to select a range (ie:date) of events and delete them from the list. I am sure your hands are tied with regards to what can and cant be done with the API limitations.

  6. tittiebaby says:

    keep up the good work

  7. beach says:

    keep up the good work…

  8. ruel says:

    I’m loving the constant updates, man. Is there a way to display who liked a post? I can’t remember if you addressed that before or not.

    Oh one thing I did notice with this update, is it normal for the twitter icon to be randomly popping up here and there? It mostly appears in posts from people who updated via mobile apps. Sometimes they appear when I scroll through the feed or when I click on their post to display comments. Then they disappear when clicked again or scrolled another direction.

    • ajay says:

      The same here, but instead of the twitter icon, it’s the icon of the official app or bloo itself. If first start when I tap at a post that is posted via a mobile app.

  9. Maff says:

    Still need auto update every xx seconds for me to use this over Babbler as my phone sits on my desk all day at work with Facebook on screen auto refreshing!

    Also, if I get a notification about a comment on a photo (someone elses photo I’ve liked or commented on) it never takes me to the photo, just to the persons profile who has made the comment 😦

  10. chris says:

    Great app, I’ve been very happy.

    Upgraded to 1.3.8a this morning and all I get is “Error ocurred processing request” when trying to access my feed, my profile, my pictures. I can view other’s profiles, etc. just not my own. Something broke…

  11. Monkey says:

    Still having event problems… I can’t select them at all from the events screen to sync with calendar.

  12. tcb says:

    Dimitris, thanks for continuing to develop this app. It has long been my preferred Facebook app (even with the official out).

    For 1.4 (or whatever the next release is) can you look into adding friend requests to notifications? I get them from Babbler and that is the last reason I keep Babbler on my phone.

    • Dimitris says:


      I would but I find it a bit pointless because you cannot accept them. I believe it will confuse most users than enhance the experience.

      I promise if they add an API call to accept friends it will be in there first thing.

  13. Tom says:

    When you first released Bloo i could select events and sync them with my calendar… i am unable to do this anymore, selecting them doesnt do anything at all, not even change screen???

  14. dakota says:

    I think it’s admirable that you are staying with app after the official launch has surely slowed sales. But since that app has zero features I cant see sales not increasing again quickly.

    Notification system is better then any FB app out, hands down.

    A couple things:

    Is there no way to address the speed? It’s just so slow 😦
    Even on Wi-Fi. Edge is not practical at all. It is, sadly, the slowest FB app on the market. What about some form of cache? If a person checks every hour or so, instead of loading everything again, why not just what’s new? If that’s possible.

    Silly, but it just doesn’t feel very facebook. The info is there but it doesn’t have the facebook look.
    Obviously you have no desire to revamp the whole UI, But:

    If you added all the menu items on start page to the phones hard menu it would make navigating faster and more intuitive. So from feed you just press menu and its all there and thumb happy.

    Lastly, if the API allows it: You have the photos tab go to my photos. I would much love it going to “photo highlights” like on the facebook website instead [Photos posted on friends, commented on, tagged friends, etc – not photos I posted] My photos could be when on my profile. It’s the one feature really missing. On website, one click and I see all photo stuff in order of posting. You would have to go to each person’s profile one at a time to see photo stories in Bloo.

    • Anon says:

      “Is there no way to address the speed? It’s just so slow.. Even on Wi-Fi. Edge is not practical at all. It is, sadly, the slowest FB app on the market. ”

      I mean this with all sincerity. STFU, dakota. Seriously. If you think you can write a better one without google doing it for you (like the “official” app) then DO IT.

      The only thing that separates this from the “official” app is a widget. Once that’s done, there’s no reason to use that “official” turdburger.

  15. ruel says:

    Whenever you start working on the media part of Bloo, when it comes to picture viewing, is there a way you can make it so that the caption for the pictures stay on the screen just a little bit longer. As it stands, it feels like the caption disappears just a wee bit early.

    If possible, I was wondering if you could make that timing configurable? If not, can you can make it a toggle like the “show tags” button? So, we can go to a picture, click menu, then click on “show caption” and it’ll show the caption, then hit menu again, then click on “hide caption” and poof, it’s gone.

  16. Devyn says:

    For some reason I can not see when people post on my wall. Is this working as intended?

    • Dimitris says:

      Do you mean a notification? Do the wall posts come from other apps like iPhone, BlackBerry, Bloo etc?

      Facebook does not notify you for such posts and so Bloo does not receive any.

      Remember Bloo gets exactly the notifications you see from the bottom right of your screen. If you have something new it will notify you!

      Let me know!

      • Devyn says:

        My bother wrote me from his facebook app on his iphone. He posted it on my wall, I had to go to the facebook website to view it. Nothing showed up on the bloo My profile or feed window.

  17. chosen_one1 says:

    New update yaaaay ……

    Notifications work how they suppose to yaaaaaay
    got back our bloo android when we post yaaaaaay

    lol notice a glitch bug whatever … click on one of those facebook quiz things and it changes from a twitter post to a phone post to a web post…. kinda cool in bug kind of way

    That’s about the only thing i noticed so far ….

    Great work dimitris

    Can’t wait to see the goodies in the next update

  18. stoked says:

    Do you have a pay pal account? More than happy to flow you some additional $ so you can buy yourself a beer or two. Very happy with this app and your attentive devopment 🙂 thanks heaps

  19. memo says:

    Does the API allow viewing and posting of picture messages yet? Great work on the app by the way, really enjoy it.

  20. Dave says:

    Hey, since I updated I cannot access my albums or my profile. Is there something I need to do to re-register the app?

  21. Buzzchilly says:

    A FB friend posted a video (not Youtube) to his wall. It shows up on FB “official” and Babbler but not Bloo.

  22. Jason says:

    Delete my previous comment please. The TMobile MyTouch opens up with the keyboard open, so you don’t see the Get Code Button. You might consider updating the text on that screen a bit.

  23. Guillaume says:

    Cool update
    Now it’s as fast as the so called Official App
    A good Bloo widget would be great!
    Ok here are some features I’d still like to get implemented in Bloo:
    – self tagging on photos
    – possibility to add tags on photos from friends’ albums
    – untagging and self untagging (!)
    – change profile pic
    – delete a post on my wall (!)
    – swipe navigation in albums… but I think you’ll tackle this very soon 🙂

    Thanks and keep it up!

  24. DanWC says:

    I love this app over the other FB apps out there, but for some reason i am unable to post a status update; I always get an error. Is there a fix for this problem?

  25. Jose says:

    Is the next version gonna be for Android 1.6? The reason I ask is cause as you know T mobile is pushing out the new Donut update.

  26. kyle/osideous says:

    You see facebook put out there app. Kinda looks like bloo a lil bit. Although they put out widget that’s 2×4. And that is the one thing bloo is lacking.

  27. sean c.h.f. says:

    just got this for my wife’s MyTouch and we are having issues with the same notifications popping up again and again and agian. we were wondering how we take care of this problem. my wife actually completely shut down the engine because she was tired of getting the same notifications that she has seen every five minutes since they first popped up. maybe we aren’t doing something wrong or something is not set up correctly, but it’s annoying and not how it should be.

    other than that, the app is very impressive and the best solution on the Android platform. gladly paid for it and look forward to more updates.

  28. Todd says:

    My apologies if I am missing something right in front of me… but where can I download this from? Thank you!

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