Bloo 1.3.5a now available!

Update: All should be good now. I found a bug with the notification stories so this will be fixed in the next quick release.

Hey everyone,

I have posted a new update for Bloo today. Version 1.3.5a! Check out the features:

  • Notifications for wall posts, comments and likes go to the corresponding post (Your older notifications will be removed as they do not contain the information required)
  • Posts for other popular mobile apps now show up on the feed. This includes iPhone, Mobile Texts, BlackBerry, other Android apps.
  • Marquee based title bar for the home screen, it will now slide if your status update is longer than the screen.
  • Validation rules for all forms and auto correct is now enabled, try posting an empty status update 🙂
  • Updating your status goes through the normal Facebook status API, this means that other apps can now post comments to your posts.
  • Ability to clear status.
  • Various UI tweaks and optimizations.

Update on 1.3.5a

  • Fixed an issue with YouTube posts getting different text.
  • Removed the “is” verb from status update.
  • Added BlackBerry app support.

In the next major version I will be working on the media section of Bloo including photo flinging and other features! Considering the official app has been dominating, Bloo has become more of a hobby of mine and I hope you guys enjoy the changes for those who are still sticking with Bloo.



56 Responses to Bloo 1.3.5a now available!

  1. Maff says:

    Auto feed refresh after x seconds!

    Add @ mentions too (I put a link in comments on last blog update of how to do it!)

  2. TittieBaby says:

    Fb app is not as good as bloo, keep up the good work.

  3. Winnie says:

    Hi there,

    I’m contacting you on behalf of Cellmania. We build and manage application shops for carriers worldwide, including Airtel in India and Optus in Australia. Would you be interested in providing your app to these channels? Ad-based apps are OK and you keep whatever revenue you generate from the ads.


  4. ruel says:

    The official Facebook app dominating? I don’t know about that…it sure is leading the pack, though, on lack of features and routing almost everything you do to the mobile website for Facebook.

    Anyway, I was happy to see there was a new update for Bloo today! Unfortunately, I discovered a new bug. If someone posts a youtube video link and placed a caption for it, for some reason the caption would be someone else’s status update from the feed instead of the intended caption. For example: Friend A’s status reads “had a great day!” Then a few posts down in the feed, friend B shares a youtube link on his status with his own caption saying “Cool video! Check it out!” But instead of it saying “Cool video! Check it out!”, it’ll say “had a great day!” from friend A’s status. There’s a pattern to it and I usually can tell which status update the youtube video would take from the feed, but I don’t want to make this post too long. If you want, I can get into more details.

    Oh and one last thing: the feed doesn’t show status updates from people who upload stuff from email or those who use Facebook for Blackberry.

    Anyway, good job! I’m still sticking with Bloo.

  5. chosen_one1 says:

    Yaaaay more updates …… really feeling them …

    like the scrolling of you status updates at the top at the main screen (nice)

    Finally notification takes us to the post not profile (sweet)

    Other people updates from other apps show up ( awesome )

    Now as far as facebook app dominating .. i laugh at that .. i saw someone using it and the only thing it does like they said is drag you to the official site ..Bloo for me is well ahead of that load of crap

    Cant wait for the next updates … looks like you might make viewing photos in gallery or other people profiles touch flo .. that would be awesome

    Keep them coming

  6. Guillaume says:

    same as others!
    I don’t see why the official FB app is dominating…
    The only pros in the official app is that it loads much faster than Bloo!
    If you can achieve the same loading speed then Bloo will be not far from perfect!
    Keep it up Dimitris!

  7. TittieBaby says:

    i found a bug. when u click on a notification, it says no post in feed or you are not friends everytime

  8. Matt Carter says:

    Loving the latest update, seems faster than 1.3.3

    I think your app is vastly better than the official one, I removed the official one as I have gotten so used to yours.

    One thing though, do facebook need to re-authorise the app as it wont load my inbox anymore?

  9. Louis says:

    Waiting the release to SlideMe…

  10. Jeff says:

    Thanks for continuing development on Bloo. Despite the release of the “official” app, Bloo still has it beat on features, functionality, and practically everything else apart from the fact that the official one has a widget.

    If you managed to get a Share box on the loading screen, it would be just about as fast as the official app, too.

  11. Miguel says:

    Downloaded and using. So far not much different for me since I don’t enable notifications.

    But I am glad to see you are still updating Bloo. I think if you focus on making the multimedia section of Bloo robust, you will have a nice little niche and make some steady cash, especially if you leave it at $1.

  12. Marshall says:

    The update will not keep me logged in. It keeps telling me my session is no longer valid and kicks me back to the login screen whenever I try and do anything with it.

    I am running cyanogen mod which is android 1.6(donut). Could that be causing the problem?

  13. beach says:

    Waiting the release to SlideMe…

  14. chosen_one1 says:

    After playing around with this for a little i found a few bugs that need to be addressed …maybe ppl can test to see if they can recreat them also

    1. Load the feed and scroll down to the last post and it will say your session has expired and send you back to the main screen. When doing this however after you scroll to the last post don’t touch it just let it try to load up the others .. i have it set to load up 15 post in the feed it loads about 8 then when trying to load the rest after scrolling to the bottom it gives me the session expired message.

    2. clicking on notificatios doesnt take you to the post instead it says no post in this feed or your not friends when clearly they are on my friends list. This happens 100% of the time

    These two i double checked by uninstalling and re installing and same thing so if anyone experience these.

    3. only happened once but it suddenly kicked me out completely and i had to re-do the 6 digit code

    • Kyle says:

      1. Doesn’t do that on mine.
      2. Does do that on mine
      3. Did that to mine, but I just backed out and reopened and I didn’t have to put in the 6-digit code ever again.

    • Dimitris says:

      Session has expired issues are due to Facebooks fault. Maybe the notifications problem as well.

      I am sorry for this but it is not my fault, hopefully they will fix it soon.

  15. Kyle says:

    When you make a new post it automatically adds “is” in front of whatever your saying… And I’ve noticed the bloo icon isn’t next to the post anymore.

    • Dimitris says:

      This was an intentional change. Your status updating process now goes through the normal facebook api. This allows other apps to comment on your posts that was previously not allowed.

      • Kyle says:

        Soyou have to post something that deals with saying “is” every time now? What about the bloo icon? That’s not coming back up? Cuz I liked that.

      • Dimitris says:

        Get 1.3.5a it wont have the “is” verb. You can type it yourself.

        I understand about the icon, but it is better because other mobile apps can comment on your status now.

      • Kyle says:

        Is there a way to be able to make it so the mobile icon shows up at all?

    • mcab says:

      Yeah the mobile icon to show up or even Facebook for Android(which i doubt you can do) or can you? or something that shows it was updated by Mobile?? THANKS! =]

      • Dimitris says:

        I will try. For now all mobile apps show this generic icon, except Bloo (this is because I have more control for Bloo).

        At least those are now shown, in 1.3.3 those posts didn’t even show up!

  16. David O says:

    “Notifications for wall posts, comments and likes go to the corresponding post (Your older notifications will be removed as they do not contain the information required)”

    Nope..! Still see the “Feed Unavailable” message. 😦

  17. David O says:

    And in 1.35 click on the links (the ones with the Blue icon) would allow me to expand the link, display comments, etc. And now with 1.35a it’s BROKEN again… X-(

    This is getting annoying…

    • Dimitris says:

      This is a bug that existed since 1.3.1.

      You can expand link posts only if they dont contain an active URL (the blue link).

      This is actually a bug from Android and it is annoying I admit. I will try to resolve this in another way.

  18. ruel says:

    Man DC you’re quick with the fixes! I can now see updates from Blackberry apps, thanks! As for the youtube links showing different comments…that’s gone, but, so is the whole post haha. Yeah, I can’t see those youtube posts anymore where the person inserted his or her own caption…lol.

    Too bad about taking away the “Bloo” icon for status updates. I really liked it! As for the sessions timing out, when Babbler did the same thing, I figured it was on Facebook’s end.

    • Kyle says:

      Youtube links work fine on mine…

      • ruel says:

        Yeah some youtube links work fine for me, but those are the youtube links where the person posting it didn’t add a caption to it; the kind of link where it’s just the original youtube caption. But if the person added a caption, then it just doesn’t appear at all in my feed.

      • Kyle says:

        On mine it shows the YouTube title in bold and then has a dash and then their caption on it with the play button under it. So it does show both captions on mine…

        For example:
        Jason Haskell posted a YouTube video:
        (in bold) —>Shocking: Obama’s Attack Ad On Himself – OBAMA IS A LIAR!!!<– (in bold) – Well maybe not a liar like Joe Wilson said 'cuz that would be racist. Maybe he's just very chameleon like. They are after all found mostly in Africa. I'm just saying.
        (play button)

      • ruel says:

        Hmm interesting. I have other youtube vids showing up on my feed, but the one that doesn’t show up has a custom caption by the poster. It used to show up on my feed before the “a” patch for Bloo, but it had a random caption taken from any of the posts on my feed. Oh well, I guess I just gotta wait for another fix.

      • Dimitris says:

        Does his video point to a video on the Youtube site or to or anything else?

        Bloo will ignore other video streams from other sites except YouTube.

      • ruel says:

        Hi DC, I finally got a chance to check it out. Turns out it isn’t a youtube video as you suspected, I think. It’s a video using the official Facebook video player so I guess that’s why it doesn’t show up on my stream anymore like you said. Why did it show up before, though, before the “a” patch?

  19. John says:

    Yeah, the official facebook app is dominating, as Dimitris has stated, but there are still those of us who were supporters of Bloo from the beginning who still want to see Bloo continued to be developed. Bloo had a nice head start on the offical app, and there are features and little niceties on Bloo that I have no confidence will make it onto the official app anytime soon.

    However, there are some simple reasons I feel the official facebook feels more official, and thus, more desirable. For me, it mainly has to do with the way the Feed looks–the official app’s feed just looks much more similar to the web version–the layout, the icons, the spacing. My personal pet peeve with Bloo’s feed is the blank space to left of the comment icon, and the blank space to the left of the “xx minutes ago”. I think reworking the layout to get rid of the huge amount of blank space will make the feed look much tighter and nicer, showing more entries on our small mobile screen. This will be an easy change for Dimitris, if he chooses to make it.

    Another advantage right now for the official app is its speed, or perceived speed. Images are loaded after the feed is rendered and available for viewing and navigation. This may cause scrolling to be somewhat choppy at first, but the lack of waiting for the initial page to show up more than makes up for it. This may be harder for Dimitris to implement, and may not rank high on his priority list right now.

    So in conclusion, it is my view that the success of a facebook app right now has more to do with form than function. The official app got 50,000+ downloads with nothing more than a pretty, but ultimately, more familiar looking Feed.

  20. lemon says:

    great update but do you have any idea when the events part of bloo will work again?

  21. Tom says:

    It sucks how the official FB app just has the name behind it, your app is light years ahead of what it can do. I have to go into the browser to look at pictures? I honestly think FB should have just hired you or something. Great work on the app and I’m glad I payed for it. You deserve it.

  22. Mel says:

    Is there a way to make Bloo only show future events? Right now I’ve got past events showing up and I’d like to get rid of the clutter.

  23. David says:

    The “official” app still sucks so keep up the good work!

    You should be able to upload a photo when you update your status instead of uploading it to an album.

  24. Jose says:

    Damn we lost the bloo android symbol on the posts 😦 Oh well. the app is getting better and the official facebook app needs some catching up to do. Even Babbler app hasn’t had any updates in over a month so pretty much looks like the babbler app will be removed from the market soon just like the fbabble app.

  25. Jeff says:

    Facebook app is dominating how? In downloads? Because the product is definitely inferior and also has a worse rating than Bloo. The only reason I could see it having so many more downloads is that it’s free (despite a paltry fee for Bloo, which I fully support).

  26. David O says:

    “Notifications for wall posts, comments and likes go to the corresponding post (Your older notifications will be removed as they do not contain the information required)”

    This still isn’t working. Is there something I need to “reset”? I still get “Feed Unavailable”.. etc.

    • Kyle says:

      I swear it’s facebooks fault because it worked on mine one day and the next it didn’t, and online facebook wasn’t working that great.

      • David O says:

        I figured one of the instances out. It was a comment that someone left me on a Poll. Bloo didn’t give an error.. it just showed a blank screen.

  27. Mohammad Alak says:

    Dont get any FB notifications to myTouch. Worked great initially but now I am lucky if I get one.

  28. andre says:


    I haven’t found an official email address from you on this blog so I use the comment functionality 😉

    I’m the developer of Puzzle Blox, a tilt & touch based game for the Android platform. At the moment I’m evaluating methods of posting high score and achievements to player’s Facebook wall (of course only if the user actually wants this to happen).

    I think adding my own Facebook implementation to the game just bloats the code and that’s why I’m wondering if there’s a predefined intent I could use to directly launch a posting dialog of Bloo from within my application. Twidroid offers a similar functionality which works like a charm:

    Intent intent = new Intent(“com.twidroid.SendTweet”);
    intent.putExtra(“com.twidroid.extra.MESSAGE”, “Hello world!”);
    startActivityForResult(intent, 1);

    Anyway, great work you did with Bloo and looking forward to more updates 🙂


  29. Bayu Wicaksono says:

    Hi.. I just saw this app from youtube.. and this app looks great man..
    but sadly I can’t use this app.. since I’m in Indonesia, you see Android Market is not available for android phones in Indonesia, name HTC magic. The only way for us to have Android Market is by rooting our device, but the paid app is still not available.. 😦

    is there anyway that I could buy Bloo without using Android Market?

    btw keep up the good work 🙂

  30. chosen_one1 says:

    Hey dimitris quick question for you ….. what is the possibility of having a chat option on this app ….. or would it bloat the app too big and slow it down

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