Bloo 1.3.3 available now! Inbox active!

Hey guys,

I have decided to quickly release 1.3.3 that includes the ability to share pictures straight from the gallery and some minor bug fixes.

Update: Inbox is finally active! Enjoy!

I have been thinking for the future of Bloo myself since the release of the official facebook app but I have received multiple emails from people that support should continue.

Yet again I want to emphasize the reason for the lack of updates. As I just came back in US I am currently looking for a job in San Francisco area and so my time to spend for Bloo (including all the flights and moving) has been reduced.

Last but not least, my 4th attempt to whitelist Bloo for inbox has returned no results. I have applied for a 5th time to get whitelisted.

Stay tuned for more news!


38 Responses to Bloo 1.3.3 available now! Inbox active!

  1. dimstah says:

    awesome! The official app sucks! Thank you so much for still working on this

  2. Marsup says:

    There is no official facebook application afaik, it is clearly stated on their facebook page that this application has NOT been developped by facebook.

    • ShootingBlue says:

      FYI it is the official fb app. FB doesn’t develop the apps in house except for iphone. The blackberry and winmo say the same thing.

      • Marsup says:

        How can it be “official” if it’s not developped in house ?

      • ShootingBlue says:

        Because Facebook contracts out the development then certifies the app as being official. In this case facebook contracted the development to google. They have access to API’s that 3rd party dev’s don’t normally have access too. Though it seems the dev hasn’t taken advantage of that yet. Facebook only develops for iphone in house, probably because of how large that market segment is.

    • Ryan says:

      Ugh this is still being debated?

  3. mcab says:

    Because Google & Facebook worked together on it. Facebook hired a Google or Android Developer to develop it. So it is the Official App. The only app Facebook Develops for phones by themselves with no help is the iPhone.

  4. hopeful says:

    Please keep going! Massivley prefer bloo to everything else!

  5. panda says:

    Please dimitris integrated a widget in your update ! Thanks

  6. Miguel says:

    Of course Bloo is worth supporting! The official Facebook app will always lack some features that your willing to offer because you are (were) willing to put the work into the project. That same Google dev your working against might not feel as motivated as you. We shall see.

    Plus, if you don’t have a job, you should focus on any income-earning avenue possible, and I think that Bloo has the potential to generate some income for you. You should make it free and ad-supported, and offer a paid ad-free version.

    Some people have an apathy towards ads, despite the fact that has many many ads.

  7. Takumo says:

    INBOX WORRKSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So Great man, you’re the boss

  8. Codethought says:

    Bloo is totally worth continued support. Overall it’s a good, slick app. Yes you have to polish notifications and display of links and expanding out comments a bit more. AND later a widget would be nice.

    All of that said, you should keep up working on it.

  9. Codethought says:

    BTW.. Nice inbox.. glad it’s finally working! 🙂

  10. Jose says:

    Inbox is working. Looks like bloo got white listed after all :). Anyways dimitris don’t give up on bloo there is other platforms you can still submit this program too like the samsung touch wiz. They don’t have a facebook app of their own as far as I know. I am still keeping bloo cause the official facebook app is still too primitive compared to bloo and babbler.

  11. ruel says:

    Did he fix the bug where you couldn’t see status updates from people using other Facebook apps(like the Facebook app for the iPhone or Babbler)? If so, I’m going to repurchase Bloo because it’s faster for me than Babbler and I like the UI better.

  12. cHuEn says:

    when can we download from SlideME?

  13. Ian says:

    Prefer this over the official app.

    Keep up the good work.


  14. Maff says:

    2 Requests

    1) remove the 6 digit authorisation thing. I flash ROMs on my phone all the time and end up not using Bloo because I don’t want to keep going through that so I end up using Babbler as it’s easier to authorise

    2) Add an auto refresh on the feed

    3) Add the new “@” tagging. It can be used by apps in the format of: @[USERID:1234567] apparently

  15. lemon says:

    ok i cant use the feed now on bloo, everytime i click feed it keeps crashing. i’ve tried reinstalling it and no success.

  16. AndroiDani says:

    Really good , thanks…

  17. samuelleung83 says:

    I think the version on SLIDEME is in fact 1.3.3 even though it has the tag line ‘This is version 1.3a of Bloo’
    Just below the the star rating it has v.1.3.3 in the shade of blue 😉

  18. Brent Nelson says:

    Can anyone help me figure out how to get an activation code? I downloaded Bloo, and have clicked on “get code” and then when I log in and click on “Get login code for” nothing happens.

    Any idea?

  19. Chosen_one1 says:

    Yaaay update .. Glad to see inbox works … Awesome .. As far as continuing to support this app … Why shouldn’t you this app is awesome the U.I is nicely done and as i have no intentions of getting that facbook app since im used to and truly enjoy bloo you should continue to support ….

    Cant wait for 1.4 when you fix the whole notification thing going to profiles rather than the post itself .. that gets fixed and this app would be just about perfect ( my opinion) its like my only serious peeve with this left since you got inbox whitelisted

    Keep them coming bro

  20. Haris says:

    How can I get Bloo for my HTC Hero? I can’t find it anywhere in the Android Market.

  21. adam says:

    I know there’s no way to send messages via the facebook api, but could you link to a browser page where I can compose or reply on the facebook mobile website? That would be a brilliant feature!

  22. chosen_one1 says:

    Someone above posted about not being able to see other post from other apps in the feed .. strange a friend of mine uses babbler and i see her post all the time and if remember correctly it used to have the babbler droid next to it ……..

    will check to see if this still works or maybe it did get stopped

  23. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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