Finally a status update! Back in the USA!

Hey everyone,

I am finally settled back in the USA. The flight, jet lag and catching up with family and friends have put me away from laptops. However, this is over. I can now finally return to update Bloo for you and implement new features.

I do want to take a moment and tell you that I have applied 3 times for Inbox whitelist and have received NO response from Facebook whatsoever. I have emailed them again. The moment it is whitelisted you inbox will work.

The next version of Bloo will be called 1.4 and there will be new features for you. I really do apologize for the lack of updates for this period.


35 Responses to Finally a status update! Back in the USA!

  1. todd says:

    Dude, forget the bloody inbox. It’s read only so means very little

    Focus on the notification system! It’s your weakest area.

    Needs to be reliable, fast and complete…. and must jump to relevant area [source of notification]

    • 4treyu says:

      Agree with that. Also updates need to start coming more often, it looks like that the official facebook app for android could be released next week, and that it’s being developped by Facebook in cooperation with Google themselves:

      • todd says:

        Talk of this official app has been ongoing for over a month. It could be days or months, who knows. But both paid app developers seem to have slowed down. Possibly for the reason official app is coming out. If that’s the case, not cool. They have made thousands on these apps and need to keep working on functionality no matter.

        Not necessarily new features, but ones implemented already must be functioning properly at the very least.

    • Ian says:

      Give the guy a break, he’s just explained why there hasn’t been many updates. Dude has a life too you know.

      • todd says:

        1st off: If the was a free app he made for fun, you bet. But this is a paid app that he has made thousands on. That is a business! And by charging, he has put himself in this spot. NOT a hobby when you charge for a service, period

        2nd: Are you such a lonely internet loser you feel you are “friends” with developer because he may have replied to one of your posts?

        I’ll say it again! Not a hobby. If he has school and vacations, to bloody bad! The second he started collecting money it became a business and had better be run as such!

        So no, I wont give the guy a break…..

      • TittieBaby says:

        if you want at look at it like that, his updates come out faster than blackberry, iphone, android it self and any other “business” that have dev teams. I do agree that before inbox, other areas need to be working first and properly.

    • Ian says:

      Is facebook THAT important to you?

      The guy goes on holiday, no updates for a week on his blog and all of a sudden, you believe the support is gone.

      Feel i’m friends with the developer? Sure… Next time you spend $1.49 on something, think to yourself how much support you’ll get for it.

      Anyway, i’ll leave at that, before you have a stroke or something.

  2. Jordan says:

    Can’t wait for 1.4. Hope Facebook gets off their ass before then and adds Bloo to the whitelist.

  3. Ron says:

    It is indeed a business. All that means is that he can do with it as he wishes. If he takes vacations, so be it. He may lose some patrons because they are impatient and what not. Us buying the app in no way means he is a slave to us. He made thousands sure. That was for the app and any future updates. You got what you paid for: the Bloo application.

    Lighten up.

  4. Samy says:

    Just to say I totally agree that the notification should be linked to the source of notification and not to the profile of the user.
    Thanx, I love the app 😉

  5. Tom says:

    So what should we be expecting in the next update? Ive recently bought Babbler becasue it just runs alot smoothly and i feel i can do more with it. I really want to use Bloo but recently i reckon its fallen behind.

  6. Stephen says:

    i’d agree with forget about the inbox. Bigger concerns would be an option to sign out/close the application and less battery drain. i have to force it to stop after checking FaceBook or it sucks my battery dry.

  7. David says:

    Decided to purchase Bloo this morning, other than is refresh times is seems pretty good. I would like to see more features mind… but who wouldn’t! Also after reading up some details about the official android facebook app it will only support status updates and feeds.

  8. BlooFused says:

    I love Bloo, but there seems to be a quirk that you can’t comment on your current status even after someone has.

    Steps to reproduce in 1.3.2a:

    1) Change your status (from a PC/Other app doesn’t seem to matter)
    2) Have someone comment on it, “So and so has commented” will appear in the notifications within Bloo.
    3) Your current status appears at the header of Bloo but nowhere does it give you a place to comment on it.

    Old statuses are shown on your profile/wall but not the current one and it’s comments.

  9. mcab says:

    Updates? An update on upcoming updates? Anything? Lol

  10. Jose says:

    Well the official facebook app came out today in the android market but they still need to catch up with bloo and babbler cause they don’t have some features bloo and babbler has like viewing videos. I’m still keeping bloo for a while until facebook updates.

  11. todd says:

    With official app out and it having complete working notifications I see no need to keep this over hyped under powered app.

    You fan boys want to ride along with this poor app, have fun.

    Un-Installed. Will keep babbler, but this ones gone

  12. brybam says:

    bye bye bloo

  13. Matthew Smith says:

    I’m keeping Bloo

    The official app has almost no good features. The only decent ones are shake to refresh and the notification system

  14. Buzzchilly says:

    Even though I prefer to use Babbler, I’m keeping Bloo installed and will continue to download updates. I’ll uninstall it only if Dimitri gives up on it.

  15. TittieBaby says:

    the official app sucks….they really need some work done to it

  16. Ian says:

    Official app is pretty shit. Notifications don’t work and it links to all the time. At least it’s silenced that troll now though. Only plus features on the official app is the widget and the interface, Bloo is fully native and has working notifications.

  17. wayne says:

    The only thing I like about the new facebook app over Bloo is that I can upload a picture from the gallery using the share option. That’s it…Bloo still rocks, glad I paid the 1.49 for it.

  18. Louis says:

    The only thing I like the new facebook app is the speed.

  19. Hi,

    there’s some annoying bug with notification, one FB notficiation is notifyed in google android several times…

    Hope this will be corrected in the next version.


  20. Thad says:

    Your app is currently better than the official app. Please keep updates coming.

  21. Miguel says:

    I downloaded the official app this morning. Has promise. Will probably get better with updates. I see no reason to uninstall Bloo…yet

    However, the lack of updates to Bloo has resulted in my hardly using it or recommending it. It still doesn’t:

    – Show people’s profile pics when they post.

    – Easily allow me to post a link

    – Easily allow me to post a picture from my gallery

    – Clear my status

    – Take me to the exact status update when it notifies me that someone has commented there.

    I can’t even believe I am am wasting precious moments of my life posting these problems here AGAIN and AGAIN, since there are other free apps in the Market that offer these features, and more.

    Perhaps because I paid $1.49 for the app, but that’s not a huge amount of cash. But I enjoyed rooting for the underdog with a different design. But different doesn’t always equate to superior, especially when competitors continue to forge ahead, while Bloo remains absolutely silent.

    I’m afraid that week abroad may have been a fatal blow to Bloo.

    • Codethought says:

      Well, the way the Android FB app handles photos SUCKS. It just hands off to What crap.

      I have TWO complaints about Bloo.. the inbox isn’t one of them

      There are links people put up that show up in my feed that I can’t comment on. Can click on them.. can’t expand the comments underneath. Dimitri – if you want me to share such a link with you I will send it direct to your wall to see what happens.

      When notifications of new comments don’t go to the comments that they’re associated to. They try to go to the Profile of the user. That sucks. Fix it.

      Oh.. and Bloo is actually a bit slower than FB on feeds still. Toss an analyzer on the code or something… 🙂

      Other than that I’m not tossing Bloo.. but Dimitri – you’re in for a penny, in for a pound now… this is why I didn’t start writing an app. I knew I’d be getting buried with comments and requests from everyone I charged money to.. 😉

  22. Verxion says:

    It wouldn’t have been a fatal blow to Bloo that you went out of country if you’d worked on it before you left, or worked on it while you were gone, or worked on it since you got back.

    Instead though, you made an “update” that had “features” no one cared about, and those “features” don’t even WORK. Then you go AWOL a month.

    I am very sorry I “invested” in this app. 😦

  23. beach says:

    have the official facebook app on my phone.. but still keeping bloo for now.

    hope to see more of bloooooooooo coming 😀

  24. Monkey says:

    The current issues I have with Bloo:

    – Cannot sync events to calendar anymore. can’t click on an event in the events screen

    – I have my twitter account synced with facebook, so when I send a tweet it updates my FB status… Bloo does not pick up these status changes at all.

    – It’s still pretty slow… I don’t know if this is Bloo’s fault or the facebook API but it’s annoying.

    – Some people’s names are not shown (just blank) in the comments list.

  25. Guillaume says:

    so what? Where’s Dimitris now?
    keep it up man! if you improve loading speed and add some basic key features requested by many users several times I’ll keep on using Bloo!
    and I’m sure I’m not the only one…
    please give us some news!

  26. ShootingBlue says:

    The support on this app has been non-existent lately. Just excuses why he hasn’t been able to work on it. I bought this based on promises made by the developer, but I guess he has moved on. I’ll remember this if he ever puts another app on the market.

  27. Charrion says:

    I too encountered the update link bug that Codethought mentioned earlier. If there is an update containing a link it doesn’t appear to be “clickable”. I can click and hold and get the context menu but if there are comments I can’t view them because tapping on the update does nothing.

    As for the inbox issue, since it’s read-only at the moment it’s semi-useless. Unless FB allows the app to post replies or new messages, a link to the mobile page would be far more useful.

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