Bloo 1.3.2 Now available! (UPDATE)

UPDATE: I uploaded version 1.3.2a. It looks like Bloo is still NOT whitelisted. This is why you get the error. I applied AGAIN for whitelist from Facebook.

Hey guys,

Bloo 1.3.2 is now available. I did not want to prolong the release waiting for Facebook so I released it anyways. If you get an empty inbox it is because the process is not done yet. Otherwise you should be good.

More news coming up soon!


77 Responses to Bloo 1.3.2 Now available! (UPDATE)

  1. Alex0680 says:

    Thanks, download in progress…

  2. Alex0680 says:

    Installed. I confirm, the inbox doesn’t work yet.
    The error message is : An error occured while processing your request.

    So, I’m waiting for the Facebook approval.

    Thanks for your great job.

  3. Cody Cook says:

    I also confirmed the “an error occurred while processing your request” when opening inbox. Can’t wait 😀

  4. med says:

    Yeah inbox is definitely not working.

    However, whenever I click on a notification it tells me the feed is unavailable. they are video posts but that should not be a problem.

  5. Tekki says:

    Just to confirm, when I update and it says authorizing credit card. I am not being charged, right? cheers

  6. Thad says:

    I can only view ten notifications when selecting notifications button with no way to scroll to access more that are availabl.

    But great app!

  7. med says:

    My bad, it says feed unavailable because it takes you to the persons feed rather than the actual post. should it not really go to the post because if its an old post you have to go searching.

  8. Gary says:

    The app looks great and works well. I also tried the inbox and got the following message:
    An error occured while processing your request

    Other than the inbox error, everything else looks great. Nice job

  9. Maff says:

    Any chance of 3 things:
    1) auto refresh on the feed page which you said would be in 1.3.1
    2) a widget which months ago you said you were working on
    3) get rid of the 6 digit authorisation, I flash a new ROM on my phone sometimes every day but I never reinstall Bloo because I know how long it takes to load up the 6 digit facebook page and I never have a pen & paper on me either!

  10. Monkey says:

    How do you sync events with your calendar? if I go into events list I can’t click on them to get any options

  11. Miguel says:

    I downloaded the update. But as you mentioned, no Inbox yet. Not a big deal to me anyway.

    What I would like to see is the more robust photos section and integration into Android’s “long-press” menu.

  12. jayjay says:

    I’m going to be honest. This won’t sway me from using babbler yet.

    * Loading the feed is just as slow as before. Maybe because you seem to load all comments to all items in the feed. I think babbler loads just the feed and then loads the comments as you press the item.

    * I can’t see how many people liked something anywhere.

    * Why would “Notifications” be under menu? Are they the Bloo’s android notification to my notification bar, or are they facebook notifications? In either case, my menu -> notifications screen is blank. (Babbler put these notifications under “requests”, which is almost just as logical, so no winner in this category).

    I still bought Bloo, because I think what you are doing is a fantastic effort and you are nearly there. Keep up the good work and don’t let people stress you out with their comments. My comments are not meant as accusations – they are just the bottom line. So thanks!

    • Miguel says:

      I don’t see that much of a difference. I just loaded the Feed in Bloo and Babbler.

      Bloo took 17 seconds.

      Babbler took 13 seconds.

      4 second difference is not that major.

      • jayjay says:

        Fair enough – for you it seems to be pretty much the same. I just ran the same test and babbler showed my feed in 8 seconds, for bloo the same task took 25 seconds. This was with both programs stopped, though. Bloo took about 5 seconds to jump from starting to loading “the feed” screen, which I’ve asked it to do automatically and after that 20 more seconds to load the actual feed.

        On the next try it took only 20 seconds for bloo and 7 seconds for babbler. For me it’s still a no contest situation.

    • Bob Garon says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Additionally the notifications that Babbler puts out where u can read them right in the window shade is great and they can be cleared right away like any other Android notification.

      I just want to be able to tap and go to the notification. In this version it’s taking me to the person’s profile… not where I can comment on the comment.

      I also want to be able to see everything in my feed. Babbler can show this so why can’t Bloo?

      Right?! We paid so why not request what we need in this app.

      • Neon says:

        I don’t know how often you pay for software, but just because you bought it doesn’t mean you get to demand anything at all from the developer. If it didn’t do what you wanted when you bought it there’s the option to refund.

        Great job on the update. Wish FB would get their act together to make your life easier. Looking forward to whatever is next.

  13. darrin says:

    Correct inbox doesn’t work yet. I received 119 notifications when I opened Bloo after install. For some reason there is no way to clear notifications?!? I had to turn them off and then back on again to clear…what happened to “clear notifications” button?

  14. Jose says:

    Well Babble doesn’t display the inbox either so they are not white listed either.

  15. Miguel says:

    Why is it that Bloo doesn’t show the profile pic next to the name of users who comment on someone’s status or my status? I have tried enabling and disabling the “Optimize Feed based on Connection” option, and it has no effect. The profile pics still don’t show, regardless if I am on 3G w/ 4 bars or WiFi.

    I believe previous version used to display the profile pic in comments.

    If this is “normal” because Bloo doesn’t show profile pics in comments, then what exactly does the “Optimize Feed” option accomplish?

  16. John says:

    My impression for the notifications was that it takes you to the comment thread that the comment was based from not the user’s profile. If you’re not friends with that particular person its going to come up with an error. I think it should go to the person that received the comment not the person who made them.

    That’s the biggest thing my wife complains about and why she hasn’t bought it yet. Clicking on notifications go to the person that made them not the person receiving them.

    • Bob Garon says:

      And instead of “going to the person who made them” it should tap n go to the wall comment, pic, or status thread so we can continue to comment should we desire to.

  17. KillaBee2k5 says:


    Great work!! When are you gonna upload 1.3.2a to SlideME?

    Thanks you!!

  18. todd says:

    I’m not getting any notifications at all, let alone push. Confirmed Bloo has permission

  19. brybam says:

    It’s still kind of upsetting I cant see my status updates that are posted via twitter. Like, if someone comments on my status ill get the notification but when i click it it goes to my wall and then non of my status updates will show so i can’t reply or anything. I also can’t see my friends that post via twitter. Could you please make it so status updates via twitter appear in the feed? and on your wall?

    • Kevin says:

      Agreed. It took a while to figure out why my wall wasn’t loading correctly, but it definitely only happens with Twitter. Can you please fix this?

  20. momotaro says:

    I have a problem with my wall. When I updated to 1.3.2 it was working fine. Now after updating to version 1.3.2a, my wall only shows a totally blue screen with nothing on it. Anyone else having this problem?

  21. Louis says:

    When will 1.32a be published to SlideME?

  22. Alan G. says:

    ive been trying to find this app on the market but wont show any list. im new to this mytouch.

  23. Pingspike says:

    Thanks for the effort DC, we appreciate it. Shame Facebook isn’t as on-the-ball as others. Oh well, we can only wait.

  24. Bob Garon says:

    Dimitris- The tap n go notifications don’t do anything except go to the person’s profile. How do I fix this?

    We also need a way to stop the vibrate feature of the notifications as well as have a silent feature as well. The vibrate is something I never use cause it’s annoying and wears down battery life.

    Thanks bro!!! 🙂

  25. todd says:

    Can anyone confirm notifications? Are there supposed to be more now? I’m getting none, zip. Tried uninstall and reinstall a few times. Nothing.

    Was looking forward to more notifications and I’m getting none at all……

    • Nof says:

      Notifications have been working prefectly fine for me…

      • Bob Garon says:

        You mean you can tap on the notification and be taken directly to that notification in order to post new comments and read the ones already placed?

        I cannot. It simply directs me to that person’s profile.

        Please tell us what it does for you.


      • todd says:

        Well crap. I haven’t received any since upgrade. Not one

        132 and 132a… Tried uninstall/reinstall a few times.

  26. Symatia says:

    can we have it on slideme too? thanks!

  27. John says:

    Are notifications supposed to go to the person’s profile that made the comment by design and not the person receiving the comments?

    • Bob Garon says:

      No and this is what I have been trying to understand why it does this.

      Now I know at least I’m NOT alone. I was beginning to believe I was and that is why no one, including Dimitris, has not answered me.

      • John says:

        That’s a shame, since the “other” Facebook app’s notification doesn’t do this and takes you to the thread that the comment was made on.

        Worst case: it should be an option to do either.

  28. beach says:

    waiting for more updates…………….. !!

  29. Mel says:

    How do I clear my notifications? I was able to before I updated, but don’t see the option now.

  30. Álvaro says:

    Hi Dimitris!

    I don’t see the comments or comment on my links posted by me or my friends …

    Really thanks for your hard work 😉

  31. mcab says:

    Where are the more news coming soon??? =[

  32. Miguel says:

    Unfortunately, the “other program” has replaced Bloo as my Facebook app on my home screen. I still have hope for Bloo, but it doesn’t make sense to keep using Bloo while the other program continues to provide better features, better implementation, and regular updates.

    So until I see some movement here on some of these key issues, I’ve stopped using Bloo for the most part.

    • beach says:

      so its time to move on to another app…

      • 4treyu says:

        Yep it seems so, that last update (1.3.2) didn’t even make a difference as we can’t still see our inboxes (which as discussed before isn’t as important as for example an entirely integrated notification system).

      • Bob Garon says:

        It really didn’t make the difference and notifications is WHERE IT’S AT. Babbler does this quite nicely. I really enjoy reading the notification in the window shade and then tapping on it and going directly to it in order to comment again if I want.

        Babbler still needs work too and not all notifications take you to where you want, but compared to Bloo Babbler is the best on Android currently.

        I do hope there is something really good coming in the mix BECAUSE a “whitelisting” isn’t taking this long. Something else is a foot. Hmmm….

  33. Frank Payne says:

    What exactly does “real native” Facebook app mean? Does this mean that it’s not an iPhone port? At first I thought it meant officially developed by Facebook but apparently that’s not the case. I downloaded it yesterday and your app isn’t bad, I’m just curious as to what that claim means.

  34. Miguel says:

    I don’t want to speculate, but I would assume that because school is back in session, and the Dev is a student (I think), then his priority will be school over frequent updates.

    However, how hard is it to post a blurb here and there on the his own blog? I feel like I am waiting in someone’s house and they aren’t even home…lol.

    I agree, Babbler needs work as well. It force closes on my sometimes, and the swipe feature in the Albums is tricky, although I think that may be more to do with Android lacking multi-touch capability.

    • Bob Garon says:

      You know what I feel the same way regarding Bloo’s dev.

      I understand lives are crazy sometimes, BUT communication is KEY.

      At least let us know what’s going on. OR maybe he can’t if either Google or Facebook picked him up to help develop a true FB app for Android. Maybe that’s the real reason for all this hush hush run around.

      AND IF THAT’S THE CASE I think we need to know something since we all paid money for his app. If he’s receiving money from Google or FB then we can all receive refunds for Bloo.

      Know what I mean?

  35. todd says:

    I don’t need an update every week. BUT, and I quote

    “Full notifications: This includes likes, comments, wall posts to your own but also any other post you have subscribed into. They are completely synced with Facebook so if you read them in Bloo they are marked as read on Facebook as well. Ability to JUMP to a users profile from notifications is now added.”

    The above did not happen. I see next to no difference in last few updates when it comes to notifications. And as most noted on here, that was a big deal. I have NO idea how 132 and 132a differ. Both seem incomplete – A bug fix needs to be released asap.

    And no way whitelist would take this long.

    • todd says:

      And to be honest, at this point the ONLY reason I still have bloo is the promise of full push notifications. Babbler is what I use daily. Bloo needs to step up fast or babbler will push it out of existence

    • Ian says:

      No problem with notifications on my end. I’m even getting notifications from 3rd party apps.

      • todd says:

        Everything?? Anything happens on your facebook and you get an immediate notification? [Or shortly there after?]

        Wall posts?
        Status comments?
        Photo comments?

      • Bob Garon says:

        How in the world are you getting 3rd party notifications from Bloo??? I don’t get that one at all.

        And anyway NO notifications DO NOT work properly on Bloo. Yes you do get them, BUT you cannot tap n go to that specific notification. It sends you to that person’s profile. What good is that?

        And not all Wall items are displayed… not even close.

      • Ian says:

        I couldn’t comment on how quickly I get the notifications, possibly a slight delay, but I have definitely received 3rd Party notifications. It doesn’t tell you exactly what the notifications are though, which is why it becomes confusing sometimes. I don’t have that many 3rd party apps installed though.

        I admit, Bloo has missed 1 or 2 notifications, but I would say 90% of notifications do come through. Might be a Facebook API issue?

    • Bob Garon says:

      Ok Ian,

      Notifications yes, BUT we cannot tap n go to the exact notification and continue to comment in the thread or wall or pic, etc.

      Additonally having to open up Bloo or it’s single notification box just to see what we received is MUCH more cumbersome than how Babbler has it set up. When Babbler notifies us we get exactly what was said right in the window shade so we can read it, go to it, and/or cancel it out. That saves us a big step and is a lot more clean.

      • Ian says:

        I completely agree with the click on notification problem. Hoping that gets sorted out in the next update?

  36. ruel says:

    One thing that made me refund Bloo and turn to Babbler is that I can’t see any status updates from my friends if they’re using mobile apps to update their Facebook status. For example, I couldn’t see my own status update in Bloo when I used Babbler to update it or if my friends use the Facebook app for iPhone.

    I’m keeping a close eye on Bloo, though, because I love the interface and for me, it’s a bit faster than Babbler when it comes to loading feeds and other things.

    • I’ve just installed Babbler and noticed the same thing. I’ve checked all the settings in Facebook I could find but didn’t see anything that would cause Bloo to not see the Babbler status updates.

      Strange stuff.

      Only been using Babbler for about an hour but already think it’s better than Bloo (and this is only the “lite” version).

      Still keeping Bloo installed at the moment to see whether any of the future updates make it as good or better than Babbler.

  37. Chosen_one1 says:

    Love this app … i both babbler and bloo and chose to go with bloo because i saw more promise with this ..

    Now things to add in the next update if your not aware of them already

    1. Inbox access ( not your fault we know but yea its a top priority)(major)

    2.Notifications … Get a new notif and click on it takes me to the person page ..should be that it takes me to the post so if i want i can quickly add another comment rather than searching the persons page worst if they not on my friends list then yea gotta go back to feed and hope to find the post bueno… (major)

    3. Notifications again .. clear button .. someone above metioned this and that would be a good addition

    4. Ability to leave picture comments …not sure if this can be done but if you go to someone page and try to view pics click on it to bring them up and it has to be done one at a time it possible to make so that click on a pick it blows it up then just swipe to the next ..that would be nice ( major )

    5.You stated that the ability to upload pics from phone gallery is on its way in a update .. Awesome .. i will wait patiently for that cuz that was my number 5 lol

    6.Friends list .. Pics would be nice beside the names cuz gods knows half the people on my list i know by face than by name lol .. not a major but it would be a great look

    Aside from that this apk is progressing great ..Glad to see you back from the hiatus and updating again .. Lots of potential .. until they whitelist the above issues will appease many a followers till app gets inbox access ..

  38. todd says:

    I’ve only received a few notifications since latest release. And they just open someone’s wall when tapped. Not much use there.

    But that was planned: “Ability to JUMP to a users profile” > Profile is not needed, it needs to go to source of notification

    Babbler pops up a window to source. IE: if it’s a status comment, that’s what pops up so you can read/reply immediately

    Losing faith in this app pretty fast….. It doesn’t start performing next update I’m just gonna uninstall and forget it.

    No reason to keep & track an app that’s falling behind babbler every update. I can get texts for most notifications if I just want to read them so finding less and less reason to bother with bloo

  39. Claudy Roman says:

    I bought bloo towards the end of July and Babbler. I never really like Bloo and I gave it a chance, but its just NOT good period. The Interface is dull and dry and the notifications are all out of whack as far as how they are handled. Babbler seems to improve every update although I dont think it has the inbox either yet, I havent noticed it.

    Ive uninstalled Bloo but I keep monitoring the updates. C’mon dude make me want to re-install it! There was so much buzz on this.

  40. Miguel says:

    Notifications from FB have been slow. I still have it configured to send me an email (mainly because I can’t figure out how to turn it off), and I get e-mail a good amount of time after the post… Maybe like 20 minutes. The e-mail used to be almost instant.

    I don’t get half of them in Bloo, and those I get only appear when I open Bloo.

  41. Claudy Roman says:

    Personally I think Bloo and Babbler should just collaborate on ONE kick-ass Facebook app. Take the good from both and iron out the issues from both.

    As it stands right now though… Bloo is behind by a good margin

  42. Miguel says:

    I still can’t see anyone’s profile pic when they post something. I see the original poster’s pics, but none of the follow-up pics.

    I do not have the “optimize feed” option selected. This is basic Facebook. You want to see who is making the comment.

  43. Keith MacDonald says:

    Why isn’t it possible to email you? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find your address. I’m having a major problem with Bloo whereby, if I’m responding to something someone posted, and my comment exceeds 3 lines, and I have text prediction enabled on the keyboard, the text prediction blocks the keyboard, making input almost impossible without disabling prediction. Obviously, this is a serious usability problem that I have encountered only in Bloo. It seems to arise from a conflict between how you’ve designed the app’s interface and how Android places the prediction on the screen. Please get back to me by email as I have a screenshot for you that demonstrates the problem.

  44. Neon says:

    Just saw The FB inbox changed today. Apparently they changed the iPhone app too… any chance that could have something to do with slowing down this “whitelisting”??

    I loved this app at first, especially how the status light flashed blue for Bloo updates, but unreliable updates, nonsensical jumps from notifications and missing posts in the feed has forced me to switch for now…

    Still have Bloo though. Checking daily for updates…

  45. Miguel says:

    Word is already spreading like wildfire that Facebook is launching their official Android application by next week. Apparently Google “lent” Facebook an engineer a while ago to develop the app, so expect top-notch quality.

    This may be a big reason why Bloo’s developer is AWOL, although this is pure speculation on my part. Although he has not even posted here in 9 days….

    So in another week, Bloo may become irrelevant simply because it hasn’t been updated to fix nagging problems. Babbler still has a chance, because it has managed to be feature-reach and fairly reliable. Although I don’t know if that’s enough to support it being $1.49. It may have to go totally ad-based like the free version, since the official Facebook app will probably be free.

    • Bob Garon says:

      This is OLD news and has been out for at least a month or so.

      Dimitris should STILL COMMUNICATE with us. That’s NOT fair for those of us who are loyal contributors and paid- REGARDLESS of it only being a buck forty nine. That makes NO DIFFERENCE. Principle is principle.

      If he could not keep up with demand and providing a QUALITY product that actually serves a FUNCTIONAL PURPOSE than he should not have dabbled in the developer game.

      Know what I mean?

      • Miguel says:

        This is actually an update to the “OLD” news. Apparently, an event is in the works in the near future.

        “Details are not exactly free-flowing, but Facebook are apparently hosting a “Mobile Mixer” in the imminent future. The word trickling down is that the social networking giant, among other things, is expected to announce support for Google’s Android operating system. The rumours are that Facebook have been developing their application in collaboration with Google themselves. This makes it an official application that should be excellent to use.

        Many Facebook users turn to their mobile devices to check their updates and see what their friends are up to. The media seem to perceive Twitter as a direct Facebook competitor and Facebook’s push to encourage users to use mobile based Facebook services is certainly a means to an end as far as they are concerned; they want to be the biggest mobile identity website outright and increasing their mobile presence will certainly aid in this quest.

        So, perhaps on September the 8th, we can expect to see an official Facebook application for Android?'”

  46. alex says:

    hi guys i have a problem with my iphone.i restore the network settings and now the iphone asks me to insert the at&t card that i dont have or to update the OS to 1.3.1 what should i do??
    pls help

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