Whitelisted yet?

Hey guys!

Just a quick short update. Facebook has YET to whitelist Bloo in order to use the inbox. However, it seems that you can enable the permission (so you don’t have to do it from Bloo).

Click here to enable inbox permission for Bloo.

Now, some changes in 1.3.2 so you don’t get surprised. I removed the outbox support. There are two reasons for this. The first one is a technical reason. There is a Facebook API bug that does not return your outbox posts. This means that you cannot keep scrolling to expand this. However, we are in good luck because this does not happen to your Inbox. You can keep scrolling to retrieve more and more inbox messages, just like the stream. The second reason is more of a preference of mine. Since you are not allowed (yet) to compose new messages (until the API opens up more) I figured it is kind of pointless to see your outbox. Besides every message you send from Facebook can be seen from your Inbox (hope that makes sense!).

Quite a few people have asked me to see how it would look when you see a message in your Inbox. I posted a picture below πŸ™‚

Thanks and please be patient, hopefully Facebook will short that out!


Viewing an inbox thread

Viewing an inbox thread

37 Responses to Whitelisted yet?

  1. @JFoundation says:

    D, noticed last few days Bloo is notifying me at exactly same time as the FB notification email, so the 5 minute lag has gone.
    FB must have done something right then, eh?

    Just a bit of feedback for ya!

    • @JFoundation says:

      Also – Inbox threading looks great, I’ll bet you get people thinking that you’ve added Chat though, by the looks of it πŸ˜‰

  2. Chris says:

    As we can manually enable Inbox permissions, can’t you just release now?

  3. Scott says:

    Agreed. We don’t want to be patient. πŸ™‚ With the notification changes, this is starting to pull ahead of the pack of facebook apps.

  4. Slick Vic says:

    What exactly does ‘whitelisted’ mean?

  5. Pingspike says:

    Whitelisted as it sounds is the opposite of blacklisting, meaning its given permission to operate on or use Facebook and its APIs.

    Nice work on the inbox layout, looks kinda iphone like, sweet.
    Thanks for all the work you have put into Bloo, and im glad i chose this over Babble. I look forward to regular updates!

  6. Bob Garon says:

    Ok I whitelisted it myself on my profile.

  7. Dimitris says:

    Even if you add the permission, Bloo won’t be able to receive inbox data unless it is whitelisted by Facebook.

    This is why 1.3.2 is still not released…

  8. Bob Garon says:

    Dimitris are the full notifications(all people’s wall comments, people’s comments after me anywhere, etc.) and tap and go notifications enabled in Bloo 1.3.2 officially?

    Man… How long does whitelisting take? πŸ™‚


    P.S. I still cannot have Bloo alert me UNLESS it is open. As soon as I close it OR turn my phone off and back on Bloo will not alert. What do I need to do OR is this addressed in the upcoming 1.3.2 release?

  9. Louis says:

    How can we help to speed up whilelist? :p

  10. ArnaudR says:


    when i read your blog about the Bloo Application, I have a dream… have a good FB applicaiton on my Android Device (Hero)

    But when I search on Android Market, “Bloo” had no result 😦

    How can i purchase / Download your application?

    Thx for your answer


  11. Freddan says:

    You can allways use ‘SlideME Application Manager’, buy and download from their “market”. You will find the .apk at slideme.com, install it on your phone and just open their market from the ‘application drawer’.

    It’s a bit more complicated but you could also root your phone and use ‘market enabler’ to open up most of the market.

  12. Slick Vic says:

    Pray to the whitelist gods! We need this released already. πŸ˜€

  13. Codethought says:

    Is there anyone we can email or pester over at Facebook to get Bloo whitelisted faster?

  14. todd says:

    Why are you guys in such a panic over a feature that’s useless?? A read only inbox is pointless! You get a message you are going to need to go to mobile site to reply.

    You just want updates for the sake of updates…. An update every couple weeks is fine if current features work well.

    Instead of worrying about a read only inbox, a bug fix for events is needed. Very sweet feature with the calendar sync. But is broken right now.

    an hour after release you are all going to be bitching about the read only mailbox….. Why? Because its useless

    • Bob Garon says:

      Very good point Todd. VERY good point.

      But ultimately my desire is to have a good working notification system that allows me to tap and go to it and respond… just like Babbler has integrated and how the Blackberry one does. I want to comment on other people’s status, wall, and pics as well as they on mine and be notified and then directed to those notifications immediately after.

      That’s the most important for me. I can still live with a non-working inbox FOR NOW if the notifications work in that way.

    • Ian says:

      The inbox is still useful in a way, at least you can now actually see when you’ve received a message now and actually read it and not have to log in to the mobile site just to check if a message has come through. It’s a bit of a time saver if you ask me.

      • Slick Vic says:

        Ian – You don’t even have to do that. You can have Facebook notify via SMS whenever you get a message in your inbox so you don’t have to keep logging in and periodically checking.

        Now to me, that’s a time saver. πŸ˜‰

      • todd says:

        “You can have Facebook notify via SMS”

        And you can reply instantly from sms just like a text and its tossed right into facebook mail. I’ve been using sms for mail 90% of the time and its instant and as simple as a text. Only for long replies I do log into site

  15. Slick Vic says:

    I could care less about the inbox feature. I’m all about the NEW notifications!

  16. Ricky Turner says:

    I’m with Bob and Vic. I don’t even use the inbox feature much at all… But I am very excited about the other features of this release…the new notifications, the bug fixes, the way you tap notifications to actually go to that item, etc. With those features alone, I feel this app will be reaching maturity, and it’s beginning to be obvious that FB is in no hurry to release this. I suggest that it would be more beneficial for Dimitris to comment out the inbox feature and release this as 1.3.1 right away…then release 1.3.2 when the time comes, or continue developing it and release it then as 1.3.3, or whatever. I’m not just being impatient. I really think the fans understand, and would rather not wait for FB to get off their lazy ass to get your latest release of this great software. Just my $.02

  17. Dan says:

    I am also all about the notifications. I am really looking forward to this release.

    Come on facebook pull your finger out.

  18. jayjay says:

    How do I change the permissions for my albums so that I don’t have to approve photos uploaded through bloo? No, when I upload a photo to a certain album, it won’t show up before I go into the “real” fb and approve it.

    Sorry if this has been explained somewhere else. Haven’t read through all comments on all blog posts yet.

  19. Guillaume says:

    Hi Dimitris,
    One thing I don’t like: when I update my status via Bloo all my contacts can see it, even if I have black-listed some of them…
    Normally not all my contacts can see my status and posts, but when using Bloo all of them can!
    It means Bloo violates confidentiality parameters set for the profile, photo albums, posts…
    Can you do something to fix this or is it impossible?

  20. Miguel says:

    Geez.. what is Facebook doing with Bloo… hacking into it and making it their own app? Didn’t take this long last time…

    • Slick Vic says:

      “What is Facebook doing with Bloo…”

      I’m wondering the same thing myself. I’m really surprised it’s taking this long from Facebook’s end.

      • chris says:

        Yeah I bet they are “taking a look at it.” Guess it takes a long time for facebook to copy and paste.

  21. Dave Dillon says:

    things you STILL need to add!

    -ability to see who is “attending/not attending/not responded” in events. (other facebook apps like babbler allow this)

    -You really need to add text boxes to search friends. I own a Mytouch 3G and i cannot search through my friends to tag them. I need to manually scroll through to find them every time. VERY annoying.

    -ability to view comments on pictures and albums

    -faster feed loading times.( stare at the blue android screen for atleast 30 seconds even on WIFI.)

    -FB chat integration? seems do-able since there are standalone FBchat apps

    I bought bloo, but i continue to use Babbler. Until these major issues are corrected ill probably stick with babbler.

  22. Dave Dillon says:

    Iphones cant see my bloo updates. they only see “david says” with no status update. Please correct this issue also.

    • Check your account settings in Facebook. There are some settings on your account that control what data your friends see in their own device applications.

      These settings can be found under:

      Settings->Privacy Settings->Applications->Settings

      You’ll need to select the check boxes for the data you want other device applications to be able to see.

  23. Shrike says:

    Well it seems FB is taking its time with this! Maybe they are working on something else (official FB app for android ;-))

  24. Miguel says:

    The notifications are still shaky for me. They only seem to appear when Bloo is open. Doesn’t the notifications coding run in the background, even when Bloo is closed?

    Also, please only display one icon when new notifications have arrived. Although Babbler does display notifications even when Babbler is closed, it displays an icon for each notification, which can really clutter my status bar. I hate a cluttered status bar!

  25. Kyle says:

    Also, whenever I make a post on a computer and not through bloo, it doesn’t show up on bloo. Fix please πŸ™‚

  26. Miguel says:

    Based on his lack of comment here since last week, I’m beginning to think this delay has more to do with Bloo’s dev taking another vacation, rather than Facebook delaying approval… Shame since Bloo just needs a bit more polish and it will be on par with Babbler, and probably any Facebook designed app.

    As an example of the frustration, I wanted to post a link on Facebook that I had found. Doing this in Bloo is a joke. You click on Share, and have to manually type in the URL. Who is really going to remember a long URL to a news article? Conversely, I was able to post the same link in Babbler by clicking Share within the Android Internet browser, and selecting Babbler. Then Babbler asks me for a Caption, and then it gets posted. Easy.

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