1.3.2 Status Update, release imminent!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give a heads up on 1.3.2 status. This version turned out much bigger than I expected. It is almost done. So let’s get started. First of all we have some great news regarding the Facebook API! Finally, we have access to Inbox and Notifications!  For that reason I postponed some of the previously changes mentioned in an older blog post regarding 1.3.2. Inbox has been the number one most wanted feature for Bloo so I focused all my attention to this…and then some!

Here’s a list of new stuff in 1.3.2:

  • Inbox support: Read only until Facebook allows you to compose messages.
  • Full notifications: This includes likes, comments, wall posts to your own but also any other post you have subscribed into. They are completely synced with Facebook so if you read them in Bloo they are marked as read on Facebook as well. Ability to JUMP to a users profile from notifications is now added.
  • Search everything: This exists in your friends list but you can now filter/search your events or notifications! Ability to search the inbox is of course included. The power of truly native apps compated to web based versions.
  • Home screen: Becomes more “alive” and shows you how many friends have birthdays (you will need to load your friends list first only once though), this is the first step to make the home screen much more informative, more to come on this.
  • Much faster initial loading (splash screen)
  • New wall post screen that matches new comment screen, more space to type
  • Events are now cached and you dont have to reload them unless you explicitly use MENU -> REFRESH, the same applies to your friends list
  • Feed loading even more optimized to make it even faster
  • Fixed a bug that shows Bloo posts as link posts (hopefully this is gone)
  • Crash control, even if Bloo crashes on you (hopefully not) it should take you back to the Home screen and restart

So why is not out yet? In order to access your Inbox, Bloo must be whitelisted by Facebook, I am currently waiting for this and as soon as its done 1.3.2 will go live!

Now, as far as the older features I had planned, they are still coming all of them. I think I will call the next version 1.3.5 or 1.4!

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who voted on ANA’s for Bloo! Win or not, it has been fun!

Oh, and enjoy the screenshots!


36 Responses to 1.3.2 Status Update, release imminent!

  1. Kevin says:

    Very nice DC! Can’t wait until it is releaesed! Keep up the good work!

  2. Kevin says:

    Whoops. Released*

  3. angel says:

    Hey one suggestion on notifications window, tapping on a notification should take you to that specific notification. For example new message notification, tap, takes you to inbox.

    • Dimitris says:

      There are no facebook notifications for receiving inbox messages. Whatever you get on the bottom right of your screen you get at Bloo.

      However, in 1.3.2 you can click the item to visit the persons profile now!


      • Jonathan says:

        I think a more user-friendly way to handle this would be to jump to the item you are being notified of. So if someone comments on your status, and you receive a notification of this, clicking on the notification brings you to that status posting so you can comment back. Jumping to the person’s profile doesn’t really do much, at least in the way that I use Facebook.

  4. Johnny says:

    WOW. amazing job once again DC!!!

    can’t wait for more API’s to open up such as poke / friend request.

    If you have time think you can input a feature which “cache” users photos / all photos in bloo so when we view our albums load time is quicker and you can possible move the cache to either internal memory or sdcard and have an option in the setting to “clear all cache”

    thanks again!

    i have more request but lets take it one at a time lol.

  5. Miguel says:

    I am still getting the following bug, which may or may not be Bloo related:

    – When at the Bloo Home Screen, if I click “Status” and the text dialog box comes up, when I open my keyboard of the G1, Bloo loads The Feed for some reason. Even if I click the Back button, it will jump back to load the Feed again. The second time I press the back button, I get the Status text entry box to stay. (Note: I have Bloo set to load The Feed at start-up)

    My suggestions after 10 days of usage:

    1. Fix above bug

    2. On the Status text entry dialog box you have options for posting “Status”, “Video”, and “Link”. Photo is conspicuously absent? I know I can go to my Photo galleries and upload a picture there, but that is multiple steps. Why cant’ I just add a photo from the same place I can add a video or a link?

    3. Although I like the home screen, I think you should include a few shortcuts in the Menu on the Feed page. Right now you only allow “Refresh” when pressing Menu. Why not include the option to update status from right there, or upload a photo or video, etc? Right now we have to go back the the home screen and click “Status”, which can be a pain when considering the above bug.

    4. I know you already mentioned you are aware of this, but the ability to long-press any photo in the Gallery and select “Share” and have Bloo be an option there would be great.

  6. melix says:

    Hi Dmitris,

    Is there any chance you’ll add the ability to add a shortcut to the “share with” popup in cupcake ?

    I’d like to be able to post a picture directly after having taken it : take the picture, menu, share with bloo. For now you have to take the picture, launch bloo, browse the pictures, select the mobile uploads folder, choose the picture you wish to upload then upload the picture. It’s IMHO too long for such a feature.

    • Dimitris says:

      Melix, I completely agree with you. It has been too long. The only reason this did not make it again was because of the announcement of the inbox and notification API.

      I promise the next release (which will be much faster than this) will include this feature.

  7. Nathan Lamont says:

    When will it be available, and do you use eclipse and all that to code all this, and what operating system do you use to code just curious?

    • Dimitris says:

      As soon as Facebook whitelists Bloo for inbox usage.

      I am using Eclipse on Android Dev Phone 1. Windows 7 is the current OS I am using.

      My main desktop is running Win7 and Ubuntu.

  8. lemon says:

    great stuff Dimitris! hopefully i dont have the events problem anymore.

  9. Drew says:

    1 feature request: A Way to Scroll through pictures (finger swiper/arrow) when in an album.

    Other than that, great stuff! So much for that official FB app, huh? Key it up!

  10. Peter Slavin says:


    Fantastic app!

    Just one question, my friends using the facebook app on a
    Blackberry can’t comment on my Bloo status updates?

    Its a shame as a lot of my friends use blackberry.

  11. Slick Vic says:

    Wow! You always find a way to top the previous update! GREAT job, Dimitris! Keep it up. 🙂

    Have you thought about any widgets for Bloo?

  12. Ike says:

    Dimitris, I know you have so many people asking for features so I can respect that you might not have time for this in the next update, but can you please soon include the ability to tag yourself in photos.
    I can tag all my friends but not myself.


  13. Miguel says:

    I also forgot my two other suggestions:

    1. Please keep the photo caption on the screen permanently or allow us to set the delay for it to hide. Right now it disappears too quickly, and cannot be redisplayed unless the picture is reloaded.

    2. Allow us to set tags in Photos to be displayed automatically, without having to go to Menu>Show Tags for every photo.

  14. Artar says:

    Maybe I am dumb and just missed it, but how do you clear your status? Right now I just update with a blank status, but it always leaves a blank update on my FB profile. Is there a way to just clear the status with Bloo?

  15. Jy says:

    Hi Dimitris,

    I was wondering if facebook emails could be suppressed like on the blackberry so you don’t get two lots of notifications?



    • Dimitris says:

      You can choose not to receive a notification alert if you meant that!

    • @JFoundation says:

      Jy, you’re best to go into your Facebook settings online and change the notification email settings to your taste, I’ve set mine to let Bloo notify me on most things, as it seems that FB have updated their notification system already and Bloo is getting the notifications at exactly the same time as the FB email arrives, whereas before there was a 5-10min lag (at least)

      Which is a good thing!

  16. Karasu says:

    I really really would like to view comment on photos/albums. Will you ever going to implement this feature, or was it already in 1.3.1 all the while and I didn’t notice? Else, at least would this feature ever be in your to-do list?

    • Dimitris says:


      I am sorry for not informing you earlier. It is not because I am ignoring this feature. It is because I am unable to do it because of the limitations of the Facebook API 😦

      I am sorry fro this, but I can promise the moment they allow this you will find it in Bloo!

  17. Bob Garon says:

    What’s the status on this release?

    Babbler just updated their app to handle all notifications. I’m wanting yours to be better soooooooooo bad.

    I can’t wait to have Bloo handle my Inbox messages and notify me when I receive a new PM. Currently I have my sms mobile FB set up to do that.

    Also I’m loving how you have inserted notifications for when we comment on anyone else’s wall as well as our own. 🙂

    Thanks bro!

  18. Matthew Smith says:

    Hello there,

    I just bought your facebook application after getting sick of all of the free and ad ridden apps out there on the andoid market.

    Bloo, compared to all the others, is a amazing. For just under a dollar, you get so many more features than all of the competing apps put together. I didnt expect to see all of facebooks features squeezed into such a small package. If facebook ever do decide to release an official app for android like they have for apple’s OS I would like it to be just like this, as I think you have made this app pretty much perfect.

    Two things that I do miss from the free versions are the fact that you can continue scrolling through feeds, adding more as you get to the bottom of the page. This would be better than having a fixed amount of feeds. Another feature I would like to see is scrolling of photos. This would make viewing photos a lot smoother and easier.

    Thanks for such a good application,

  19. Martin says:

    Hey Dimitris,

    Thanks for a great application.

    I live in Denmark where we unfortunately do not yet have access to paid apps. I got hold of Bloo anyway, but I’d love to shell out – do you have a PayPal account?

    Feel free to contact me by mail.


  20. gary says:

    Looking forward to the nw release. Keep up the good work on Bloo

  21. […] Dimitris wrote an interesting post today on1.3.2 <b>Status</b> Update, release imminent!Here’s a quick excerpt […]

  22. @JFoundation says:

    Hey folks, as I mentioned above, I’ve noticed that the 5-10min lag between FB notification and Bloo notification has disappeared, Bloo now notifies me at the exact same time as the FB email comes in, which is great news. I’ve gone into the FB settings and turned off most of the emails that I don’t need now, cos Bloo is doing it for me!

    Good stuff!

  23. Curtis says:

    Will we at some point get full links in news? Right now, when a friend shares a link, I only see the root domain in Bloo. In other words, a link to a particular article from wsj.com doesn’t take me to the article, all I get is wsj.com, so I can’t really get to the original item.

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  24. Dan says:

    I really hope you are going to continue with this project as it has masses of potential. I would consider donating again if you would consider getting another developer on board to speed things up a little bit.

    Thanks for all your hard work and keep it up.

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