“You’re my boy Bloo”

Hey everyone!

As noted below work for 1.3.2 has already begun. There are a few changes and cool features coming up. I posted a list below. This is not a final list, as I am working on this features might get excluded or included.

  • Stream Facebook Filtering: You have been waiting for this. The ability to filter your posts based on your Facebook filters.
  • Expanded Stream: Show all posts even from other applications (such as the mighty Quiz app everyone wants!). Of course, for those who love (including me) the simpler stream there will be an option.
  • Notification links: Ability to click on a notification to take you where it is supposed to take you.
  • Gallery sharing: Instantly upload a photo from your Gallery.

Stay tuned for updates.

Now for the more important news! Bloo has 6000+ users ever since its release. This is all in one month period. I would like to believe most of you have been satisfied with Bloo and I want to express my gratitude for purchasing and supporting Bloo in any way. I understand that sometimes there are features you want and you want them fast. I am the same as you. Being a one man army I am trying to satisfy your hunger. There was a small gap for vacation that delayed the 1.3 release but Bloo is growing strong.

For that reason, the “You’re my boy Bloo” promotion will begin tomorrow and this means that Bloo will be available free for 48 hours! All Monday tomorrow until Tuesday midnight you will be able to download Bloo for free! (hint do not download today).


p.s If you’ve watched the movie “Old School” you should at least laugh for the promo name, otherwise it should not matter to you, Bloo will be available for free for two days.


47 Responses to “You’re my boy Bloo”

  1. Bastian says:

    Wow, and I’m idiot have paid for it…Thanks!

    • Dimitris says:


      I understand your frustration. I am not trying to be a smartass here but I personally believe the 1.49$ amount is not a huge amount. However, professionally speaking I can offer you a refund if you supply me with your order/transaction number!

      Thanks and I am sorry for that. I cant imagine what Apple goes through when they announce a new laptop when someone buys a laptop a week before.

      • Bastian says:

        It’s okay 😉 You do a great job! I hope, that the offical Facebook App from Google don’t let leave users from your app.

  2. alex says:

    Haha. I like you, you’re funny.

    Keep up the good work man! The app is frickin’ awesome, and I’m still in awe you’re a one man army.

    Take care, and the best of luck!

  3. Tom says:

    When should we expect 1.3.2? Is there a certain time period you try to release each update?

  4. Johnny says:

    Great job DC, your doing such an amazing job on this app its unbelieveable!

    can’t wait for 1.3.2 looks very amazing!!

    “your my boy bloo” ahha love the slogan!

  5. Mike says:

    Great app so far. A great feature would be the ability to view feeds based on friends lists for those of us that manage our FB friends on different lists, such as friends, family and whatnot. Thanks!

  6. Shrike says:

    When a friend posts a link to an image all I see is a line in the feed stating that a friend posted a link but there is no image to see nor can I click on anything! Anyone else noticed this?

  7. jermy says:


  8. Ian says:

    Can’t complain about losing $1.49 (or in my case, a little over £1).

    New updates sound great and with the possibility of more to come. One thing we can say about you Dimitris, you do listen to your customers.

  9. Russ says:

    DC, thanks for the great product! I was upset about the $1.49 for just about 2 seconds, then I remembered how much I loved your product and it’s well worth the $$$. Keep up the good work!

    When you fit it in, no rush, but if I can throw in my 2 cents… (or I suppose my $1.49, lols.)… two suggestions to try and fix, 1. Get the inbox working (even though you’re pretty much the only message I get!) 2. If you can get push working that would be AMAZING!

    Anyway…Great work! You’re my boy Bloo!

    p.s. Let’s go streaking!! (Do you think KFC is still open?! LMAO!)

  10. Tim says:

    Great app, the price is right (cheap if anything) and it is good to see regular updates.
    Any chance of a status update widget?

  11. Bob Garon says:

    Comment notifications for other peoples walls PLEASE.

  12. Bob Garon says:

    Other than that ur lookin REAL good D. 🙂

  13. Adam says:

    I love the app and $1.49 is nothing for this app. YOU ARE DOING GREAT! Family first so no one should complain about the slow update.

  14. Munted says:

    Any chance of actually offering features people want? Like Message Inbox support?

  15. Jordan says:

    I posted this over on XDA in a new topic, so hopefully you’ll get lots of download time tomorrow. I hope it crashes Google’s servers when you open Bloo up for free. 😛


    Keep up the good work, Dimitris!

  16. Chris Lord says:

    Well, seeing as I paid for it and other people are getting it for free, can I put in a feature request? 🙂

    1- I’d like to be able to read/send/be notified on messages
    2- I’d like to be able to browser photos of a person, not just galleries

    Would be nice to know if those are possible and if they’re coming in a future version – without, I’m more often using the Facebook mobile website 😦

  17. Symatia says:

    can’t wait! now that 1.3.2 will include posts from other applications, i guess it’s about time to make bloo my default facebook app!

    great work DC and thanks for listening to us!

  18. Tommy says:

    Will photo fling make it to an upcoming release?

  19. Sam Leung says:

    You’re a champion Dimitris. Providing this for free for a day genuinely shows you care about the Android FB community’s need for a great Android app.

    I wish it was free for a day on SlideMe.com!?? I keep updating but each time it’s costing me more. So I’m sticking with 1.3a for the time being. I don’t mind paying $1.49us each time but unfortunately the price is a bit inflated once converted to Aus$ and then an International transfer fee from the bank add’s onto that :-(. So I’m happy to keep paying, but I’m happy with 1.3a for now, until you announce another big ‘WOW’ feature.

    Love your work though. You deserve every dollar.

    • beach says:

      if you update on slideme, they will automatically detect that you actually bought the app once. So, even when you are updating the app, they won’t charge you. 😀

      • James says:

        I’d like to clarify that I updated on Slide and it DID CHARGE ME TWICE. I’m not moaning, cos 2 measly quid is not going to hurt my coffers, but just wanted to clarify that this may happen.

  20. webreaper says:

    Is the free version available? I’ve been wanting to try Bloo for a while, but didn’t want to spend until a) I’ve tried it and b) I’ve tried the official app. So looking forward to a free trial – although I can’t see it on the market for free?

    And yes, I know $1.49 is hardly breaking the bank, but we are in a recession. 😉

  21. Oscar says:

    Hello thanks for offering a free app! I was wondering when would it be able to download for free as it still says on Market that I have to pay $1.49? Thank you once again!

  22. Munted says:

    Any idea on availability of basic functions like Inbox access?

  23. Unk says:

    Well, it’s monday and the app is still 1.49 in the market… what timezone are you in?

  24. Matt says:

    Hello, will Bloo be available for free via Android Market?

    I’ve checked a few times and it still appears to be priced at $1.49.

    I’d like to try out Bloo to compare it with Babbler. Can anyone explain any major differences between these two applications?

    -Matt (UK)

  25. lemon says:

    good news about 1.3.2!
    have events been fixed for this version?

  26. alanxr says:

    Hi, which version is going to be free? I checked on the market and it says 1.49,


  27. Jeremy says:

    So how does one take advantage of the promotion? It’s still showing up as $1.49 in the market for me.

  28. ashe says:

    I’m not sure if the market’s bugged or just what, but I’m still seeing Bloo at its normal price. Is this offer only good in certain areas?

  29. GRRemlin says:

    Still says $1.49 on the Market.

  30. Marco says:

    I can’t find Bloo in the market!
    I also tried with market://search?q=pname:android.bloo

  31. djsrule says:

    Bloo will be available free for 48 hours! All Monday tomorrow until Tuesday midnight you will be able to download Bloo for free! (hint do not download today).

    I just went to the market place and its $1.49???

    Let me know and thanks….

  32. Mark87 says:

    Im in the UK, should it still be free as the app is still buy only for me?!

  33. Jeremy says:

    FYI there are now 2 entries for Bloo, one is the $1.49 version, the other is Free until Thursday, and will not qualify for future upgrades.

  34. James says:

    Seriously guys, pay the dollar fifty. It works out to a quid in the UK and this is more than reasonable to reward this kid for his efforts!

    Good work, keep it up.

  35. brybam says:

    Just thought I’d point out….Myself and A LOT of others on my friend list use twitter to update their status. Bloo does not show Twitter status updates in the feed (or when I go o my wall to read comments on my status(they’re not there)) :/ I’d hope you can find a way to include those even in the “simple” feed

  36. officesnorthwest says:

    Hi Dimitris,

    Really liking the improved Bloo, it is my app of choice now for FaceBook.

    However, I have been flicking to fBook to see my notifications and Babbler for the ability to slide through full size photographs rather than enlarging one then going back to the thumbnails.

    With those features it would be, in my opinion, pretty much perfect.

    It’s a lot quicker now, loving the extra feed length and more than happy to have spent a pound on this.


  37. Sam Leung says:

    +1 Vote 😀

    Keep up the great work. Just a thought, considering your app has so much attention now it might be an idea to create a new tab up the top of this page and create a bit of a dedicated page on the app, with a screenshot and a (youtube) video at least.

    At the moment a lot of first time visitors to this blog simply just can’t see what the app is about without reading through your previous blog entries.

  38. Radek says:

    Hey there. Have you considered adding a comment feature? thank you!

  39. Miguel says:

    Right now, I am still using Babbler to post links because if I am on a webpage in the browser, I just select Share>Babbler.. and it posts to Facebook. In fact, I think it would make sense to replace the “Link” button in the Bloo Status update box, to Photo, since posting a Link from there would involve copy and pasting from the browser anyway, which is a chore.

    The same with photos, because it is so much easier to simply long-press the image in my gallery and click Share and upload to Facebook via Babbler.

    I realize that you are working on these when you re-write the entire Photo portion of Bloo, as you mentioned. But just pointing out that this remains a weak area in Bloo.

  40. Good posting, I favorited your blog so I can visit again in the near future, All the Best

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