Bloo 1.3.1 available! Work for 1.3.2 already started.

Get 1.3.1 Now!

Fixes and updates in 1.3.1:

  • Fixes a bug where you cannot click on a youtube post, video play icon added
  • Fixes a bug where some posts from other applications would show an empty post, those are now not included in the feed.
  • Fixed a bug when you post a new post the day counter would go crazy
  • New friends list. Faster, smoother, easier filtering by name, easier for phone without hardware keyboards
  • Links will now show up on the stream
  • Links auto complete will now adjust to what you type
  • Ability to select your own notification sound

More info on what is coming on 1.3.2 soon!

33 Responses to Bloo 1.3.1 available! Work for 1.3.2 already started.

  1. Tom Cairns says:

    Is anyone else unable to download it from the market place on the HTC Hero? Payment has been taken, but the download is unsuccessful everytime.

    anyone else seeing?



  2. Jose says:

    Still playing with the app and so far so good. Thank you Dimitris. 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    Everything is working perfectly fine for me! Nice job! Waiting for the release of 1.3.2! Keep up the good work!

  4. lemon says:

    nice update

    but why cant i click on any events anymore and found out its details? i used to do this all the time as i loved the calendar sync feature and now i cant use it.


  5. fabien says:

    Nice update Dimitris,
    I found one bug though : when i go to my friend list and start scrolling down it works ok then when i want to scroll down faster using the big scroll that appeared, the application crashes and it is restarted.

    Keep up the good work anyway !

  6. Slick Vic says:

    Would like to see the ability to turn on/off vibration mode and choose LED color. Any plans on these functions?

  7. Anthony says:

    Is it possible to sort events in ascending order? It doesnt make much sense to have the event that is furthest away (date wise) at the top ^_^;

  8. @JFoundation says:

    Hi D, good work as usual.

    I still think my most wanted feature is to be able to upload images from the Android Gallery using Menu / Share

    It’d be great to just have that option whilst browsing gallery, or right after taking a picture.

    Thanks 🙂

  9. Thad says:

    Birthday’s no longer show up in my notifications . . . I liked this before.

    Great update though, and great app!

    Please add birthday’s back.

    THANKS! 😉

  10. Miguel says:

    I’m getting a message telling me the Facebook server is down. Yet when I click “Try Again” it loads the Feed fine. Seems to be a consistent problem every other time I load the Feed, so I doubt it’s a Facebook problem.

  11. Bastian says:

    Hey Dimitris,

    Facebook and Google will launch an official Facebook App this or next week. That’s not for you or? You did a great job but I think most of the people will use the offical app. What do you think about that? You can give us an offical statement in an extra post.

  12. Brett says:

    Great update, DC! One thing i’ve seen, though not sure if it’s a bug or not: When I go to a friends wall to write on it, the post shows up as “So-and_So posted a link:”

  13. Bob Garon says:

    When are we gonna be able to tap on a notification and be redirected to it for dither commenting or action? Additionally having all the notifications that the Facebook for Blackberry has would be perfect- just perfect. Then all that’s needed would be a picture share menu option in the gallery long press menus.

    Thx. 🙂

  14. inlogan says:

    I think I found a bug. In the feed, if there is a link and it has comments, you can’t expand it to show the comments like you can a status update.

  15. Kyle says:

    Keeps getting better and better!!!

    Just a couple things that would make this app the best ever.
    1. show who has “liked” the posts, not just you
    2. clicking on notification takes you to where it actually is
    3. show on posts if they did it through mobile just like it shows the bloo icon when we post through this one.
    4. being able to see everything (or at least have the option to) like quizzes and all those extra ones.
    5. when in the gallery you click share on a pic, having bloo be one of the options.
    6. being able to filter the news feed into the different categories you’ve made
    7. i can’t think of anymore at the moment 😛

    Keep it up!!!

  16. docgab says:

    Great list Kyle. You seem to be in my head! 🙂

  17. Nof says:

    I still really want to see the swipe or an arrow when viewing a photo album so that I don’t have to go back and forth between the album and the individual pictures. Will we see this implemented soon Dimitris? Otherwise I’m loving every update. Thanks!!

    • Dimitris says:

      Yes Nof, you will see that! I had it mostly coded but there were some errors. I changed my focus to the feed since this is the most important.

      You will definitely get this feature though. I want it as well 😉

  18. todd says:

    Events are still broken. 😦

    Greatly appreciate all the hard work and constant updates!

    All the extra features being added are nice – But something has to be done about the speed. Its just way too slow. On wifi even. Edge, its painful and unusable.

  19. Freddan says:

    Can you update the app on ‘SlideME’, I can’t download 1.3.1 from there. Thanks.

  20. Guillaume says:

    Great update Dimitris
    I love the new friendlist
    Keep it up!

  21. buzzchilly says:

    Update by update, Bloo is getting better. I have both Bloo and Babbler installed but use Babbler most often because-

    -Home screen widget
    -overall friendlier interface
    -tells me which of my friends are online
    -video thumbnails
    -hides postings from feed (as set on FB)
    -Flip thru photos

    I appreciate your efforts, Dimitris.

  22. ougs says:

    Problem with my wall. It hasn’t updated my wall in five days. I can’t see the last few status and the comments for them.

  23. darrin says:


    Found a bug I think. When I clear notifications the “event invitations” don’t clear. These events are a week or two weeks old and they won’t clear from the notifications screen. Please advise.

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