Bloo 1.3a Available now! ANA’s and PC Magazine!

Other important notes:

  • The notification system will not notify you for posts made to other people other than yourself. This is not a bug it is just the first version of the new notification system.
  • Guys, comments for photos cannot be done given the current Facebook API.

The wait is over. Grab Bloo 1.3a now! There has been a lack of updates but only because of summer vacation. With Bloo 1.3 the foundation is much better to work on and prepare future versions and updates. This is a major release.

Additionally, Bloo is starting to steering up a lot of interest in the Android community. It will be featured in the next issue of PC Magazine as well as it was nominated by the Android Network Awards hosted by our amazing people over at AndroidGuys website.

Bloo 1.3.1 will include bug fixes and it will be out quick.


Feed 1.3.1

66 Responses to Bloo 1.3a Available now! ANA’s and PC Magazine!

  1. JClifton says:

    The update has yet to hit the market for me but really looking forward to it.

  2. Alex says:

    Having problems with the update at … I’ll give it a try again tonight.

  3. Jose says:

    Using the app now. Thank you once again Dimitris great app and now I can officially say goodbye to that crap called babbler. Even the feed loaded up faster now. 🙂

  4. Guillaume says:

    Hi Dimitris,
    Thanks for the 1.3 release!
    I do appreciate the faster loading for the feed and my wall and also the increased historic!
    Now I think I can uninstall Babbler!
    I didn’t check all new functions yet but I’ll give more feedback later.
    I can’t wait to see how the notifications are handled by Bloo.
    Some things which could improve usability:
    – swipe navigation in albums
    – all photos in an album on a single page
    – self tagging
    – search options in friends list
    – access to comments posted on photos (+ possibility to post comments on photos) from the photo itself in its album
    Keep it up!

  5. Centipede says:

    Looks great so far!! I can’t find the video upload part though (actually, the entire “What’s on your mind” page is something I can’t find).

    • Centipede says:

      … must be early here (not really). Forget the things I asked, stupid me. Just “share” will display all I need (of course!).

  6. JohnE says:

    @Guillaume you can search on friend list, its not very obvious but if you press and hold your menu key to get the On Screen keyboard active, then start typing your friends name. Or if you have a hardware keyboard just start typing 🙂

    • Guillaume says:

      Yes JohnE I knew that thx 🙂
      But I feel like A-to-Z tabs or a small scroller (just as in the native android contacts app) would be more convenient
      Even an entry field would be better than pressing & holding the menu button to pop the keyboard up

      I just tested notifications system. It’s rather basic at the moment: you get your notification in the header (there’s a 3-5 minutes delay compared to the actual post) but there’s no interaction once you’re in the notification screen. It’d be good to get options to reply to the post or to “like it” for example. At least, clicking on the notification itself should bring you to your wall if it’s a wall post (ie)… And long click could summon contextual menu…
      Now that the background notifications system is here I assume it’ll be easier to implement such functions quickly for Dimitris…

  7. JohnE says:

    @Centipede I think you can upload video’s by pressing the ‘Share’ button on the main screen.

  8. Eric says:

    I still have high hopes for this app, so take these comments as constructive criticism, I have two problems with the app, both semi-related:

    1) When I go to my friends list to type a friend, i have to either a) touch the list, as if to tell my phone i want to interact with it, or b) roll my trackball down to a random name, before I can start typing. Is there a way to make it so as soon as the list comes up I can hit a key to make it recognize that is where I am interacting? It seems counter-intuitive to bring up a dialog box, flip open my keyboard, and then have to touch the dialog before I can type.

    2) When I load up a friend’s profile, I expect to see more information on their profile than I do, and also, it is nice that it goes straight to the wall, as many people will want to see a wall, rather than profile info, however it would give a better feel to the app if it had their profile picture, status, and wall, all on one page, as well as a visual link to photos, instead of using the menu button. Both seem like more structural updates, rather than major overhauls, but would be nice to see updated with a more user-friendly environment.

    On a positive note, the wall works great, comment system is great, photo uploading is great, so the work in those areas has been much appreciated!

  9. beach says:

    alright, got this updated. doing well!

  10. wazim says:

    I don’t see any ‘Likes’ on status updates and clcking on events tries to make me call the date.

  11. raul says:

    Got the update, how/where do I check friend’s online status? I don’t see anything different, but I do have friends who are online right now. Also, how to the notifications happen? Sound? Notification bar? Both? I think you should have a FAQ now that you have added more features! Great job Demetri! Looking forward to the photo flings!

  12. Holly says:

    When i clicked to download the applciation it said ‘authorising credit card’ does that mean i will be charged another $1.50 to keep the application up to date??

    • Dimitris says:

      Absolutely not. For Bloo you get charged only once. I am unsure why it tells you that. It might be a Google Market problem or just a security check.

      • Hellberg says:

        Yeah, it has done that with a lot of apps for me, but never charged me more than once. So you don’t need to worry about that.

        Although that check could perhaps cause some problems, if it checks that the credit card is valid before downloading an upgrade and your credit card has expired when trying to update the app. Don’t know if this in fact will cause a problem in reality since I haven’t been in that situation, but I think it could become a problem.

        Still, that issue has nothing to do with Bloo in particular, it can affect any paid app on Android Market.

      • Robert says:

        Actually, I was charged twice for Bloo. The first purchase was for v1.2.2 and the Google Checkout receipt shows it was to “INDEPENDENT DEVELOPER”, and then again for the v1.3a update, which the Checkout receipt shows was to “DIMITRIS COUCHELL”. Did you change your Android Market account, and is the reason I am being charged a second time?

        I upgraded and allowed the authorization to continue on this posted say-so that I would not be charged, but indeed I was. What recourse does a consumer have now?

      • Hellberg says:

        Robert: That’s weird. I’ve been using Bloo since the first release, bought version 1.0 on July 3rd and I haven’t been charged more than once. The receipt showed “DIMITRIS COUCHELL”, so I guess that was the account name on the first release already.

  13. Steve says:

    Great update two things i would like to see one of which you have stated work will begin on.

    Much like Guillaume i would love to see swipe navigation from images.

    I love love to be able to touch my notifications to take me the my wall or a friends wall when its their birthday etc.

    Thanks again and keep up the work!

  14. lemon says:

    great update to that!

    but i have a problem, when i click on events i cant actually select a single event to look at its details?


  15. Guillaume says:

    one stuff still missing: “share with Bloo” in the sharing options when browsing photos & videos in the phone browser…

    Dimitris, is there a chance you could implement this in next update? I can’t remove Babbler for this simple reason!

    Thanks 🙂

  16. Paul Weiss says:

    Can you add the option to change photos with a finger swipe?

  17. brybam says:

    The improvements i’d like to see:

    -link to an inbox thats on the homepage that simply just brings up a pop up similar to the way the friend list pops up and its a link to the inbox of the (cuz right now people have to go to the browser and do the same, but it would be a better user experience if we could do it from within the app)

    -It’s kinda silly we can post links, but we cannot see links in the feed. (at least add a preference to enable links/surveys/videos/notes ect appearing in your feed.

    -finger swipe for photos

    -create a workaround for photo comments, maybe something where if you hit menu you can click view/post comments and that brings up a popup window(similar to the style of the friend list popup window) and it goes to the link of the photo on the website and there you can view and post comments and if you hit the back button it just closes the popup and your back at the pic then back again to go to album view

    -also, if you click a pic from the feed but want to look at the whole album it would be nice if you could hit menu and then click view album

    -I understand facebook API doesn’t allow those features, but if you come up with clever work arounds people will appreciate it and will add to your list of supported features

  18. Ryan says:

    Hey demitris, i apparently lost the .apk to your bloo app (i had the older version then flashed to hero rom) and i forgot to backup the app. Can you give me the .apk in email? ( cuz i cant find it on the market w/ this new hero rom! I’ll send you the reciet if i can find it via email!

  19. Claudy Roman says:

    I just re-installed to play around with the update. Not really feeling this as much as babbler.

    When people comment on a status, all you see is their name, no icon and the overall look is a bit dry. I’ve been using babbler, while that has some flaws. Its pretty decent and i get better reactions “showing off” that app versus this one

    Also, when you share links , they dont show up on bloo unless its youtube or something.

    Honestly, I dont see why this app has more of a “buzz” that babbler. They are both good foundations, bloo just seems a bit dryer, but I seem to notice it being spoken of more

    Maybe you guys should collaborate and make ONE kick ass app. I’d pay 4 bucks for it

    • todd says:

      I am in 100% agreement with you. I have been using both, and will keep both. But Bloo IS dry and babbler seems to have a nicer layout. But that boils down to personal preference.… Babbler is much much faster at loading too. Huge difference in speed, and that’s important when all you can get at the time is edge.

      Both apps are great and worth the pennies they cost, I just think I will be staying with babbler for now. Will likely remove bloo next couple weeks.

      Not saying its bad, just seems babbler has the slight edge.

  20. @JFoundation says:

    Bloo seems to be feeling a lot better, faster now.

    I also noticed that whilst the background notifications are a good thing, they appear at least 5 minutes after the initial message is posted, and I have emails enabled from Facebook to my phone whenever someone posts, so it’s badly noticable. Can this delay be speeded up, or is it another limitation introduced by Facebook API?

    • Dimitris says:


      To help preserve your battery Bloo checks every 1.5 minutes for new notifications. This is why you see this discrepancy. However, in a future version I will allow users to select the time frame.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • @JFoundation says:

        Thanks D.

        I thought it might be something like that.

        Good work.

      • Bao-Long says:


        Can you let us choose the frequency Bloo checks for notifications as soon as possible? I noticed that my battery dies much fater now that the background service in implemented. I am not a heavy FaceBook user and for me getting notifications only every hour is good enough.


  21. Tegan says:

    I love this app! You’ve been doing an amazing job and have stayed on top of the updates.

    Just a quick question — do you have plans in the near future to incorporate an inbox or new requests?

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  22. Jonathan says:

    I take back all the bad things I said waiting for this update. It has been worth the wait! The new feed is great, and so fast. This app is definitely progressing nicely, love it!

  23. James says:

    Yo dude, I can’t see Bloo in the market place (from the UK). My money is yours, take it from me! Any ideas why I can’t see it?

  24. chris says:

    Hi. Worthwhile uodates thanks. quick bug report. I am missing lots of regular status post. Seems that if preceding post is a non-status post it skips the vnext one too. E.g. someone bought new car and uploaded a photo,bloo skipped the following status update from wife. Babbler shows both so feed definitely okay.

    Same thing occurred following someone else’s album upload, which caused bloo to skip next post from diff person. That person has diff feed post visible okay elsewhere in feed.

  25. Lee says:

    Hi, I have a G2 Touch (T-Mobile HTC Hero) and an Sim Free HTC Hero…

    On my sim free version Bloo is on the market. On my T-mo G2 Touch Bloo does not appear on market?! has anybody else noticed this?

  26. Freddan says:

    Hi, great update can’t wait for things to come. A question though are there a reason why 1.3a isn’t hosted on ‘SlideME’?

  27. Padayappa says:

    Dimitris, the release looks great! Would it be difficult to have access controls for the bloo app? What I mean by that is that I have friends lists setup to control what people can see on my FB page. I noticed that Bloo doesn’t have any restrictions, so people I blocked for seeing my status updates can see them if I use the Bloo app. Also, for some reason on my iPod Touch, I just see the little bloo icon when I make a status update from bloo. Not sure if there is a permission setting or if you have to register the bloo app to work with the other mobile platforms….But overall it looks awesome!

  28. I seem to be having trouble tagging photos with people that aren’t in my friends list.

    When I go to tag someone it brings up my friends list (as expected) but I’m unable to add anyone that isn’t listed here. I can start typing a name but I don’t see how to add this name as the tag.

    I hope I’m simply missing it but, if not, this definitely needs to be added into a future release. At present I’m forced to tag my photos from the main Facebook website after uploading the pics from Bloo, and this sucks.

  29. Sam Leung says:

    Should 1.3A appear in anytime soon?

  30. MM says:

    Hey, I wonder if you somehow get pass that secutity thingy when you upload a photo to a album. It won’t show on your profile until you go and “accept” it in the album that you have uploaded the photo to.

  31. Dave says:

    Hey Dimitris, love the app and I was hanging out for the update… But not when I go to update it I get ‘Not found – The requested item could not be found.’

    I am in Australia… I’ve tried rebooting my HTC Magic but no fix!

  32. Guillaume says:

    Hi Dimitris,
    Could you make Bloo starting up automatically when the Gphone boots? Perhaps as an option in user’s preferences…
    Else I have to launch the app once before the background notification system is on…

  33. Slick Vic says:

    Love Bloo and the new 1.3 update! So much so that even when the OFFICIAL facebook app comes to Android I’m STILL gonna keep and continue to use Bloo! Period. Great job, Dimitris.

  34. Bastian says:

    The update to 1.3 makes the program fast, that’s good. Would be great to read and answer private messages. And it would be great when you change the GUI like iphone style so that one can navigate faster.

    Maybe you should rethink the authorization with Facebook. There are a lot of confirmations, other programs only use the confirmation on the Facebook page.

  35. Mike says:

    So, I just updated to 1.3a on my Hero, and noticed that the friend list filtering is not available. On the Hero, long press on the Menu button does not in any situation bring up the OSK, and the search button in the friends list doesn’t do anything either…

    Just thought I’d let you know!

    • Guillaume says:

      have you tried to highlight one contact in your list (without selecting/clicking it) with the trackball ie?
      actually once you did that, you can summon OSK and start typing your desired contact…
      if you don’t do that then the OSK search doesn’t work…

  36. fabio says:

    Hey dimitris

    I bought bloo one day before the 1.3a update. I didnt get an update notification until now so i reinstalled it manually, but it still says 1.2.2 inside the app. What am i doing wrong? My device is htc magic with hero rom.

  37. brybam says:

    Contact merg is cool, but it would be nice if when you did the merg it would make their FB pic become the pic in the phone book.

  38. fabio says:


    i bought bloo one day before the 1.3a update. until now i didn’t get any update notification, so i tried to reinstall the app but it does still say v1.2.2 inside the app. what am i doing wrong? my device is htc magic with hero rom.

  39. panda says:

    please Dimitis integrated a widgets and your application is the best app for fb !

  40. Ray Nicolini says:

    Hello, I upgraded to 1.3 and charged my account another $1.49, how do i get reinbursed

  41. chris says:

    no comment on those missing posts?

  42. lemon says:

    events are broken 😦

  43. Sam says:

    I got billed another $1.49US for updating to the latest version via SlideMe.
    I did however load a new ROM onto my phone beforehand. So I was going through re-installing all my apps and noticed the money deducted from my credit card.
    Do we get charged if we do a fresh install as apposed to an update?

  44. Daniele says:

    Hello Dimitris,

    Thanks a lot for the new version, it’s really a great improvement.
    I noticed that you cannot unfold the comments for the videos in feed… is that a bug or it’s just me doing something wrong?

    Great job btw! Keep it on!

  45. Miguel says:

    I like all the improvements. However, I would like to see the following:

    1. Ability to swipe from one photo to the next in Albums, Currently, I have to press the Back button to go back the to the album and select another photo.

    2. Option to permanently display Tags in photos. Why should I have to click “Display Tags” within every photo?

    3. Ability to at least view comments for photos. I understand that we cannot make comments, but I would at least want to see the comments posted.

  46. geektechblog says:

    Keeps getting better, can’t wait for more.

  47. oogmsn says:

    Hi Dimitris, the last time when I did the update using Slideme to 1.2.2 too – I got billed another round of $1.49….

  48. Gary says:

    First of all purchased the app and it’s great thanks for your hard work.

    Just wondering how much data is used each time the notification checks for any updates? Got a usage limit to keep to so I’m wondering whether it’s worth keeping them turned on.

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