Bloo 1.3 status update

Hey everyone!

I know it has been sometime since I posted here. I wanted to apologize for the lack of updates lately. Summer time with family trips and vacation with friends often make it hard to work and concentrate. This does not mean Bloo is dead for any reason or there is a lack of support.

Quite a few has been reworked for Bloo 1.3. This is a major release and lots of changes have been made under the hood for handling calls with Facebook.

The only thing thats keeping Bloo 1.3 from being released is the notifications. While the background service is working there are still a few issues that need to be taken care of. I was hoping to have 1.3 released this weekend but I feel like it needs more time.

Currently Bloo 1.3 offers the following changes:

  • New feed, indefinitely scroll for seeing older posts, ability to expand or shrink posts with comments
  • Ability to choose how many feed posts to load from the Preferences screen
  • Video uploading, including title and description
  • Post links. In addition you may choose from a list of previously visited links from your browser
  • New comment screen including biggest section to post and type so you dont have to scroll back and forth. (Long press on a post to comment)
  • New notifications. You will be notified in a background for notifications from your past 8 status updates as well as new wall posts, birthdays and event invitations.
  • Better error handling for most calls made on Facebook

Hang in tight and I am sorry for all the delays and the lack of status updates.

41 Responses to Bloo 1.3 status update

  1. Marks87 says:

    Sounds great!

    Would still love the ability to scroll through images in an album by sliding, instead of having to exit each picture and manually selecting the next one.

    Also the ability to save an album, or a group of multiple selected images to the sd card would be cool. Possibly using a “mark/unmark >>> save to sd card” type of feature.

    Inbox is a MUST.

    Great app so far though, keep up the good work.

  2. Jose says:

    Will the feed section load faster on this new version?

  3. Jonathan says:

    I’m wondering why you only include notifications for the latest 8 updates. While I don’t see an absolute NEED to go back further, because people rarely comment on old updates, it seems like a complete notification system would be the best user experience. Why not just check them all?

    Also, woohoo this update sounds AWESOME.

  4. Jon says:

    Sounds good, I’m looking forward to it!

  5. Kevin says:

    Sounds like a pretty good update to me! Keep up the good work. Just waiting patiently! :]

  6. Bill says:

    Sweet! I can’t wait.

  7. tony says:

    Will we ever be able to see what friends are online and b e able to chat with them?

  8. ryan says:

    Hopefully he can implement something like fbabble into bloo, that would make it the best. by far.

  9. Raul says:

    I don’t necessarily need chat in Bloo, since I use Meebo for facebook chat. However, it would be nice to be able to see who is online (with the green dot) like Babbler does. This would help me decide when to log into Meebo.

  10. Mark87 says:

    Sounds great!
    Would still love the ability to scroll through images in an album by sliding, instead of having to exit each picture and manually selecting the next one.

    Also the ability to save an album, or a group of multiple selected images to the sd card would be cool. Possibly using a “mark/unmark >>> save to sd card” type of feature. Inbox is a MUST. Great app so far though, keep up the good work.

  11. Claudy Roman says:

    Will the notifications only be for status update comments or will we get notifications when others comment on someone elses wall or status that we posted to?

    Also, as it stands are there even any notifications? I downloaded this 24 hrs ago and have gotten none of my notifications via the app

    • Bob Garon says:

      I’d like to know this too. I comment A LOT on other people’s walls and statuses so I NEED to know if they, or anyone else, comments after me and be notified of such.

      Additionally I NEED notifications of pokes and Private Messages. This should be standard.


      P.S. What would be awesome is to have filters that we can put select people in that whenever those people update their statuses we get alerted. Is there any way to do that?

  12. Antonio says:

    Hey quick question dimitris, I saw some where that facebook might be bringing an official app to android finally, and that bloo and babble are no longer going to be doing updates or anything, is this true??

  13. ryan says:

    anytime now….

  14. Jose says:

    I’m doing the same I am sticking with bloo. Dimistris put a lot of hard work on this app and the so called official facebook appl is not gonna be good it’s gonna take a lot of work so my decision is made I am staying with the Bloo App. 🙂

  15. BigT says:

    Unless the official app has features not available to third party developers (like the iphone one does), Bloo is gonna stay my Facebook app of choice. 1.3 sounds really nice

  16. David O says:

    The “offical” FB app is going to Suck compared to Bloo.

    Screw em. Too little too late.


  17. Drew says:

    Looking forward to 1.3, but I do have a request. Can you add auto Capitalization to 1.3. It’s minor, but a necessity when typing. Also, spell check would be nice too. Thanks. Yea, and pic scrolling. Current version only lets you look at the first 9 pics or something. Click on one after that, and it loads the ones you had already a seen. Just a bug, but still.

  18. beach says:

    will 1.3 be easier to search for friends, by using soft keyboard?

  19. ryan says:

    where the hell is demitris? Where is the developer responses/feedback?

  20. Guillaume says:

    come on guys, let him have summer holidays too!
    on my side I’d still love to see in 1.3:
    – faster loading (!)
    – swipe navigation in albums
    – show all photos from an album on a single page
    – comments on photos
    – self tagging on photos
    – “share via bloo” available in the context menu when flicking photos in the native gallery app (together with “share on gmail”, “share by SMS”…)
    – different options to sort friends list
    – friends list with tabs (ie A to Z) or with the native elevator used for scrolling (ie in the contact app)
    – fix small bug: first click on the Bloo icon often fails… need to click it a 2nd time to launch the app

    Keep it up Dimitris!

  21. Claudy Roman says:

    I read the article about the official app. I think development on this and the other app should continue. The official app will not have an inbox, video upload etc…

    • todd says:

      They will for sure. The official app is pretty light from most reports. Bloo and Babbler will already have more features out of the gate

  22. Holly says:

    Hi Dimitris,

    I have finally managed to get a credit card so that i could buy your app for here in the UK, I really like the layout of it, it looks really profesional, thankyou for spending time making it.

    I have a couple of suggestions from using the app that i thing would make it perfect…

    Notify me when someone writes on my wall or comments on my post without me having to go into the app first. (and be able to choose the notification tone, so that it stands out from a text or email)

    Inbox, it would be nice to be able to get into my inbox and read and reply messages.

    Be able to sync my friends phone numbers and email addresses with my address book on my phone.

    Looking forward to future updates

  23. ShootingBlue says:

    The problem I’m having is when I download a free app, I consider myself a user. When a purchase an app, I consider myself as a consumer. As a consumer I very disappointed in the promised progress on this application. The reason that I kept it was because of the promise of timely progress. When you decide to sell an application (if you want to be successful)you must provide timely user support. That is why a regret purchasing this application and do not recommend it to others. It seems like the pay apps on the market are getting the least amount attention by the devs. I hope this changes in the future.

    • Drew says:

      Dude, it was $1.50. That’s like buying a $1.50 hot dog, not liking it, and saying, I wasn’t %100 satisfied so I wish I didn’t buy it. The point of this open source Android thing is so INDIVIDUALS (not teams of people w/a separate customer service department) can create apps and offer them to the public. The hot dog guy would be like, oh well, and rightfully so. The developer of this app is constantly accessible to his consumers…hell, we even know what he looks like! Not many (or any) devs of other apps can say the same. If you don’t like it, you could’ve gotten your refund in 24 hrs. Yeah, it’s not perfect, and it might not even be the best, but you CHOSE to download it, AND keep it (costing you a mighty $1.50). Get over it.

      • ShootingBlue says:

        Oh sorry Drew, I thought that as a consumer(doesn’t matter if the app costs .99)I am allowed to give my feedback. I could have CHOSE to return it, but the Dev promised timely development and I took him at his word. Thanks for the smug “Get Over it”. Thought I could just share my 2 cents on his blog without getting a smug response back. Oh, one more thing….NEVER call me dude! I’m not 13.

    • Drew says:

      Sheesh. You’re a sensitive one. It’s funny because you look at the comments on here and ppl are offering suggestions,ideas, etc. But you’re on here recommending people don’t spend $1.50 on this app. Fine. MY 2 cents are IT’S ONLY $1.50! Yes, you’re a consumer, and could give feedback…but there’s a different between complaining and feedback. Give the Dev time. I’m sure he’s sorry his updates weren’t timely enough for you. Lemme ask you this: When you pay 20 bucks for a meal, and it’s not what you expected,and it doesn’t look as good as it did in the picture, and it didn’t taste as good as you thought, what do you do? I mean, you’re allowed to give feedback, so do you question the waitress or cook? Most people say, oh well, I won’t order that again. But if you hop online to discourage ppl from paying $1.50, I could only imagine what you’d do if it was more $ at stake. “Get over it,” may have been smug to you, but you’re being petty while offering no constructive criticism at all.

  24. Radzell says:

    Hi i am a android developer from what i can see so far you are using Oauth for authorizing your application i am offering my help. I also use Oauth and have found a easier way for you the Oauthorize the application in the android brower email me if you want to know more about it.

  25. todd says:

    “Oh, one more thing…NEVER call me dude! I’m not 13”

    That made my day – Thanks 🙂

  26. Jonathan says:

    Dudes, chill out dude.

  27. Claudy Roman says:

    I like this app, but as it stands babbler is more functional and it looks better. Both have serious issues with notifications though. They are lacking, keep up the good work though

  28. Greg Gurecki says:

    Dude if that was my son I would be suing the shit out of that fat DUDE he has no right manhandling a 14 year old DUDE!!

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