Version 1.2.2 Available now!

Get Bloo 1.2.2 now!

Official announcement a list of 1.2.3 soon. Definitely includes brand new push notification system.

Photo fling is not available in 1.2.2. It did not pass my tests and so I would prefer to make sure it works for you before I include it. I am sorry for that.


  • Great news! Facebook fixed the problem with zero size albums not being returned. The fix is now deployed and I can confirm I can see empty albums from Bloo!
  • Adds activities and interests to profile views
  • Adds timestamps to stream posts
  • Fixes a bug that you would get an option to create an album while viewing somebody elses photos
  • Fixes a bug with photos getting tagged in upper left corner (0,0 coords)
  • New friends list! Full view of your friends and you can start typing (like you would in your Contacts list) to filter your friends!
  • All comments should now show up
  • Saving a photo now instantly shows up in your facebook_photos directory in your sdcard
  • Adds more robust error handling for photo uploading
  • Fixed a bug with WiFi optimizer. Your profile pics will ALWAYS load if you are on a WiFi connection
  • Want RSVPing? Register and vote for this enhancement. Facebook must relax the permissions in order for this to work so show them you want it! Take a minute to register and put 100 votes in it! You will see I have been fighting for more than 2-3 weeks for this.


116 Responses to Version 1.2.2 Available now!

  1. beach says:

    hey Dimitris, is it possible to add the facebook usual timestamp feature beside the comments?

  2. Nina says:

    I love updates too =)

    You’re my favorite developer so far.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. raul says:

    You are doing an amazing job! This app is possibly the best app out there and it just came out!

  4. tb says:

    Keep up the great work, loving the app

  5. Jonathan says:

    The constant feedback from you is very encouraging, and makes it worth the $1.50. Keep the updates rolling, I love updates!

  6. Kyle says:

    This is a good way to make some VERY good cash fast. haha. I’m sure it is WELL worth the effort for the amount of money you are receiving, thanks a ton for the effort, I have VERY HIGH hopes for this app, I just love the simplicity of the app and how smooth it is. I bought both this and Babbler and a short while later I refunded Babbler, even though it had more options, Bloo was just my type of layout of an app. Keep up the great work!!

  7. Paul Weiss says:

    Sliding images is one of the features that I’m looking forward to. Thanks for all the hard work.

  8. Christopher says:

    Thanks so much for the hard work! I haven’t been this excited about an android app yet! I love the constant updates and dialog. Sliding images is my biggest request, I’m glad to see you’re working on that. Do you have any plans of integrating facebook chat or is that a whole separate project?

  9. Maff says:

    can I suggest something?
    change the name on the market from “Bloo” to something like “Bloo – native Facebook app”

    when people search for “facebook” yours is way down the list, all the ones with “facebook” in the title are at the top!

  10. Tony says:

    Awesome app so far. Great updates. I know you said that the inbox won’t work. How about being able to see what friends are online and being able to chat with them. Bye the way, thanks for such a great facebook app, been waiting a long time for one.

  11. Buzzchilly says:

    Saved photos are placed in a folder called “facebook_photos” which I can access when I mount my G1 to my computer. Is it possible to have the photos save to the “download” folder so they can be viewed in the gallery?

    • Buzzchilly says:

      Well, apparently the folder “facebook_photos” will show in the gallery. It just took awhile . . . go figure.

  12. Ben says:

    Hey Dimitris thanks a lot for this app it’s the best and the frequency of updates is amazing.
    However, can we please have the timestamp on the posts?that would be incredible. Equally when it’s someone’s birthday it notifies you whenever you open the app – could we have an option 2acknowledge it or something?

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  13. BDot says:

    Yea, just wanted to chime and say keep up the good work man. I’m very happy with the app so far, and look forward to it getting even better. Well worth the price of admission.


    I think that’s an excellent suggestion, hopefully one Dimitris takes into account. I’d recommend we all help out though, be it by tweeting about it, posting on Facebook (via Bloo of course) etc.

    The more people using it, the more incentive the dev has to make it better.

  14. Ru says:

    Am I the only one who gets the error “No photos are found for this user or the users’ privacy settings restrict access from applications?

    I have made my profile completely public, turned on all notifications, allowed applications complete access and still cannot view my photos but I can view friends photos fine.

  15. brybam says:

    keep up the good work!

    But, imo lacking the inbox function really hurts your application. You should really consider a workaround untill the API allows you to handle messaging.

  16. If only all developers were like you DC!

    Very impressed with all of your hard work and looking forward to seeing further updates.

    Shame that the API prevents Inbox access but, imo, Bloo is still awesome without it.

  17. Padaiyappa says:

    You did a great job with this app Dimitris! I am very content with it and the support you provide is excellent. The only limitations are from the Facebook API in my opinion. You were faced with a round peg/square hole syndrome battling the facebook API which makes the work you did even more remarkable! Hopefully Zuckerberg and company will see what you put into this and assist you with custom controls in the future!

  18. Lion Nawawi says:

    how do i update it to 1.2.2?

  19. itjhie says:

    Awesome app, very stable and less buggy compared to Babbler.

    Few important features that will improve the app IMHO:

    – The ability to load more items in Feed, Profile (user’s and other people’s), e.g. via link, button, or scrolling down to the bottom

    – Only first few visible pictures load and more as you scroll down (this will improve loading speed)

    – Option to clear application cache


  20. itjhie says:

    Just adding another suggestion.

    A notification page, reflecting

    Great job.

  21. Phil says:

    Could you add an inbox/message feature?

  22. mimimi says:

    oh, +1 for itjhie, I think the notification page or alerts it is quite necessary because in appear, but not in Bloo ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  23. Dennis says:

    Awesome app. Really appreciate the effort you put in with the constant updates.

    Anyway to get a “Past Feed” option?….to see previous listings than the current 15 shown on the feed?

  24. B.Melanson says:

    Love the app so far, really wish Facebook would allow you to add inbox access but it’s great all the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. David O says:

    Could you make it *more* than 13 stories for the feed? My feed gets way more traffic than that.

  26. Dave says:

    The entire app should be made to run fullscreen (or at least have the option) so that the notification bar is hidden.

  27. Deleric says:

    Ih dimitri!
    did you find an alternative way at the android market? something like SlideME or other?

  28. Bill says:

    I must admit I was not happy with this app at first, BUT your constant work and dependable updates have started to grow on me. A dev that listens to his customers is truly worth his weight in gold. One thing I would love to see; the ability to comment on pictures and the ability to see the comments others have made on my pics. Thanks

  29. John says:

    I second @itjhie’s comment. Just need more notifications. At the moment I’m flicking between this and fBook because fBook gives me all the notifications I’ve requested.

    Hopefully photo comments will follow soon.

    Keep ’em coming and good work!



  30. Kristian says:

    One thing i’d love for a future version would be caching of profile pictures and such, so that you can get the full experience even on slow connections.

  31. chris says:

    1.2.2 not in uk markeyplace yet.

  32. fridlack says:

    Nice work! Would be great if when we hit friends a list of ALL friends apears, and then we can filter that….

    And would be great too, to surf inside the albums, when i am seeing friends photos i must to go back each time i want to se another one…

    A Zoom in photo viewer would be great too

    Bye bye!

  33. eric says:

    Hey i just wanted to say i love your app, if you can’t have a native inbox can you do something like babbler and just have a link tab to view the mobile version of the inbox? i think this would be a very helpful feature even if it isn’t the native client.

    Thanks for your hard work,

  34. Bryan says:

    Congrats on the 2000+ downloads. It’s always great to see a developer so committed to their product.

  35. Almus says:

    I bought your app, and I like it.. the *big* thing it is missing is timestamps. I need to know when my friend made whatever comment or post they made or it is fairly useless to me.

  36. Doug says:

    Here’s another feature request:

    * Option to clear Facebook status, not just update it.

  37. glennbatten says:

    Some of my observations..

    “Likes” are not showing up on posts.

    When viewing photos it would be good to be able to swipe left or right to browse other photos rather than backing out and clicking on a new one.

    Viewing photos on the feed does not let you access all the photos posted.. just the two or three shown. Ideally it should let you see all the photos posted.

    Option to have longer feeds and the ability to view “previous” entries no matter what you select.

    When the main facebook site has “Show xx more comments” Bloo shows nothing and no way to see those other comments.

    I had a post in my feed from 2 hours ago. Starting Bloo did not bring the post up.. I had to do a manual refresh.

    One of my friends had a birthday yesterday but I did not get a notification nor did it show up in events in Bloo.

  38. Nik says:

    hi Dimitris, excuse me the question, but does Bloo works only on Android 1.5 ?

  39. Rabban says:


    I downloaded your app yesterday and love it, I had tried other facebook apps but this is the first time I did not switch back to the mobile site.

    I have a suggestion, could you make an option in the “merge contact” function to use the facebook profile photo as the contact photo on the phone?

  40. Rocky says:

    Hi Dimitiris,

    Keep up the good work, not sure if this has been reported yet but.

    Buglet: V1.2.1

    Often when I select the application for the first time with no wifi network connection present (ie it has to establish the 3G connection), or bring up the wifi, I often get a Request failed error repeated until it drops me out of the app. Reloading the app after this error it often works OK.

    I am also getting a lot of request timeouts in the App.

    Not sure if its more than Babbler but as Bloo clears the screen on refresh its more obvious (I think babbler just absorbs the error in the background).

  41. Miguel says:

    Well, I used Bloo the entire long weekend. I like the app alot. Here’s what I think needs to be addressed:

    1. Items in The Feed need a time stamp. It’s hard to judge whether to comment on something when I don’t know how long ago it was posted. Plus the Feed should be expanded to be much longer. It should have at least the past 24 hours worth of items posted.

    2. In my Feed, some users appear as “Private User”. Why is that? I have never seen that on the Facebook website. Even people who are not my friends have always displayed using their name. Maybe a Facebook API issue?

    3. When clicking Photos in The Feed, only the first 3 photos are visible. This needs to include the entire Gallery.

    4. Comments seem to be disappearing. I commented on several friend’s Status last night, and this morning my comments are not displaying, although I can see other people’s comments on the same status. It’s like my own comments are being filtered out. I almost thought my friend had deleted what I had said.

    5. There is a problem in Bloo when opening the G1 keyboard. When at the Bloo home screen, opening the keyboard opens The Feed for some reason. If I want to type my status, I have to press the Back button, and click “Status”. Why does The Feed have to open when opening the keyboard? I have also noticed that opening the keyboard also closes all comment boxes, erasing all contents.

    6. I have noticed very few notifications. Basically, I rely on getting notifications from Facebook through my Gmail. I might see 20 notification e-mails before I see a single Notification from Bloo. Why doesn’t Bloo run in the background, or at least have that option?

    7. The Photos section needs some revamping. When entering a gallery, you should be able to swipe Left/Right through Photos. I know something like this is coming in the next version. Funny, but you can do it when browsing pages in an album, but not from one photo to the next. We should also be allowed to see comments left on photos, and post comments on photos.

    8. There should be an Update Notification feature. I loved apps like ShopSavvy and TuneWiki that tell you an update is available when you open them. With updates being so frequent for Bloo, we should be notified that an update is available upon opening the app.

    That’s all I can remember right now. I should have wrote the stuff down. I was too busy stuffing my face at BBQs and at Six Flags!

    • Ian says:

      1. Agree with this. I’m sure Dimitris can make this happen, somehow?

      2. No idea on that one. I guess it’s an API thing, as you said.

      3. If you long press the post, i’m sure there’s an option to “View All New Photos” and that opens up the album for that picture. I need to double check that.

      4. Dimitris is aware of this issue. It’s to do with Facebook filtering multiple comments on a status. Should be fixed in 1.2.2.

      5. No idea, leave that one to Dimitris.

      6. From what has been said on the blog, Dimitris is going to rewrite the whole Notifications part of the app and he plans to make notifications ‘push notifications’. I’m sure he will get there eventually, matter of time I guess. There are a lot of other things that need fixing.

      7. Has already been said that this will be incorporated in a future version of Bloo.

      8. Not really a necessary feature as the Android MArket usually informs users of when apps are being updated.

      I feel like a support person on this thing, but the reason why I replied was due to the fact that a lot of these questions have already been answered on either this blog or on the Facebook group page. Seeing that I knew most the answers, thought i’d help DC out so he can concentrate on working on Bloo. Hope this answers your questions Miguel.

      • Miguel says:

        Thanks for the reply. I knew that some of the problems have already been mentioned, but I was just running through what I noticed.

        I do have to disagree on the Update Notification though. The Market update notification is really slow and sometimes buggy. It may take days for an update notification to appear in the Status Bar, whereas Bloo could easily offer the user the option to update to the latest version upon opening Bloo. Since most users probably open Bloo dozens of times a day, most people will be assured to have the most up to date version.

        Case-in-point, I have been having to search the Market for “Bloo” all day today for version 1.22, because I know it is questionable as to when the Update Notification will appear in the Status Bar.

      • Jason says:

        #2 also happens with Blabber, showing “Facebook User”
        These show up on the full site as a user with a non-clickable name and no photo avatar fwiw…

    • Ian says:

      In regards to question 3, there WAS an option to view a pictures’ specific album by long pressing the post and selecting โ€œView All New Photosโ€, but looks like it was taken out of Bloo 1.2.1, when the new conext menus came in to play. Would be cool if we could have both options.

    • Ian says:

      Miguel, I take that back about Q3, The “View all new photos” option is there. That will display the entire album instead of just the 3, so yep, that option appears to already be in there.

  42. beach says:

    After days of usage, I’ve also noticed that sometimes its hard to load the feeds in Bloo at every startup. Probably its my 3G network problem.

    And like what Miguel mentioned, notice there are no timestamps for each and every comments. Like what the facebook currently have.

    And also, Bloo doesn’t run in the background..

    I was checking out my friend’s comment, that she’s going overseas. But I couldn’t figure out what time she posted her status ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  43. Lion Nawawi says:

    sorry for the ignorant question again….how do i update it?..cant seem to see any option within the app or when using atrackdog…

    • 1.2.2 is not yet available so you cannot update just yet ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Miguel says:

      You have to search the Market for “Bloo” and see if the button says “Update Available”. Or you can wait for the “Update Available” icon to appear in the Status Bar, but that usually takes a while.

      In my post above, I recommend to the developer that he incorporate an update notification feature in Bloo so when you open the app, Bloo will tell you a new version is available in the Market. Most of the better apps do this.

      • Lion Nawawi says:

        ok thanks guys for the clarification! I bought mine off slideme so wasn’t sure if that is why there is no “update notification” for the 1.2.2. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Hence, agree with Miguel that there should be some notification feature built into Bloo.

  44. Rocky says:

    I think only V1.2.1 is out at the moment so there is no upgrade yet.

    Wanting the v1.2.2 upgrade myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. brybam says:

    Had a few suggestions about comments on feed posts.

    -As of now it looks like your app can only display a maximum of 2 or 3 comments. I was going to suggest butting a link under it maybe with a different icon or link color or basically just something that says “display all comments” then you can see them all maybe in like a pop up window.

    -I know a few people have said this, but timestamps would be nice.

    -Still think it would be nice if under the search friends bar it just displayed your friends and this status’s and maybe you could customize the sorting by most recently updated or by name. something basically so you can just browse.

    anyway, looking forward to your updates.

  46. turtlegurl says:

    This is an awesome app! Thanks so much and looking forward to future updates. This may have been asked and answered somewhere, but I couldn’t find it – is there ever going to be the ability to chat? Fbook had it. I had to wipe my phone and now it’s not on the market. I would love it if Bloo was able to provide that feature.
    Thanks again – awesome app!

  47. chris says:

    When i went to vote for RSVP API to be opened up I was suprised to ser no-one followed link posted in Dimitris suggestion.

    Come on folks…

  48. Dimitris says:

    Make sure you use all your 100 votes, I’ve seen some use 1 vote only!

  49. Does the Facebook API allow you to determine whether a contact is “hidden” from the main feed?

    I’ve hidden several people on my feed on the main Facebook site but they still appear in my feed within Bloo.

    If this is not available via the API is it possible to implement a “hide from feed” option within Bloo itself?

  50. Jamm says:

    When is 1.2.2 coming out??

    Also, I used to use Fbook (and still have it on my phone) which isn’t even on the market anymore and it allowed chat and inbox. Why again can Bloo not do that?

  51. i0wn says:

    will there be an option to sync my friends list my phone book, such as phone number, email and contact picture. There is already an app for iphone that does this called friendsync, but it only copies contact picture and i think this would make a great addition to a great app.

  52. Bill says:

    I’m eperiencing something VERY strange. When I update my status with Bloo OR Babbler those updates do not show up in the timeline of my friends who use the facebook mobile site. HOWEVER, if I update my status with Friendmobilizer, that update IS visible in my friends mobile facebook timeline. My updates are always visible in the timeline on the full facebook site no matter what app I use.
    I can”t imagine what would cause this! I have checked the privacy and account settings on my site AND my friends sites and there is nothing that should cause this to happen as far as filters go.
    Anybody have any thoughts?

    • Dimitris says:

      Check on Facebook Settings (up top) -> Privacy Settings -> Applications -> Settings Tab make sure all are checked except the last 4. That is how it is for me.



  53. Goddimus says:

    Do i have to rebuy this to get the upgrade from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2?

  54. Sam says:

    Great work, wish I could experience it easily. Could you perhaps do a blog entry on getting Bloo (and other Paid Apps) onto non-Paid Apps phone’s.

    There are hundreds, it not thousands of Australians on Optus with G1 handsets hanging out for this.

    I have upgraded to cupcake 1.5 but I’m pretty sure I don’t have ROOT :-(.. For a while I thought I must have had root to even update to Cupcake 1.5.

    Anyway, so if you know of a way to get Bloo onto non paid app phones, a best practice guide would be awesome.

    Keep up the briliant work.

    • Maff says:

      get it from

      • Jeff says:

        Yep, SlideME is where I picked up my copy. And my experience with the attention Dimitris gives his app and his users – it’s a win-win all around! I recently asked some other app writer to see if he could use SlideME as well for a paid app he was advertising everywhere but never even answered…

  55. Sam says:

    OK I’ve jumped on the SlideMe bandwagon to enable me to obtain Bloo! But currently they only have v1.2.1 hosted.. If I buy 1.2.1 from Bloo will I be able to update to 1.2.2 when they finally decide to host that? No doubt by then there will be another even better version available?

    • Jeff says:

      Yes, can upgrade. It looks as though you’re purchasing again but at the end of the install it says you won’t be charged for the upgrade.

  56. Jonathan says:

    1.2.2 looks like it’s shaping up to be a HUGE update. Come on, push it through!!

  57. Chris P says:

    Any word on contact merging functionality? Are you going to add a mass merge function for the first time you install Bloo? In addition will pictures/facebook info such as birthday be added to the merged contacts in the android contact list. This would be amazing.

  58. kenza says:

    this update is shaping up nicely. Can’t wait!

  59. KillaBee2k5 says:

    Why is Bloo 1.2.2 not on SlideMe yet? when I go there all I see is 1.2.1…I would like to get the new update!!

    Thank you!!

    • Dimitris says:

      You are really fast my friend! Faster than me?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Its updated now!

      • KillaBee2k5 says:


        Thank you very much!!

        I didn’t know the update was just released because I only looked at the date of the post, which is july 5th, but I’m guessing you updated the same post from before to reflect the new version!

      • Sam says:

        In SlideMe SAM phone client, only 1.2.1 is showing up. (Actually if I do a search for “Bloo” only two OTHER programs appear, if I search for “Bloo!” nothing appears)
        But that said, from my PC on SlideME it states 1.2.2.

        Oh oh, but I just went to “Latest” on the SAM client and 1.2.2 is listed. Geez, the little things that frustrate me.

        Awesome work Dimitris. I hope the $funds$ are starting to flow through to your pocket.

  60. Jose says:

    Once again Thank you for a great App Dimitris. Keep fighting for us to get all the goodies in bloo

  61. Ru says:

    Well Apparently 1.2.2 didn’t fix the “No photos are found for this user or the usersโ€™ privacy settings restrict access from applications”

  62. Nice work on version 1.2.2!

    However, I’ve noticed a bug with the extra information shown on my Profile Info page.

    Some of the text on that page is not wrapping and is going off screen.

    Loving the extra changes though ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to seeing more information on 1.2.3

  63. ShootingBlue says:

    First I’d like to say nice work on this. This is by far the best FB app to date. I thought I would add some suggestions of some things I’d like to see. First, is push notification with more options on what we would like to be notified on (looking forward to seeing it in 1.2.3). Second is I would like to see many more posts on my feed, mine is currently showing only 9, thats just not enough. Fan page updates would be nice as well. Third, a mobile indicator would be great to see if my friends are posting from their mobile devices. Fourth, can you add a text box back into the friends list so we can use our on screen keyboard to search for friends. Lastly I would like to see much more info on my friends profile.

  64. Eric says:

    still looking fantastic. really appreciate your hard work on this. what about uploading (“sharing”) option from Camera? Babbler has this feature and I really like it. When you take a photo, the app appears in the list of ways to share the photo. Thinks like PicSay and Twidroid have this as well. Thanks again!

  65. Jeff says:

    In 1.2.2 when viewing the feed, if someone has comments on their status, the first one always has a blank name for me in the update. Not sure if it’s happening for others but the first comment author name is blank but the ones after it have names.

    • Miguel says:

      I see the same thing. However, it’s not limited to the first comment for me. I am looking at a comment right now that is the 8th comment down, and it has no name. Could this be the mysterious “Private User” of 1.21?


      1. I like how Bloo now shows the the amount of time elapsed since a status was posted. However, would it be possible to get the same information for the subsequent comments, perhaps over in the left margin? There is alot of wasted space there.

      2. And how do I delete notifications, or at least mark them as read? I keep getting the same notifications over and over, even after I have read them. I can;t seem to find a delete or “mark as read” button.

      3. In the Friends section, I notice the Search box was eliminated in favor of the scrolling list of friends. I assume based on the whining in the Market comments. I’m sure now people will start whining about the lack of a search feature. Doesn’t matter to me because even thumb scrolling through a large list seems easy and painless.

    • Bill says:

      I’m experiencing something similar but not exactly the same. In my feed the first friend that has comments on their update is not showing the original status posters profile pic. None of her status updates are showing her pic. I opened Babbler and her pic displays just fine.
      Great update overall! One more update as good as this one and I can delete all other facebook apps on my phone. Thanks Dmitris

  66. Rocky says:

    Great Update Dimitris … this might edge Babbler off my phone this release (maybe one or two more release though).


    * collapse comments
    * comment time stamps
    * include link posts
    * sort friends list by last status update date
    * include status on friends list


    Friends list doesn’t seem to filter now
    Friends list doesn’t show status anymore


    * Last post on the page has a dark blue background
    * its dropped of the bottom of my feed but I got a comments with a few square blocks in place of carriage returns

    These are not complaints … its excellent …

    • Dimitris says:

      You can filter friends list by flipping you keyboard and start typing!

      Thank you for such great comments. I will continue to improve Bloo!

      • Rocky says:

        Oddly I tried that and it didn’t seem to work (HTC Magic).

        Just tried it again and again and again and again and again and it works everytime …..

        Probably user error the first time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  67. kenneth says:

    HeY really thanks for the.wonderfull app. Can I suggest stuff for the may be for 3.0 updates.
    1. May be add another option besides show tags and save to view the comment on all the pics, may be an icon on all the pics that have comments on them.
    2. Can we get the permission to delete posts even the ones not done with bloo
    3.instead of simple tittles like feed, photos, could you use icons to make the gui nicer. More like a table of icons instead of a list of items
    4. Could we get like massive feeds. As many as possible see how the scroll works in the phone contacts with the letters beeing displayed while scrolling, may be you could implement that for the friends list.
    6. An inbox may be.
    7. Notifications for almost everything, such as friend request, wall post, pic comment etc…
    8. For the pics, may be have a downward scroll instead of a page by page system.

    Please comment on this and lemme know which ideas are totally dumb, or you don’t like. He has the tendency so far of listenning lots to suggestions…

  68. Rocky says:

    Oh and two more things …

    * when refreshing it would be great if the feed stayed there for viewing while it was loading … it just makes the app seem so much more responsive, its more of a perception thing.

    * next weeks euro millions lottery numbers ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. brybam says:

    So, if you’re not going to increase the feed…why not add a link at the bottom that says “older posts” that’s how it is on the actual site. Also quizzes don’t show up in the feed on your app.

    Another thought, ever think about making the “photos” link more like the “photos” link on the facebook site? Like have it bring up a feed of the most recently added pictures from friends. Then maybe just make a menu button option that’s like “manage/upload pics” that comes up when you hit menu on the front screen.

    Just some more thoughts! The app is slowly getting better

    • Rocky says:

      > Also quizzes donโ€™t show up in the feed on your app.

      this is a positive thing surely …. ๐Ÿ™‚

      “Bob took the whats your favourite colour pencil quiz and the result is Yellow.”

      as an aside … be very careful of FB quizes … for example one of the “What is your real age” quiz asked you stuff about your lifestyle and medical history etc then passed the information to medical insurance companies ! Some of the adverts in them rip all you information, DOB, interests, friends, email addresses, status updates, books read, photo comments … its shocking !

  70. Miguel says:

    I found another bug. When clicking through a YouTube link in the feed, you get to the YouTube app fine. However, pressing the back button to return to Bloo results in the display of two or three error dialog boxes appearing:

    “Error: An error occurred while processing your request”

    Upon pressing “ok” to the error, Bloo abruptly closes. The errors say nothing about a force close.

    • Dimitris says:

      Hmm this is weird, I cannot reproduce!

    • PHPdiddy says:

      I’m having this same issue, except it happens when I start the application. The first time I start Bloo, I get this:

      โ€œError: An error occurred while processing your requestโ€

      But then when I start it again, it works. Happens consistently, every time I open it. Other than that, great app so far. Best Facebook app for Android hands down.

      Suggestion that may have already been mentioned. Can you add Facebook to the list of Share locations when using camera or gallery? This is something Twidroid does that really comes in handy.

  71. Cody Cook says:

    In 1.2.2 – Uploading a photo does not work when the phone is horizontal instead of vertical (keyboard closed). I have my phone on auto-orientation so when i move it to the side, it auto rotates. I select the photo and it force quits. I was able to reproduce the issue again. I put it in the upright position and it asked me for a caption after i selected the image, something the horizontal did not show me. I was able to upload in the vertical position. I opened the keyboard on my G1 and then tried it and it worked fine, however, it had the caption from the last photo I uploaded there. Then I put the keyboard down and kept it in a horizontal and tried again and I received the force quit.

  72. Stuart says:

    I VOTED ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Miguel says:

    Anyone else having a lot of force closes on startup?

    Basically, every other time I start Bloo, I get several error dialog boxes and then Bloo closes. When I start Bloo again, it starts fine. But if I close it, and try to start it, I get the error again. It appears to happen when the feed is loading.


    I just changed a setting in my preferences. Previously, I had it set “Show the feed on start-up”. I unchecked that box and now Bloo seems to start at the last pages I was viewing before when I closed it, with no errors. But I have to manually refresh the page.

    So it looks like there is a bug when having the “Show the feed on start-up” option checked in the preferences.

  74. GODMODE says:

    I am having an issue. I can log into bloo, see th feed, and most everything else – however, when I try to update a status, I get an error that my session has expired, and to re-login. Well, I generate a new code, and it accepts, it, but then I get the same session expired code. I have uninstalled, and reinstalled. Same issues.

    Anyone else have this problem?

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