Bloo (1.2.1) is now available!

Bloo 1.2.1 is out!

Bloo 1.2.1 – Change Log

  • No longer caption required for photo uploading
  • View your friends albums and photos
  • Create albums (There is a facebook bug (not a Bloo one) that won’t show any empty albums, make sure you upload a photo if you want your album to keep showing up, I have already contacted Facebook)
  • Fixes encoding for most characters to show up correctly
  • New context menu for viewing a profile, jump into wall, profile info or photos instantly without going through the wall
  • New preference to optimize feed loading. Disabled by default. If you enable this Bloo will not download profile pictures if you are on a slow connection!
  • Photos in albums are now displayed with newest ones on top (Thanks Matt for this)

Features will come in and go depending on work status and test status. I hope you do not get tired updating the app 🙂 Thank you all!

UPDATE: Bloo 1.2.1 is now available on SlideME market for users OUTSIDE Google Market zone. There are 1000 downloads available (this is how SlideME works) so go grab it quick!

Useful Links:

Preload your permissions – Load up your permissions from your desktop or laptop to start using Bloo faster!
Bloo Application Page – Discuss, review, comment and post issues about Bloo
Bloo Facebook Group – Become a fan and talk about Bloo also there

Finally, I wanted to thank you, my family and friends for your support. This is the first ever app I release so go easy on me ;)!

I hope you enjoy and the process goes out smooth.

233 Responses to Bloo (1.2.1) is now available!

  1. Henry says:

    Yess I cant wait to download it! This is fantastic man!

    • Nando says:

      First off, lots of credit and plaudits! I do have a question though, how come we cannot view our faceboko inbox?

      I do not know if you are aware of this but their is another app called “Babbler for Facebook” by That app does have inbox feature. As a matter of fact, that app is very similar to your app.

      Also, if you have ever logged onto you will be able to see all notifications, however, 3rd party apps including do not have this either. Just a suggestion.


  2. Nax says:

    Great news man!! Thanks for all the hard work, I am downloading it now!!! Can’t wait to use it. Finally we have a superb quality app for our Android phones!

    Congrats and well worth the $$. Would definately pay more 😛

  3. Awesome! Downloading now!

  4. Punit says:

    Just bought the app, must say its AMAZING!!!

  5. Fred says:

    Thanks, just bought it!! Was looking forward for this, awesome!

  6. Israel says:

    Already downloaded and installed. First to leave a comment!

  7. Ike says:


  8. Tariq Bamadhaj says:

    Got it! Thanks for all your hard work!

  9. Alex0680 says:

    Many thanks. I’m downloading it.

    • carlton says:

      very many thanks for all your work on the app. just downloaded and installed. two questions I have: 1) will there be a chat function in future releases? 2) will there be a translation to any other language than english? if you need help, tell me I can translate it into german.

  10. Guillaume says:

    And many thanks

  11. Alex0680 says:

    Amazing app. I’m loving it.

  12. lemon says:

    already downloaded thanks alot!

  13. Kenny says:

    YES YESY YES!! Bought my first app on Android Market!

  14. DannyB says:

    Hey Dimitris,
    Any chance of a Paypal Option direct to you for UK Users without access to a credit card, as Google Checkout still wont accept Maestro debits?

  15. mr.f says:

    Not available in Greece and stuff. Great job though! 🙂

  16. cHuEn says:

    Is it available @ Hong Kong? I can’t find it in the Market. 😦

  17. carlton says:

    one more thing. is it possbible to post a comment to one’s own comment? i tried so on my profile. there are only options to delete my post or like my post. i wanna add a comment to my post, but it seems that this is just not possible.

    • Dimitris says:

      You should be able to comment on your own posts. Press once on the post to get the Post a comment form.

      You cannot comment on a comment, this is not a functionality that exists on the real facebook too.

      So if someone comments on your post and you want to reply just press once on your post.

      • carlton says:

        ups. shame on me. thanks for your quick reply.

        though there’s still one thing left: maybe you could add an option via pressing the menu button to return to the main screen.

  18. Ben says:

    Looks like an incredible App, however as its posted in the US Store, im unable to purchase it. Unless you are able to post it on the UK forum, i can pay you $1.49 via paypal for you to send me the .apk via email?

  19. Croakx says:

    Thx Dimitris ! I’ve just bought it, great app!

    It should be great, if we can creat an album directyle from the program, and if when you take a picture, and you click on share, you can upload it via Bloo.

  20. beach says:

    sadly to say, its not available in my market either. what a waste

  21. Kenny says:

    Hmmm, can I see pictures of my friends?

  22. max says:

    Just downloaded it and like it – but question: How can you see all comments? I always get only two listed, even if there are more…

  23. NetApex says:

    I don’t have an Android phone as of yet, but since Sprint is finally getting a couple to choose from I decided to plan accordingly. This will definately be one of the first apps that I load onto it! Very well done!

  24. Codethought says:

    You’ve outdone most of the Android developers out there with this one. Excellent work.

  25. docgab says:

    Fantastic work Dimitris! One thing I noticed, when I look at The Feed, I noticed someone had written on my wall. I tried to comment back from The Feed on their post and it said it is no longer available or I don’t have permission to post. I then tried it from my profile and could comment back on it just fine.

    Not sure if this is an issue or if that is just how things work.

    Thanks for the great work!

  26. beach says:

    so for those ppl in countries without paid apps, any solution for them?

  27. carlton says:

    I cannot post to the the profile of friends. the box opens, but when I try to post it after I’Ve typed I get a force closed. any idea?

    • carlton says:

      the comment is still posted, anyway, but I get kicked out of bloo via a force-closed. anyone else has this issue?

      • Dimitris says:

        Carlton, did you rotate the phone while you were doing this?

        Try posting without rotating the phone.

        I will be checking this.

      • carlton says:

        i also get a force close when I don’t rotate the phone and enter my post via touchscreen. before I rotated and entered the post via physical keyboard of my g1.

      • carlton says:

        thanks for the quick fix Dimitris. really great support. your app is well worth the 1.49 $. have a nice weekend.

  28. Any chance at all this app could be made available in countries where paid apps are not yet supported?

    Judging from the comments above this is an app I would love to buy…

  29. peppens1 says:

    i have buyed the app!
    good work!

    I want to translate it in italian.
    can you send me the xml?

  30. Tyler says:

    Few things I would like to see in a future release:
    Chat (Not a big deal)
    Customizable notifications (The ability to select how the phone will notify me ie. vibrate, what ringtone, LED. And also what to notify me on, ie Wall post, messages, events is all very important to me)
    Option to run in background (I noticed that when I hit the home button or opened another app, bloo tends to close and needs to be re-opened to check notifications, would love for this app to have an option to stay open all the time, which would of course drain battery faster, but for some users its worth it)

    I’ve got a ton more idea’s if your interested, just shoot me an email, I would definately pay a bit more for an app with all of the above implemented also.

  31. been trying out the app this morning and love it. thanks for your hard work!

  32. Henry says:

    you cant tag yourself in photos 😦 and i tried uploading a photo and it didnt really work…

  33. Matt says:

    Great app. Thanks for the hard work. I’m glad to give you my money.

    One small suggestion for future releases: make it so you can go back farther on your news feed.


  34. brybam says:

    Is anyone else able to get the notifications to work? I’m still getting the “Inactive Session – Bloo is no longer loaded please restart Bloo to check your notifications” error. I’ve tried restarting the phone.

      • brybam says:

        Well, since i’ve purchased Bloo and had it running i’ve gotten a friend request. If it wasn’t for my email notifications I never would have known. Shouldn’t friend request appear in the notifications? or is that going to have to be soemthing handled in the friends section of your app? with its own notification possibly?

    • Dimitris says:

      Friend requests are not handled by the app. There is a reason for this. You cannot accept them. The Facebook API does not allow this and so I thought it would be useless to include it since you cannot do anything with it.

      • brybam says:

        Would It allow you to receive notifications for friend requests? Maybe then you could use some sort of workaround and include a portion of the to accept friend requests. similar to the way babbler lets you view your inbox. Which brings up another point. You can check your inbox and write messeges using babbler. I understand your API issues, sure makes it complicated to make it a “Full” facebook client. But not being able to receive and send messages really hurts this app in comparison to the babbler app you’re up against.

        Best Regards

      • Matt says:

        @brybam My thoughts exactly. I know nothing about building Facebook apps but I had the thought that friend requests could perhaps be done through like the other wrapper apps do???

    • Mike C says:

      Yes, I am receiving the same notifications error from home screen>notifications “Inactive Session – Bloo is no longer loaded please restart Bloo to check your notifications” I do not seem to be getting any notifications from the app.

      otherwise everything is running smoothly 🙂

  35. Nax says:

    Brybam are you the developer of babbler or something? I have been using babbler and it has crashed on me several times with no reason. I have been using Bloo for an hour now and I am super happy with it!

    I think that Bloo is a much better app as it has more features that I need.

    I dont think your post is very objective as it looks like you are just trying to promote babbler or something. For me it has not been a very good experience at all.

    But I am here to talk about Bloo. And so far it has some amazing features that I really wanted. I really like the interface as well DC. Finally some a quality app for Android.

    For me this is by far the best app that I can get for FB on Adroid.

    • brybam says:

      I’m pointing out if you’re going to release an app that costs money over a free app. It would make sense if it was at least on par in terms of features. You cannot argue that.

  36. brybam says:

    Sorry I keep posting complaints but it does kind of suck you can’t even view photo comments. But I must commend you on the whole photo tagging thing. It would just be nice if you could tag yourself though.

    • Dimitris says:

      No problem! Remember this is the first version and it will expand.

      • brybam says:

        another thing i noticed you may want to fix is when someone uploads an album to the feed only shows about 2 pics which is fine. But you cant click like “next photo” or something like that to just scroll through the album. and there is no like “back to album” the back only takes you back to the feed which pretty much makes it so you can look at only the 2 preview pics not the whole album that was uploaded.

        -sorry all the suggestions i find ill keep posting

  37. GW says:

    Dimitris, you have made July 3 an international holiday. 🙂 My husband and I both bought Bloo today. Great work! We have some requests:

    Like others, we’d like to be able to send to Bloo using various apps Share option. Also, we’d like an option to see older items in the feed if possible. Lastly, a long press or menu button option to return to the Bloo home screen would be terrific; it’s kind of a pain having to back out of a bunch of screens to navigate there.

    So far, though, GREAT job. We look forward to seeing what’s in the pipes!

  38. Jason says:

    I am curious as to where the Photo/Video option to Upload is. I know you said it is buggy,but I can’t seem to find it in the menu or settings. Def. one of the better apps out,I was using babbler until this.Overall a 4.5 Star app until the bugs get worked out. Thanks

    • Dimitris says:

      Go to your albums and then Photos, press menu to Upload a photo from there! Remember, you cannot upload to your “Profile Pictures” album.

      Thank you for your comments.

      • Jason says:

        Ah,found it. Thank you! I will just make a mobile folder until Bloo can have the option to create one. Again,awesome App,def worth the price. and thank you for the quick reply and helpfulness 😉 Should be able to stick common questions on here 😉

  39. Des says:

    Just downloaded Bloo!!!!! It’s the best facebook app I’ve used so far!! Great job Dimitris!

  40. Nikolai says:

    Enough with the complaints, this is an awesome app. I was pretty surprised to see several of my Facebook friends *already* synced with their phone Contacts (pretty sweet.) Definitely worth the money (I have a feeling you’ll end up with a nice chunk of change after a week or so), it’s one of the best apps on the Market *period*, and I have a hard time believing Facebook could top it themselves. Can’t wait for future updates, but this release version is totally money.

  41. jshelamer says:

    This has great features, but my #1 need for a Facebook app is to catch up on status updates. The 15 that are shown (and I only see 9, not 15) only go back about an hour in my feed. I’d like the ability to go back at least 12 hours, either by having a default number of status updates set in preferences or by repeatedly downloading older stories until I have as many as I want to see.

    • Dimitris says:

      You get 9 only becaues the other 6 are posts that are ignored by the app such as other application post.

      Thank you!

      • Jonathan says:

        Seeing all of the quizzes and other lame spammy posts on facebook is one of my BIGGEST COMPLAINTS with facebook, and I’m so glad you filtered those out!! I’ve installed facebook purity on my laptop which gets most of them off my feed. You should be able to go back further though, like when you get to the bottom of the list, load 5-10 more posts. 🙂

      • Symatia says:

        Well, I kinda disagree with Jonathan here. My friends usually put lots of comments on there quiz and game results so I’d like to see them as well. Can we choose to have them or not instead of having Bloo automatically filter them out?


  42. Jeff says:

    Any word on those of us that can’t buy paid apps yet (seriously Google, you think you’d have this ready when trying to compete out there)?

  43. Ru says:

    Everytime I click Photos I get “No photos or albums are found for this user or the users privacy settings restrict access from applications” but I have 3 albums available.

    I also don’t receive any notifications at all in the statusbar.

  44. Tedium says:

    Great app, much better than using the site, though it would be useful to be able to see who is coming to an event (would have been great earlier on today, I was shopping for a bbq tomorrow and forgot how many had said they were coming, not on the site either that I can find, so had to use the main site.).
    Also the option to turn off birthday notifications and just have the normal ones. Other than that everything seems shiny

  45. Nina says:

    you’re doing great! I know it’s not easy, especially with a growing demands list. But Seriously thanks! Keep up the good work. I know you’re going to keep making it better.

  46. peppens1 says:

    the app say ERROR when i try to uplaod photo in an album.
    and if before it show the photo, after the error there aren’t photo in the album. and then it close the PROCESS and go to the android screen home 😦


  47. Ivan says:

    Same here, I want the app but I can’t see paid apps with Fido in Canada.

  48. Deleric says:

    Ih everyone!
    there is an other way to get bloo than on the market? My phone operator allow only free apps.. Do you upload it on SlideMe too, or in an other place?
    help meeeeeeeeeeee please 😀

  49. Marsup says:

    I have made the test several times just to make sure, but refreshing the feed is painfully slow : approximately 1 minute on wifi and 2 minutes on 3G. Otherwise the UI is pleasant.

  50. Miguel says:

    Downloaded it a few hours ago. I like it. Understandably, it’s going to have some rough edges. But I can see this getting better and better for months to come.

    A few things I noticed.

    1. When commenting on someone’s status, if I flip open the keyboard after starting to type the comment, the text entry box closes and everything I typed is deleted. Same thing happens if a call comes into the phone in the middle of typing a status comment. This can be frustrating.

    2. Is there any way to uses smart punctuation like capitalized first words or automatically inserted apostrophes (i.e. I’ll)? This is done automatically when sending an SMS message on the G1, and I am wondering if possible to incorporate this into the comment text boxes. It really shortens the amount of time typing, and time spent fixing grammatical mistakes.

    But I must say that am really pleased with the app so far.

  51. Pie says:

    Noooo !

    As I thought, not availble in Belgian market as to ALL paid apps are not available.

    Anyway I can purchase it via website using Visa?

  52. Buzzchilly says:

    When I upload a photo it appears to work as the photo count increases by 1 but the photo never shows up. I have both read and publish permissions enabled.

    • Matt says:

      @buzzchilly I have the same problem but I believe he said photos are still a work in progress.

      @dimitris Thanks for all the hard work!

  53. Matt says:

    I’ve been messing with “Merge Contacts” but I can’t seem to figure out what is happening when I do it. Anyone know?

    • Dimitris says:

      Once you merge, click again and you should be able to instantly call or text your friend from your phone!

      Photo upload will be fixed in a few.

      • Matt says:

        Thanks. I realize now that the reason I’m not seeing anything happening is that I had already manually updated my contacts through Facebook.

  54. Ross Fowkes says:

    Here’s a question;

    Why won’t it let me RSVP to events?

    I click the event, then it takes me to said event page (and tells me to enable GPS every time, which is annoying, you should implement a feature to turn those notifications off) and when I click Menu, all it gives me is ‘calendar sync’ and no RSVP option.

    • Dimitris says:

      The RSVP was taken out. We can all blame Facebook for that as they do not allow from the API to do this as I first thought.

      I apologize for this.

    • Miguel says:

      This is covered in the YouTube videos. Watch the YouTube videos.

      • Ross f says:

        No. I shouldn’t have to watch a youtube video to understand how to work an application I paid for.

        It should come with some user information, like in the ‘about’ part of the menu, it should state the features you can and can’t use.

      • Miguel says:

        Your wrong. Hardly any apps come with instructions. EVen the best like Locale or ShopSavvy have minimal instructions.

      • Ian says:

        Ross, if you can find anywhere where it says “RSVP to events” in the release notes, then i’d agree with you, but it doesn’t. This is a limitation of the Facebook API, nothing to do with Bloo. The only way Dimitris can allow this is either link the RVSP option to the facebook mobile website, allowing you to RVSP there or if Facebook make changes to the API.

        It’s also been said all over comments in this site and on the Facebook page that you cannot RVSP to events in Bloo. Don’t get mad because you didn’t do your research first prior to buying a product.

      • Ross says:

        Calm down dears, you make it sound like I’m having a go at the developer for not including the RSVP feature. The only reason I asked was that in the original specs for this app, Dimitris said that RSVPing to events was possible.

        That was the last time I checked the site, it was also the first, so when the app popped up in the market, I checked it out, and found no option for RSVP’ing so I came on here and asked the question.

        I didn’t realise I’d have ‘Dimitri Desciples’ on my tail.


      • Nax says:

        Hey Dimitris, updated to 1.2 and it works like a dream. I must say I am very impressed with how quickly you have turned around people’s comments and improved the app.

        It is by far the best Facebook app out there for Android. Very happy with all the little changes and fixes coming up in 1.2.1.

        Great job man!!Keep it up

  55. Jamm says:

    I can’t seem to d/l it. Keeps saying authorizing card and yet my online bank account shows the charge!!

  56. Chuck says:

    I’m having trouble upgrading to 1.1, it’s stuck on “authorizing credit card,” which it shouldn’t have to do since I already paid. May be a market problem as opposed to a problem with yr app tho.

    Is there access to the facebook inbox to read/reply/compose messages? If not, I’d love to see that feature in a future release.

    Already really great, tho. Thanks.

  57. Ryan says:

    The “Bloo Application Page” was sending me to some Developer page. Here’s the link to the Bloo App on Facebook:

  58. Nick says:

    I Love Bloo!! lol, though you made my bank block my credit card through your crazy currency (who uses US$ :P)

  59. Miguel says:

    Here is my experiencing uploading a picture:

    My first try resulted in an error dialog box.

    My second try appeared to work, completing the status bar as if it uploaded. But when I checked the album, which is called “mobile uploads” the picture I had uploaded through Bloo wasn’t there (I only had one other existing picture in that folder and it was visible through Bloo). When I checked back about 30 minutes later, I went to the same album and just saw a green box with a question mark in place of the original pic I had there. No sign of the pic uploaded through Bloo either.

    My third attempt, just now, resulted in an error dialog box.

    So it looks like the photo upload feature still has some kinks, which we were told it would at the beginning.

  60. Can we please somehow purchase this outside the app store! We don’t have paid apps in Canada, and I would pay double or triple for the app!

    Come on now! Help us out!

    • Ryan says:

      I agree! I’m in Canada too and I can’t get this app. Very disappointing as this is the first one that really makes me want paid apps. Is there any other way to get this?

  61. Jeff says:

    Dimitris, any chance we can get a reply on the markets where we can’t buy from Android market? Lots of people asking but no reply on the issue from you.

    • Dimitris says:

      I am tryng to figure that out any bigger service you guys know that supports this?

      • KillaBee2k5 says:

        I haven’t tried it personnaly, but a lot of people have been talking about SlideMe ( There seems to be a lot of apps on that site that are also on the App Market and it seems to have been active since before the App Market itself…if it can be used for me to buy this app from Canada, I’m all for it!! You’ll get a bigger market if you can get all the people who don’t have paid apps in the official market of their country!!

        Thanks a lot!

      • Jeff says:

        Slideme seems to be the one people are talking about. Even if you have to put it up with a premium I’d be willing to fork over the extra few dollars.

      • I would go for SlideMe.

        Although most of the people complaining about the inability to purchase Bloo are Canadian, there are actually only a handful countries where paid apps are available.

        By putting you app on SlideMe it would be accessible to a much greater market… and most importantly – to me!

  62. Mike C says:

    Upgrade seems to have fixed the notification error, Dimitris!

    Looks like this is going to be a big hit for you! 500-1000 downloads in only the first few hours.

  63. Jamm says:

    Dimitris, I can get the app!! Has been Authorizing Credit Card since this morning!

  64. henry says:

    The only problem is that when you save photos you can not acces them in your gallery. you have to plug in your phone into your computer and find the facebook photo folder

  65. mbiza says:

    what i will do if i have 2 or more accounts?

  66. Maksim says:

    Dimitris, I want to thank you for such a great app! I’ve been playing with it since the morning and really am loving it.

    Only odd thing i’ve noticed – when commenting on someone’s status in a language different from English (was Russian in my case) – the text posted looses the encoding and becomes an odd lot of unrecognizable characters (kinda like this: )

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  67. Ryan says:

    Everyone from Canada- please contact Rogers Wireless and complain about not having paid apps. According to Google it’s Rogers that is blocking it, not Google. I’ve already asked, and I would encourage everyone else to do the same. We need to be able to support great developers like this.

    Dimitris – is there any other way of downloading this app? could I send you a paypal payment to have it sent to me? any other ideas?

    • Jeff says:

      Am calling right now. Even one of the apps they advertised on their site we can’t get yet…Rogers…

  68. Ru says:


    Everytime I click Photos I get “No photos or albums are found for this user or the users privacy settings restrict access from applications” but I have 3 albums available and I did all the allow permissions for this application in facebook.

    I also don’t receive any notifications at all in the statusbar.

    • Dimitris says:


      Go to, Settings -> Privacy Settings

      Then click on Applications

      Then on click on the Settings tab and make sure anything regarding photos is enabled.

      The app simply has no access to your albums. At least I think so.

      Let me know how it went.

      • Ru says:

        Everything in “Share my name, networks, and list of friends, as well as the following information: is enabled (checked)

        Also everything in my Bloo Application settings has permission to:

        Access my home and profile stream (Wall)
        Access my data even when I’m not using the application
        Send me emails
        Publish to streams

        I even changed all my album privacy to allow Everyone (I normally keep it at friends only) and still I cant open my photos and I have not received even 1 statusbar notification since installing the app.

        I even upgraded to your next version and still doesn’t work…any help would be appreciated.

  69. ryan says:

    how do u see photos of people, like say when you’re on their profile? (in the desktop facebook you usually click their profile picture and it shows ALL their pics). can we do that in bloo?

  70. lemon says:

    you sir are amazing! always committed to improving your app and it hasnt even been out a day! i say you deserve every penny!

  71. justinhub2003 says:

    Hey I also wanted to report that when I try to link to my contacts i get an error and then app closes….

    In any case i Love the app, thanks a ton for you efforts.

  72. Jamm says:

    All day (7 hours) for it to download with nothing. Requested refund.

  73. Greg says:

    Popped a US prepaid SIM in my Rogers (Canada) HTC Dream and discovered I had access to paid apps in the Android Market over wifi from my home in Toronto. These SIMs are easily available on eBay.

  74. bboyrocklee says:

    Hi is there a way to buy on internet since my region dont suppory paid apps on my g1.

  75. fgfg says:

    Is there any way to view other people’s photos? Because I’m not seeing any way.

  76. Raul says:

    for those having problems downloading (i.e.taking too long)

    Try logging into Google Talk. For some reason, this triggers the downloads to start. DON’T ASK ME WHY. 🙂

  77. Thad says:


    Some things that would make it even better:

    – Auto-capitalize first words in comments, posts, photos, etc.

    – Ability to show more comments (can only see some of the people commenting on my status updates, etc)

    – Ability to show more wall posts (go further back in time, perhaps a “next” page feature or “more” feature)

    Again, great job!

    • Thad says:

      I thought of another great feature to add (if it’s technically possible):

      Is there a way to only see the updates of friends that have not been hidden from my feed? I know a ton of people, but don’t care to keep up with most of them, so on the Web version of FB, I have selected to hide updates from many – can you implement an option that would only show non-hidden friends?

      Thanks for fixing photos.

      Great job!

  78. Brent says:

    You’re off to a winner of a start.

    Please note, I’ve only had a few minutes working with Bloo, but since you’re rapidly updating, I wanted to post quickly. My apologies if my suggestions are already implemented.

    A couple of things I would suggest:

    Once you get notifications and photo uploading (and maybe a few more UI changes made), make this feature-limited version free. There is already talk of the Babble vs Bloo war breaking out, and you need to get the upper hand. Bloo looks to be on the road to being far superior. You’ll get far better (and far more) support if you give a tease away for free. Just don’t yank the free version, simply improve upon the paid version.

    As for a UI change (or is the “an” UI change, it doesn’t roll of the tongue properly)… anyhoo, the welcome screen (with the main menu items) needs a summary shot of what’s going on with out FB page. Just a small little bar across the top (probably even more narrow), with something like:

    ··Notifications:12 Inbox:4 Friend Requests:2 ··

    At this point in development, it doesn’t have to be elaborate. It doesn’t even have to be very functional at all. Maybe it just needs to be status information, but I’d really at least like to see it linkable to the appropriate part of FB.

    As for the interface itself, please keep it simple. Try to keep everything within no more than 3 clicks (touches) away. Preferably 2. Don’t clutter the interface either. You’re doing stellar on that front, and I don’t want to see you ruin it.

    I realize you’re limited by the API and FB guidelines. But you’re no doubt aware that the lack of Inbox notifications are a real lacking part of Bloo that’s already drawing some harsh criticism. Don’t let that discourage you in the least. Maybe just a simple little status like I mentioned above will keep that at bay for a short time while you work on adding full Inbox functionality. If you can somehow just link the Inbox into your app, giving the Inbox it’s own spot on the menu at least showing that the feature is planned, that should help discourage some of the negative remarks.

    It’s already an 8 in my book. You’re close to being a 10.


  79. Jamm says:

    @Israel – many times. never started

    I actually tried to restart totally with a new credit card and the same thing happened!! Very Bizarre.

    And then

    @Raul – Would you believe that worked!!!! LOL where were you 8 hours ago. How, what why….. hell who cares it worked. Thanks!!

    • Raul says:

      Glad it worked for you! I’m loving this app!

    • Raul says:

      1st of all I LOVE THIS APP! But in order for this app to continue being the best, the developer (i’m assuming) wants to hear some constructive comments.

      Here are some things I would like to see:

      1. a clear way to log out
      2. be able to see when you’re logged in and its running in background
      3. “home, log out, and preferences keys,etc” when you hit the “menu” button on ALL screens, for easier navigation
      4. even though not chat/inbox possible…would it be possible to at least get notifications when someone is online or a new message comes in?
      5. more notifications updates (like when someone comments on a post i commented on or liked)
      6. MAKE THE LOADING FASTER PLEASE. IT IS UNUSABLE on Edge and even on Wi-Fi its not that fast.

      But let me be clear: THE WAY IT LOOKS IS PERFECT! I know this is the first release and i’m not criticizing it…just want to help make it better. This is soo much better than the Babbler app, it just needs to match it in the features…which i’m sure will grow.


  80. ryan says:

    anYway to get rid of the “private user ” title on some ppls profiles?

  81. Mike says:

    Can’t download it in Canada since its not free. htc sense ui is to come out soon to Canadian phones.. it has a real good facebook app built into it.. Guess I will be using it.

  82. DP says:

    Here as some issues that I’ve had with it thus far:
    1. Pictures that are in fact tagged in fb don’t show as tagged in Bloo. 2. The enter button and scroll ball don’t work to select picture folders, only the touch screen does. 3. There doesn’t seem to be a way to see the general photos people have tagged of me. I can only view the albums i’ve posted.

    Other than that it’s a great app so far! Thanks for this!

  83. thelazzyone says:

    Has anyone noticed that on the feeds (personal wall or news feed) that if facebook has shrunk the number of comments and it makes you click on a link to see more that Bloo only shows the comments that are visible?

  84. Chuck says:

    Noticed that some comments seem to be missing from the feed– I know you said only certain kinds get in there, but there’s one of my statuses that has 7 plain text comments on the web but only three of them show up in Bloo. It’s like when it hides some behind behind “Show X more comments…”, but that “show more” link is missing.

    Great work tho, and thanks for being so responsive to your users.

  85. mbiza says:

    How can we do if someone want to use 2 or more acconts?

  86. Kyle says:

    I noticed that you can only view a couple of the comments on a post when there are multiple comments like the first one posted and the last one. Would be nice to be able to have an option to expand and view all the comments. Plus when I click on notifications it says “Notifications are still loading…” But I never get any notifications. Also would be nice to have an option to view friends photo albums via their profile. Of course Inbox and Chat would be nice. And getting notifications to work offline. Another thing I noticed that would be nice is if when you click on Feed that it would automatically refresh the list. If all that worked, this app would blow EVERY app out of the water. It’s great already, but would definitely be the best. Thanks 🙂

    • Kyle says:

      Oh, not to mention having the option to view like 10 more posts on the Feed at the bottom kinda like how it is already on facebook.

  87. Johnny says:


    I realized all day that i haven’t got 1 notification for wall post / stauts comments etc.

    hmmm can you look into that


  88. JL says:

    Thanks for a great app!

    However, is it possible to add a PM function and to view other peoples photo albums?

  89. Daniel says:

    i canl localize it for you 🙂

    in italian and also in Hebrew (this may take a bit of time)

    i can help you if u want 🙂

    contact me at daniel86.mac [at] gmail [dot] com


  90. Bravo! Great work on this app. Good first effort. Just posted my initial thoughts on Bloo on my blog at:

    Keep up the great work…props to you! 🙂

  91. nina says:

    like I said before great app! After a couple hours using it I’ve found some things that could be better.
    1. When going through albums it’s be nice just to get an arrow or something to the next pic
    2. Seeing more details on someones profile (ie hobbies quotes etc)
    3. Like many have said, longer feeds. Ability to see all comments on a post.
    4. Maybe a way to run in the background so that notifications are more constant

    I just wanted to say that you have a great start and I definately support you. Which is why I’m not even thinking of going with other fb apps. Yours is and will be thebest. I really like the simple layout and how its not congested with all the crap. And I like the new dunctions you brought to the table such as merging contact info and the whole events section. I wish the api was better so that I could see everything you could do.

    Can’t wait til the new update. Don’t let any negativity bring you down. A lot of people really like what you’re doing =)

  92. Ray says:

    Hey guy, I downloaded and it runs great on the 3G network but I have a bug. In WiFi use it keeps coming back with “An error occured while processing your request”. Is this a known issue?

  93. ctown says:

    again, really great app, however i do like seeing my feeds as accurate as possible also being able to view my friends photos and having some sort of access to an inbox would be a huge plus.

    • carlton says:

      I’m only receiving notifications if I’m in the bloo-app. outside I never received updates though they instantly showed up when I opened bloo. Also it would be nice to be able to browse through friends galleries.

  94. Kristian says:

    Really like the app! However, I’m having trouble updating my status with messages containing non-ASCII characters like å, ä and ö. Other than that, it’s great to finally have a good Facebook app for Android!

  95. Guillaume says:

    Here’s my first feedback:
    – feed is way too long to load! over 90 seconds 😦 And I don’t feel like it caches the feed…
    – wall posts don’t work (with v1.1)
    – also not autorun? I mean: the notifications pop up only once I launch the app manually
    But good job anyway.
    Thanks, keep it up

    • Dimitris says:

      The feed will be cached only after it loads. I will be doign some optimizations to make the feed load faster, perhaps on EDGE networks it wont download the profile pictures. Those are the ones that take time.

  96. MacLo says:

    Great job!!

  97. beach says:

    any luck with ? still waiting for the app to be uploaded somewhere else…

  98. peppens1 says:

    now upload work!

    thank you!

  99. Cedric says:

    Hi Dimitris,
    I would have expected Bloo to add a’share with Facebook’ option to the picture share options available with cupcake. Any chance to get it soon as it allows posting photos directly after take ?

    Thanks !

  100. Buzzchilly says:

    photo upload works great. Look forward to future updates, thanks.

  101. Bill says:

    The app forces me to add a caption to each picture I want to upload. I don’t always want to caption every pic.

  102. mbiza says:

    i share my phone with my brother, how can i use 2 account?

  103. Ivan says:

    Got Bloo from slideme successfully. Thank you!

    A few comments (they may have been mentioned by others above):
    – Feed loading is very slow. It takes 30sec via wifi.
    – Please add Bloo to the “Share” option of pictures and videos
    – Is there any caching enabled in Bloo? Can we choose where the cache is stored (SD card or internal memory)?

    Overall it is a great application. Congratz!

    • Ivan says:

      Please also add the date and time to the feeds.

      Competition spurs improvement. Bloo has a good start but it definitely needs to be faster. Until then I’ll stick with Babbler.

  104. John says:

    Great app Dimitris, the UI is fantastic to use. I know a lot of features have been mentioned already, but probably the ones I’d most like to see:

    – More notifications so you can see all the notifications you receive on normal (fBook is good for that)
    – Ability to move through albums with pictures full size rather than going back and forth enlarging each one.
    – Option to increase the size of the feed from 15 posts
    – Photo comments
    – Inbox

    Thanks for fixing some of the bugs so quickly, I certainly don’t mind updating a lot – at least it shows progress!

  105. Sam says:

    I mentioned this on the Facebook page, but will mention it here as well.

    Does the Facebook API allow you to implement the ability to add new friends through Bloo? I had to use the x.facebook page with my G1 last night when adding new friends and it took about forever to get done.

    Being as Bloo is native and pretty speedy in a 3G network, I’d much rather be able to use that to add new friends when on the go.

  106. Henry says:

    cant wait for 1.2.1 sounds like it will be great

  107. Philip says:

    The photo upload is working fine. Thanks for that. I noticed that there’s a problem if you use umlauts (or maybe unicode characters in general) in a tag. The photo gets tagged anyway but the “special” characters are lost.

  108. ctown says:

    take it easy guys this IS his first app, although i do agree that not having all the comments available on a post can be kind of weird as you may miss something that someone has said. Also there are certain feeds from the IRAN group that i cannot see, i understand that filtering certain posts speeds up the loading time, i still would like to see the feeds as accurate as possible. keep up the great work .

  109. Dimitris says:


    Try to go on the real Facebbok and then go to Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Applications, click on the Settings tab make sure everything regarding photos is enabled, in fact for me I have them all checked except the last 4.

    The notifications are not yet complete for Bloo.

    I am sorry for the bad experience.

    • Ru says:

      I have everything checked in Settings -> Privacy Settings -> Applications and it still doesnt work.

      Bloo is just not working for me and i really want it to.

  110. Jose says:

    Still having trouble with the feeds section when using my normal T mobile edge connection. Will that problem be fixed soon cause it’s doing the same in the bloo 1.2 version.

  111. Nof says:

    I definitly will NOT get tired of updating the app! Each update only makes the app better and better! I really appreciate that you care about our feedback and are quick with improving your app. Looking forward to many more updates!! Thank you Dimitris!!

  112. brybam says:

    -I hope “Depending on your connection speed the feed will or will not load the profile pictures (these are the ones that take most of your time and this will speed up your feeds)” can be set by the preferences? Because tbh even if im on edge id like the pics to load.

    -Also some bugs that are a minor pet peeve. When you hit view profile it’s not taking you to peoples profiles its actually taking taking you to their wall. bug i guess.

    -The feed is way too short, and it’s missing a lot of information like when people take quizzes and stuff. Sorry I hate to be that guy, but you can see them in babbler and babbler’s feed is also a lot longer than bloo and it loads fine.

    -also pictures are not appearing next to people that leave comments. Not sure if this is a bug or by design, but hopefully not by design.

    -You might also want to add really small text on articles in the feed that say “2 people like this” or something like that.

    anyway keep it up, i like the direction bloo is heading and id like to see it work out

    • Dimitris says:

      Pictures not appearing is because their profile picture is hidden by the API or the request to retrieve the picture was timedout because of a slow connection.

      I will increase the feeds size more.

      Thanks for the comments!

      • Ian says:

        Hey Dimitris, what about giving us the option of how many posts appear in the feed in the preferences menu. You could have a menu that says 15, 30, 60, etc that would be great and you won’t have to keep increasing it for people. I’m sure some people will prefer a smaller feed than some, so if the user is able to decide, then you that would cater for everyone.

        Also, any chance we could have a ‘Home’ button in the context menus, which would take us back to the main page of Bloo when pressed?

  113. Fender says:

    Awesome app, best purchase ive made, the dedication to improvement makes me really happy i did it.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    -This may be just me, but notifications are a little weird for me. Every time i open bloo, i get my notifications, whether its for birthdays or for wall posts, etc. Is there any way to make these live? In other words, after I view them for the first time, those notifications are marked as read, and wont pop up again? And better yet, make it so when someone does write on my wall or another action that would give me a notification, it pops up? Not just when i access bloo?

    -video upload would be great.

  114. Jeff says:

    Dimitris, thank you very much for also taking care of us users who can’t buy from Android Market. I just purchased the app from SlideME and have sent the URL along to a handful of other co-workers and friends who I am sure will pick it up shortly. I assume you’ll just keep the app updated there so look forward to future additions!

  115. fridlack says:

    View your friends albums and photos (COMPLETED) <— GREAT

    Another thing that would be great was that when i we hit friends, all friends are displayed…. and we have a filter to find what we want…. but a complete list of all friend would be great

  116. lemon says:

    hey great app!
    but when i received an event notification yesterday i couldnt find out who it was from? is it possible to add who you were invited by into the event details?

  117. Shrike says:

    Any chance we can get an option to see all comments made on posts maybe via a “view all comments option” in the upcoming update?

    BTW I purchased the app through and everything went fine. Thnx.

  118. glennbatten says:

    Australia has a Google Market Place with paid apps but Bloo is still not showing up.. ??? any idea why.. and when we can expect it ?

  119. beach says:

    omg i just downloaded Bloo from slideme! its totally great.. Thank you Dimitris for having it hosted at other siites. 🙂

  120. carlton says:

    thanks for your work and the updates/bugfixes etc. Notifications aren’t working for me on 1.2.1. they’re only being updated when I enter bloo. is this intended?

    Things I really like to see are.

    1) browsing function when showing a photo of an album so that I don’t need to return to the album view and open the next photo.
    2) chat function

    looking forward to future versions/features.

  121. ryan says:

    what about viewing not just albums, but photos of ppl who tagged you? also, a “home” option when you press menu would help with navigation problems. Otherwise, well done!

  122. ryan says:

    and profile pictures arnt showing up =( i’m on a wifi connection and 3 bars right now and still no profile pictures….weird.

    • Dimitris says:

      Ryan I am doing some tests on this.

    • ryan says:

      alright nvm, i found my problem i had the new feature “optimize feed loading” checked, but it still should have showed pictures b/c i was on wifi, no?

      • Dimitris says:

        Yes that is correct. This is a confirmed bug and I fixed it. I will include it in 1.2.2 though, too many versions too quickly!

        Thanks Ryan

      • ryan says:

        haha yea but the updates are goooood =)

        thanks for the fast response and fixes, btw u have a changelog of the upcomming updates? i’m always so curious

  123. Jeff says:

    Toss up a Paypal donate link somewhere on your WordPress site so I can toss a few more dollars your way. Your work and speed of updates/fixes is beyond 1.49 in value!

  124. GODMODE says:

    This will be unbeatable when there is chat, and email.

  125. Panda says:

    Best app ever! the creator (Dimitris.THANKS) is awesome, very responsive to the consumer’s voice. nothing to say that haven’t been said by others for upcoming updates. :] keep up the great work!

  126. gmo says:

    My notifications don’t seem to work, the only notifications i get are birthday ones. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I also seem to get the “notifications are stillloading…” message.

  127. Jimbo says:

    Bloo is the gratest Facebook app for Android right now! – Keep up the very impressing work!


    When I upload a picture with scandinavian (Denmark) characters, like æ ø å, there is an Error and the picture upload is canceled.

  128. mbiza says:

    no way to make it works with 2 accounts?

  129. Bill says:

    Would it be possible to see the comments that friends have made on photos? Perhaps when I am viewing my photo and I hit menu, insteaf of just save and show tag bottons there could be a “view comments” button?

  130. Jonathan says:

    Hey Dimitris, I found a smallish bug. When I tag someone in a photo who isn’t in my friend list (like my cat…) the tag goes to the top left corner instead of on his face. Real people I can tag fine, but random tags seem broken.

    Also you should make a new post for each update so bug reports in the comments are easier to sort out. It must be a pain for you to sort through 200+ comments looking for our complaints. 🙂

    Oh yeah, GREAT WORK! I can’t wait to delete Babbler and use Bloo exclusively, the UI is beautiful, and the feature set is almost there.

  131. glennbatten says:


    I went ahead and used Slideme to install since Bloo was not showing up in the Australian Marketplace… as luck would have it Bloo showed up within hours of me using SlideMe.

    If you remember I asked if I would be able to update the app through the marketplace once that becomes available. That does not seem to be possible without paying for it again through the marketplace.

    I am trying to update it through SlideMe and even they want to be paid again. I am sure that there is a way to do it with SlideMe but it is probably not worth the hassle to figure out how and I will just do it again through the marketplace..

    Just thought I would let you know..


    • glennbatten says:

      Upgraded through slideme ok.. It says it will charge you but if you look in the FAQ it says that it does not charge if you have already paid for it… and thats exactly what happened.. they should detect that you already have it installed and then just say its a free upgrade.. I assume that is how the official market works but since this is the only app I have paid for I just dont know..

      keep the good work coming..

  132. Cunyar says:

    LOVE this app!! Great job designing it! Only thing I am so so on right now is that the feed takes a little long to load. Still love it anyway but if there is anyway to make the feed load a little faster, that would be appreciated! Keep up the great work!

    • Dimitris says:


      Thanks for the comments!

      Did you try to enable feed optimizer in preferences? (Bloo Home screen)

      If you are on a slow network Bloo will avoid downloading profile images for you automatically so you get to your stream faster. If you go on a fast network (3G, HSDPA, WIFI) it should load the pics for you 🙂

  133. Centipede says:

    Great app, but I have problems with uploading a picture. I can create an album, but when I want to upload a picture I just keep the picture selection screen… (I can click on pictures as long as I want, the picture is not uploaded).

  134. Rocky says:

    As an idea …. a bit crude but …

    Why not publish an app BlooToo … an exact copy of bloo but as its a seperate app you could run two configs.

    This would enable the few people (like me) who require two accounts to work right now for a meagre sum of $1.49 and more importantly leave you to do lots of lovely enhancements.

  135. Mike says:

    Hi. Photo uploading works, but i have go log into facebook on the web to approve them and have them show up in feeds.

    How can i upload photos without needing to approve/reject them?


  136. ED says:

    I cant find your RSS feed i would like to subscribe to your content.

  137. Can you PM me later?.

    I think you are right

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