Meet Bloo

The videos have been up for a few hours. I was not near a computer to update the blog! But here they are!

I hope you enjoy them guys, lots more are coming to Bloo.


83 Responses to Meet Bloo

  1. Shane says:

    So, what day will we see this in the market???

  2. Bryan says:

    Wow. Nice work.

  3. Russ says:


  4. Symatia says:

    this app looks perfect!! well done DC!

  5. docgab says:

    Looks great! Nicely done!

  6. Greg says:

    Looks great!

    Will you offer an option to purchase the app directly from you via PayPal or something for those of us living in locales where there is no paid Android Market (like Canada)?

  7. raversnet says:

    I live in Canada and am pretty excited about this app. However rogers doesnt support paid apps yet. Is there a chance that the app could be emailed out with paypal type purchase? AHome does this which allowed me to purchase.

  8. GODMODE says:

    Wow, thats some serious bloo, man. Bravo!

  9. KillaBee says:

    Amazing work!! 1.50$ is a very reasonable price for this application, unfortunately we don’t have access to paid apps in Canada yet. Will there be another way to get the app appart from the market? Thank you very much!

  10. Videos look awesome, can’t wait! Any word on pricing?

  11. Ignore my last comment, just watched the video again and heard the price. App looks great and definitely worth the $$$.

  12. Raul says:

    WOW! I can’t believe you managed to make an app that looks better than what a whole facebook/iphone team has been able to do. More than I expected and I know you will even make it better (based on your enthusiasm and skills shown so far)!

    I will gladly pay for this app! Once more android phones start coming out…I am sure you will benefit with even more paid customers!

  13. Nick says:

    Can’t wait, looks great. My wallet is open!

  14. ALex says:

    WOW that looks awsome i will pay for this and i am so excited about it thanx for all your work

  15. Eric says:

    I would pay $10 for this application. $1.45 is fine too though.

  16. Ashley says:

    You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this! $1.49 is a small price to pay for the work that has gone into this app! 🙂

  17. Spencer says:

    Awesome work. I can’t wait to download it. Any news of its status on being approved?

  18. Maff says:

    can someone rip & upload somewhere elsewhere like
    I, like most people, cannot view youtube at work and I’ve been dying to see this!!!

    • kizer says:

      Just throw pwn in front of the like this so you can bypass the filter, but you would end up downloading the video, but you can at least view it.

  19. Ray says:

    The app looks wonderful. I will be reviewing this application as soon as it is live. Thanks for all your effort for we facebook users.

  20. carlton says:

    really nice. I’m looking forward to install this on my phone.

    A nice feature would be “auto-url-shortening” with for example, when posting links.

  21. Gorazd says:


    Realy nice app. I have one tiny problem. I would like to have it, but unfortunately in my Country (Slovenia) there is no support for paid apps, all I can install are free apps. Is there any chance to get app in .apk format and I’ll paid through PayPal?

    Since I couldn’t find e-mail address I’m posting this as a Comment.

    And again, realy cool app, almost must have


  22. chris says:

    I love a good bloo movie don’t you?

  23. ben says:

    bleh. i don’t have access to the non-free market. i’d have spent a dollar for the app though 😦

  24. Andy C says:

    Looks amazing, can’t wait!

  25. Mike Taylor says:

    When and how much!? Cannot wait for this app.

  26. carlton says:

    oh, one more. is an option for facebook-chat planned since there are other apps that have this feature. would be nice if Bloo becomes the all-in-one facebook solution for android.

  27. Nax says:


    Can’t wait for it to be published; this is some amazing work DC. Congrats, you have finally created a fantastic facebook app for Android. We really needed this app, as everything else in the market is definitely sub-par.

    Like other people said, this is even better than the facebook/iphone app that I have seen on friends phones! Definitely worth the $$$, I would be willing to pay even more :P.

    Keep up the great work DC, and thanks for taking the time!!

  28. randy says:

    can we pay thru paypal?

  29. Ike says:

    Dimitris…it looks amazing…
    The wait is absolutely killing me (checking Cyrket every 5 mins while I’m at home!)…but I can see the wait is worth it!…

    Thank you.

  30. Jon Purkis says:

    This looks incredible. Thank you for creating this app, I would happily pay way more than $1.49 for it, it’s the most useful app to be released for Android. I look forward to seeing how you continue improve it in the future, and clearly with such skills whether you aim to bring any more brilliant apps to the Market.

  31. Nurn says:

    I am now practically bursting with anticipation! Quick! Publish!

  32. stuartetchells says:

    Wow! I was really interested in Bloo prior to these videos but now I can’t wait! It looks amazing!

    And it’s an absolute bargain at $1.49 😀

    Really hoping to see this on the market soon. Excellent work DC!

  33. Dave says:

    Oustanding work. This sort of app will keep me using Android devices, not just Facebook. Thanks 🙂

  34. jworm says:

    When I saw the app screen capture, I think it may be the greatest app for facebook in Android.

    After watch the video, it must the greatest one, even comparing to iPhone one.

    I really cannot wait for the app to release.

    Thanks for your great work for Android lover like me.

  35. Scard says:

    I think its absolutely rediculous that youre charging people for this, who do you think you are? We can just use the web version for free!

    Ha, nah Im only kidding. I just find it funny when people complain about spending 1.50 on an app but have no issues throwin out 8 bucks for a pack of cigarettes. I want it now!! 😀

  36. kizer says:

    Looks great and 1.49 is a bargain for what you get. My wallet is begging to be opened for this.

    Awesome Job

  37. Please for the love of god release a version on the Canadian app store!

    If not, could you please e-mail me, and I will pay you double the price for the APK file so I can install it!

    • Shrike says:

      +1 on that! I’m willing to pay more if we can get an alternative way of purchasing the app other than the market.

    • KillaBee2k5 says:

      +2 I too am willing to pay more to be able to get this even if the market doesn’t allow paid apps in Canada…

  38. peppens1 says:

    good good work!
    when you release it?

    bye from italy!

  39. Paul Weiss says:

    Amazing looking app, but we won’t get in the Canadian Market 😦

  40. Paul Weiss says:

    I just watched the videos, I so would pay for this app. If I install Market Enabler and then download a new ROM, will I have to pay for the app again when I reinstall it?

  41. beach says:

    please please arrange another way for those people who can’t get paid apps on their market, such as mine.. Singapore.

    like for eg,
    you send us the Bloo apk file which is locked
    we pay for the app thru paypal
    you send us the unlock code to unlock the app
    we apply the code, and use Bloo as per normal.

  42. beach says:

    i really hope there’s an alternative for us.. without paid app market

  43. Colin says:

    COMPLETELY RAD. Can’t wait to download and give it a whirl!
    Thanks for all your time and efforts.

  44. Dan says:

    Wheres Bloo?!?!

    Can’t wait for this haha

  45. todd says:

    If you have a rooted phone you can use market enabler for paid apps. We don’t have access yet either and it works great

    Can be downloaded from here

  46. Miguel says:

    This will actually bee my first Market purchase. It’s the first app worth paying money for, especially at $1.49.

    Dude, even if only 25% of android users download this app, that well over a quarter million dollars in your pocket. Good job!

    Plus you might get a job at Google out of this. 🙂

  47. Alex says:

    Looks great … but please listen to the non-US users above. We need to see this app at another marketplace than the Android Market.

    Please also release Bloo at SlideMe-Market ( – they offer paid applications for all Android users.

    Bloo rocks !!

  48. Jonathan says:

    Rather than make the author jump through hoops to make this available to everyone, why not just root your phone and use market enabler? This way he still gets all the proceeds and doesn’t risk an emailed version floating around to people who haven’t paid?

    • Jamm says:

      “This way he still gets all the proceeds and doesn’t risk an emailed version floating around to people who haven’t paid?”

      Great reason not to do it. Didn’t think of that. Glad I am in the US and will get it off the Market.

      • Jonathan says:

        The only way I can think of to stop this would be for the author to set up his own authentication system, which means more work and more time waiting for a release. I just read about slideme, maybe that would work too, but I don’t know all the details. I just want to get this thing loaded up, I’m sick of turning on the laptop just to check FB, and the other apps I’ve tried haven’t really done it for me. FBabble is close, but Bloo will definitely be king. 😀

  49. D-Ha says:

    Looks really great, but is it going to display the number of comments on friends’ statuses? It didn’t appear that it does that in the view of the feed, which is something that I use to gauge whether to leave another comment or not.

  50. Sam says:

    This app looks like a killer app for Android users. I will be buying it as soon as I see it on the market. It looks way better than trying to use Facebook’s full page in the browser or their horrid mobile page.

    Keep up the good work, I can’t wait!

  51. gerg says:

    Looks fantastic, thanks so much for all your hard work. Can I pay you more than $1.49 for it??? 🙂

  52. randy says:

    According to some other users who rooted their phone, they still can’t see paid apps. If one wishes to reach out to a broader market, should consider those who are not so geek enough to actually root their phone.
    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, once you rooted your phone, you won’t be able to receive over the air updates.

    • todd says:

      “you won’t be able to receive over the air updates.”

      yes, I’m afraid so….. 😦

    • blunden says:

      Then they probably need to kill the Market app that might be running. Sometimes it can take a few attempts. Also, it could be that they just don’t see Protected apps and since a lot of paid apps are protected they might think they don’t see them.

  53. Myk says:

    will we be able to log out? What if we have 2 separate Fb accounts?

  54. Bill says:

    Wowowowowowow! I’m already standing in line with my 1.49 in hand!

  55. johnsamuel2 says:

    like another user said, “looks better than something facebook would come up with” .. well thought out man, cheers, can’t wait!

  56. Carlos Pita says:

    Wow. You have put in so much hard work & thought into the app. Your dedication shows and is reflected in this app greatly. You have filled in a great void on Android and the app is worth every penny.

    You are a great and talented developer and I will support you and I’m sure many out there will as well.

    Keep up the great work & may GOD bless you.

  57. Phesiic says:

    I’m suprised people haven’t been asking if there is a chat feature included. Is there one? I’m guessing not since it hasn’t been advertised. Please please consider this. The chat feature is key!

    And I really hope you people don’t start bitching when you don’t see it since you didn’t ask for it.

    Great work D.C.

    • carlton says:

      I already asked for a chat feature cause I really’d like to see it included in future versions. only main feature of facebook that is missing in my opinion.

  58. Sam says:

    Simple and brilliant! The cornerstones of all great android apps 😉

  59. ctown says:

    i really can’t wait for this, i check the market almost hourly. i’ve heard that it only takes a couple of days for google to approve and publish apps? hopefully they aren’t making a fuss. either way can’t wait!

  60. Neil N says:

    Good job man!

    Great to see Facebook approved it as well! I look forward to trying it out

  61. Lordsmiff says:

    Dimitris – hats off to you my friend – this looks absolutely amazing – you should ask for more than 1.49 – you’ll easily get more than that especially with the feature set you have right now and are planning to add later.

    You’ve done an absolutely sterling job and I am anxiously waiting it’s appearance on Market 🙂

    Much much kudos to you 🙂

  62. Miguel says:

    What’s up with people asking him to raise the price? He set the price at $1.49, and that’s part of what is driving frenzy. It’s incredible that even with the recession, people are clamoring to pay him more than he actually wants. If you want to donate more money to a dev, then by all means do it on your own. Don’t suggest he raise the price for everyone.

    I’m no speculating that we may see a price increase, and that’s what the holdup is here. If the app is done, which it looks like it is, then why isn’t it on the Market yet? Add my vote to keeping it at $1.49, or at least as an introductory price.

    I know when I saw $1.49 as the price, I immediately decided to buy it, WITHOUT THOUGHT. If it were $5 or $10, I’d have to start thinking about it.

    • lordsmiff says:

      So, you’ve got a $500 phone but you’d have to think carefully about paying $5 for well-written, full-featured software you *really* want that is better by far than any of the competition?


      Tight-wad 😛

      • Ike says:

        Is this really something worth fighting over?…

        Dimitris said that the application is going to be $1.50…
        If anyone wants to donate more they can find a way to do so…

      • lordsmiff says:

        I wasn’t fighting, I was only playing 🙂

        Also, I never meant that he *should* charge more, only that he *could* and we would all still buy it 🙂

  63. Israel says:

    Bloo is now available on the Android MarketPlace!

  64. BDot says:

    IT’S IN THE MARKET!!!!!!!!!

    I’m using it now….best $1.50 I spent. Kudos to the dev for an amazing app. Looking forward to it getting even better!!

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