Video Demo coming up next week!

Hey everyone, it is time for a new update!

Let’s start of by announcing a video demo that will be uploaded on YouTube next week showing (off?) the app and its functionalities. There is no specific day, it could be early or late depending on the progress.

In the meantime, I have been travelling a bit but progress is good on the app. I am slowly approaching the final stretch so I can release this! I know you are eager for this, but I really cannot tell the exact day it will be complete to go live! There are a few things that need to be taken care of before releasing the app besides the development. 

Either way, after version 1.0, you will have my full support so I can immediately tackle any problems (hopefully none) you have. New features will also be implemented to provide you with an even better experience. I have seen the other apps in other platforms and I want the Android one to be way cooler than them, just like the OS is.

I have been using the app thoroughly on the road and I love it. I am hoping you will share the same feeling too. Stay tuned for the video next week, I am getting close to complete it!

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27 Responses to Video Demo coming up next week!

  1. nick says:

    Woot! Hey new, thanks for the update. Can’t wait for this thing to load up on my G1

  2. maff says:

    Looking forward to it. Can you confirm if this will work for people using apps2sd as I’ve come across 3 as in the last few days that don’t work!


  3. beach says:

    this is getting us all something to be excited about! keep up the good work. ANDROID!

  4. Ike says:


    Thanks Dimitris!

  5. Greg says:

    The anticipation builds 🙂

  6. Sanks says:

    Yea, I can’t wait. Hey, if you need beta testers…you have a volunteer here.

  7. Chotpy says:

    YESSSSSSSSS! no more!
    ^0^ thanks a lot.

  8. Dave says:

    Will the app be free?

  9. falsehope says:

    I want it and I want it NOW!!!!!

    Sweet, man I so happy with the way applications are just flowing into the Android real.

    One question: App2SD, will this facebook app work off the SD card?

    Please keep doing what you are doing and if you need “testers”, you can email me… wink wink…

  10. Jonathan says:

    Really can’t wait for the release! Thank you for making this.

  11. mr.f says:

    Ευχαριστούμε άπειρα!!!

  12. Sam says:

    Thanks for the update Dimitris,
    Hope you’ve had plenty chances to put your own app to good test on your travels while having a good time also.
    Can’t wait for first public release.
    Keep us posted as always.

  13. beach says:

    i really hope its free! cos i can’t download paid apps from market in my country 😦

    • Maff says:

      I’m not bothered if it’s free or not, if Dimitris wants some reward for all the hard work he’s put in then so be it!

  14. Lordsmiff says:

    Yep, agreed – I’d pay for it 🙂

    Now, as much as I think people should be patient and you already said you can’t give us a definite release date, can you possibly give us an indication of if it’s days\weeks\months away? Not being pushy or anything but I’m a pretty excitable chap… 😉


  15. codethought says:

    Wow… this thing looks amazing… When you release it please put an FBAndroid Donation app on the market. I’m sure a bunch of us would love to support you for your hard work.

  16. BDot says:

    Yea, +1 to the above. I believe that people should be compensated for good work. If the app turns out to be half of what it sounds, I’m definitely willing to pay.

    ord knows there’s currently NO Facebook app worth speaking of in the market so people are hungry for it…

  17. falsehope says:

    release the hounds!!!

    I want it and will pay for it.

    looks great, keep the updates flowing.

  18. Ryan says:

    I’d love it if this was free. I’d pay for it if I could in my market. Please post if you need beta testers. If so, I’m in.

  19. vivanno says:

    But but, where is the video ? 😉

  20. Henry says:

    YESSSS! I can’t wait for it to come out. It sounds so much better than the iPhone app and I am getting very excited for iPhone users to finally figure out Android’s capabilities! We need people like you making more apps haha I definitely agree that you should be rewarded for your hard work. I would definitely pay for the app no matter what. Great job and keep it up! I am looking forward to the video coming!


  21. Henry says:

    Its been a week!!

    • Maff says:

      it says “next week” not “in a week”
      if you’d followed what he put and joined the facebook group you’d see what he’s put this afternoon about it getting released this week

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