Progress Update

Time for a new update!

Before I proceed with the update of the project, I wanted to thank everyone for their comments and support they have shown since the application was unveiled. The feedback is very positive and I am as excited as you guys are for the app.

But let’s see whats new. I have been working primarily into the media section of the app. This includes most of the functions one would expect from a Facebook app. You will be able to view your own photos and albums, photos posted from the stream and photos of friends (as long as their privacy settings allow it). You will be able to view photo tags, tag your own photos, upload photos and recently I added functionality to save photos to your SD card, provided that you have one on your phone :). On later versions, I am considering an option to download entire albums.

Photo viewing is a bit tricky on a cell phone. The images sometimes are large and there are a few memory constraints, so I had to find a way which is easy for you guys as well easy for the phone to handle. For this app, I provide two options. The first one (default) shows the image that fits your screen. Double tap on the photo and you get the full real size view of the photo itself (either landscape or portrait) that also enables touch/scroll functionality. Double-tap again to go back to fit screen view.

When in full view, you will be able to select an option to show any tags associated with this photo. The tags can be toggled on or off and tags associated with a friend can be clicked to jump into their profile. Finally, when in full view, you can long press anywhere on the photo to add a tag.

For example, I long press a point which I want to tag the photo. The friend choose window shows up, at this point I can quickly type a friends name or other text and voila a new tag!

Finally, as mentioned above, you will also have the option to save the picture to your SD card, and also to share it to the facebook stream or to a friends wall.

People have asked me if the stream is only status updates. The answer is no. The stream is a real snapshot of your Facebook stream. That includes:

  • Status updates
  • Wall-to-wall posts
  • New photo uploads
  • Video posts (only YouTube will be supported since it integrates nicely with the G1)

Also, some have asked how do posts look like when you “like” them. You can see a screenshot in the gallery below of how that looks. Unlike removes the yellow star.

As for the release date, I am not sure yet, there is a lot to be done as I want this to be a complete Facebook experience for you guys. In the meantime, thanks again for your support and do not forget spread the word!

p.s Don’t forget to our join our Facebook group!

25 Responses to Progress Update

  1. matt says:

    Looks great!!!

  2. Billy says:

    It is so cool, thanks for update. keep in touch

  3. Daf says:

    This app will be the best one on the market! Cant wait for it!

  4. Stephan says:

    You are such a tease! Looks awesome!

  5. Pablo says:

    Lookin good man, can’t wait.

  6. GW says:

    You’re giving Android users nerdgasms all around the world! 🙂 I have to ask, what do you estimate the size of this app to be? I need to start figuring what I can do without on my G1 in order to use it. LOL I really need to get apps2sd running!

  7. Steve says:

    You’ve got it all planned out dude. Can’t wait. Are you going to have a public beta? Also, don’t forget to make a donate version of the app so we can all appreciate your work.

  8. Kevin says:

    thanks for the update, can’t wait.

  9. Dimitris says:


    The latest APK I have here is 128kb 🙂

    Thanks for all the comments guys, stay tuned for more.

  10. CaseyRain says:

    Dimitris, this looks incredible. You are doing a STELLAR job. Can’t wait for this to hit.

  11. GW says:

    Well, that’s just itty bitty! Woot!

  12. bry says:

    you should post a link to that apk on here so we can do some testing for ya 🙂

  13. Maff says:

    Do you have a COMPLETE list of what you have planned for it?
    I have a couple of suggestions (if I remember them again) but you may already have them in your mind to do!

    • Dimitris says:


      The first blog spot describes the basic functionality I expect to have for version 1.0, things change as I am making this of course 🙂

      I am always open for suggestions so please do post your own!

  14. matt says:

    I’m suprised no ones asked this yet… free or paid? 😀

  15. Jameel says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait.

  16. Deon says:

    matt took the ? right out of my typing fingers free or paid > this app looks toughhhhhh i can’t wait because i am already a facebook junky I NEED THIS APP IN MY LIFE !!! 😉

  17. Holly says:

    This app looks fab!!

    I wouldnt mind paying for a decent FB app for my G2, however I do not own a visa or mastercard, so if the payment was in Dollars $ I wouldnt be able to buy it, as i am sure is the same for a lot of non americans! so if it is a paid app please can you make it available in English £

  18. Chris says:

    Looks brilliant.

    hi – the list on fist page didn’t mention facebook messaging – or maybe I missed it. I saw reasons chat wouldn’t work, but does that apply to the offline messaging?

    Also, I’m quite new on facebook, so I used the picasa plug-in, which made it straightforward to get all my albums into my wall quickly. Will these plug-ins works (v2?)

    Is “Event directions” a link to the native GPS assisted maps? That looks interesting.


  19. faisal says:

    coul u upload pics right from ur G1??? please put that in its a request! thxx! 🙂

  20. Tony says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait to get my mobile facebook on.

  21. Webreaper says:

    Sounds excellent. Count me in if you need a beta tester. I currently use FBook but this sounds far slicker.

  22. VWYankee says:

    This looks great. Sadly, I had my phone replaced so I lost FBook and refuse to put anything that’s currently available in it’s place as they all seem hardly different than just using my browser. Can’t wait for it to be ready!

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