Introducing The Android Facebook App

Hey everyone, my name is Dimitris Couchell and I am a graduate of the MSIS program at UNC. Like most of you, I have been really frustrated with the lack of a real Android Facebook application. Neither Facebook or Google want to develop an official app and the only one who gets shafted are us the consumers.

I have decided to handle this on my own since it appears there won’t be any application soon. It is a pity, because the Android OS has great capabilities and its popularity is increasing. For that reason,  I have been developing a native (not a wrapper of or any website) Facebook application with a variety of cool features using the Facebook API.

I have read numerous sites, blogs, facebook groups and I have prepared a list of features that the first version of the app will come with. In particular:

  • Real time view of the stream with comments , not only status updates but photo posts, video posts and wall-to-wall posts
  • Comment on every post on the stream, manage your own posts and comments
  • Ability to “Like” or “Unlike” posts
  • Ability to post and share wall posts, videos, photos to the stream and other users
  • Ability to filter stream posts (by people, by type such as video, photos, specific user or time)
  • Friends Manager: All your friends in one place. Search for friends like facebook using auto-complete, view their profiles, add them to your contacts
  • Photo viewer:  Create albums, upload pictures to albums, browse all your photos and photos of others using your phones capabilities and speed. No more waiting on external websites to load and a much better UI.
  • Events manager: Create, manage and RSVP to upcoming events
  • Event Directions: Receive real time directions to an event from wherever you are
  • Notifications Manager: Set automatic notifications for anything you would like such as messages, birthdays, wall posts, events etc.

Some of you have requested a chat functionality. Based on the current Facebook API this can happen only for android-to-android users. If this is popular enough I will be glad to incorporate it.

What do I ask from you?

Nothing more than your support. Leave a comment here, post what you would like to see included or discarded, or how much you cannot wait for it :). If you are a facebook user (if not you should be!), you may join this group!

Before I go…here are 6 screenshots of the app running on Android 1.5, enjoy!


16 Responses to Introducing The Android Facebook App

  1. Scott says:

    Sounds brilliant so far, about time someone took this into there our hands. I’m no an android user yet but am following the scene closely … if the Samsung i7500 lives up to the hype it will be my next phone. Would love to test out a great FB app by then 🙂

  2. Raymond says:

    Cool idea! If you have a beta version in the market you want to be test-driven, just give shout 🙂 feature I would be interested in is a good sharing integration for vids. Cool new feature in 1.5 os of android, but currently found no good sharing option on any app. If I could share from gallery to facebook through this app, would be awesome and a really new feature compared to what’s currently available.

  3. Andres says:

    You are the man. You have my FULL support for this. Thank you for taking the initiative!!!

  4. matt says:


  5. brad says:

    this is awesome! when will it be availible?!

  6. James says:

    When can I get it??

  7. Jesús Abel says:

    Nice app!! It was about time we Android users had a good enough app for our phones… this supposed rivalry between Google and Facebook is kind of stupid.

    If you want it translated into Spanish, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will do it without a problem!

  8. Jameel says:

    This looks great! Really looking forward to the release. Also, sign me up for beta-testing if you’re looking for folks 🙂

    I second the request for sharing integration. I love being able to go into the gallery and share to picasa, twidroid, gmail, messaging, etc. Adding facebook to the list would be grand.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, looks like it’ll be a nicely polished program when all is said and done. Any thoughts on a potential release date?

  9. Maff says:

    Looks perfect, just what we’ve all been waiting for.

    Let me know if you need a beta tester, I’m already beta testing 2 other pieces of software for Android developers (including a facebook one!)

    I use the Jesus Freke 1.51 UK firmware (rooted)

  10. Maff says:

    oooh, I have a suggestion for the app, is it possible to make it say that we updated from our Android phone rather than just a generic mobile or the web (I think the iPhone does this, not sure though)

  11. fbandroid says:

    Maff, that is already the case. Facebook automatically shows that you posted this from the Android app, including a tiny logo I have made, like the one you see at the “Startup Screen” screenshot.

    Thanks everyone for the support, updates coming really soon!

  12. Pablo says:

    Hey, you got my full support on this, when corporate America fails, it is the individuals that take the reins every time. Good for you… and all of us too.

  13. GW says:

    Dimitris, if you need beta testers for JF1.5 US Cupcake build on rooted phones, contact me! 🙂 I’m beyond excited that this app is in the works. Kudos to you!

  14. oogie says:

    I would love to get a shot at this when it becomes available too. This already looks like an amazing app that i would use all the time. keep us updated!

  15. todd says:

    This looks hand over fist better then anything available and I have no doubt the will become the standard for android users!

    I’m curious as to why you won’t beta test this… Some user hands-on feedback at this stage would help, no? Considering we only really just have the mobile site available right now, this, even as beta, would be wonderful.

    Is it possible you don’t want to mass release in fear of too much feedback from 100,000 users? I can see that being an issue as people are way too demanding… Again, this looks better then lots of apps in the market, for facebook, and other. You don’t need to add a *million* functions BEFORE release! 🙂

    If I get a vote – Get it out there!

    Again, great work!

  16. Quai says:

    this sounds really kool, wen u plannin on a drop?

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